Be Prepared for Anything: Top-Rated Multitools for Backpacking in 2024

best multitool for backpacking

Whenever we are packing for adventurous hiking and camping, we make backpack list of how we are going to survive with minimum luggage and tools. It is both fortunate and unfortunate that we are addicted to our cozy lifestyles while hiking adventure works best with those who know how to live a minimal lifestyle. Best Multitool for backpacking is one essential item in such a case. It is so attractive and lighter in weight than anyone can keep their bags or pockets and its curved design on the sides doesn’t catch on the pockets. We concluded that it’s a must-have tool to keep while backpacking and we are so excited to talk about Leatherman`s, GERBERS`S, and Victorinox product lines in this regard. So let’s get you an overview to help you choose one of the best from them.

Buying Guide For Multitools For Backpack

There are a lot of manufacturers who are making multitools for a wide range of uses. Some of them are used for quite specific purposes such as multitools for fishing is a specific type of multitool that you will see is totally equipped with all the necessary things needed to catch a fish and unhook it. That makes such a multitool best for a fishing multitool. Similarly, there are other multitools containing few tools in it so they fall under the category of mini multitools. Some of the manufacturers are making 5 in 1 multitool that is still not so big yet a comprehensive item for less fancy uses.

Then there are big brand names that make competitive products. For the winning slot of best multitool, they have made such beautiful designs and elegant shapes that one cannot resist buying them. There are few products from Leatherman and Victorinox which include as many as 33 tools all in one multitool. Yes! you heard it right. they are making multitools ranging from 18 functions to 33 functions multitool. And honestly, we found these beauties totally irresistible.

There are mainly two categories of multitools in 2024

1. Multitools With Pocket Knives

These multitools have basically sharp knives and other tools packed in them. these multitools have included a number of tools in it like toothpicks, scissors, tweezers, nail files,s, etc.

2. Foldable Multitools

Foldable multitools offer more space and they are easy to keep in a pocket. In addition to that these multitools are handled with only one hand. Here we have gathered all the information about a multitool you are thinking to buy but also want to avoid the hassle of going through plenty of guiding youtube videos and flipping many pages until you are exhausted. So let’s get started.

Here Is A List Of 8 Multitools That Are The Best Multitools Of 2024

imageNameCheck Price
Victorinox pocket multi tool knife with screw driver best setCheck Price
Pocket Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-ToolCheck Price
LEATHERMAN, Lightweight Multitool with Combo KnifeCheck Price
Leatherman Signal multitool with fire starterCheck Price
SOG PowerPint Mini Multi-Tool-Utility ToolCheck Price
GERBER Dime Multi-ToolCheck Price
LEATHERMAN wave pocket multitool No knifeCheck Price
Klein Tools Screwdriver, 8-in-1Check Price
GERBER fishing multitoolCheck Price

1. Victorinox Pocket Multi Tool Knife With Screw Driver Best Set

Victorinox pocket multi tool knife with screw driver best set


This swiss card lite was made by Victorinox. They are distinguished by their bright light which can help you find a small key chain or any object at night. Its card-like shape is easy to carry and handle. As it is a product of Victorinox which is famous for making the best survival multi-tools.This multitool has a stainless-steel pin, toothpick, Letter Opener, ballpoint, Blade Scissors, magnifying glass, LED light, screwdriver, Pen Ruler, and Tweezers, Magnifying Glass LED Light Quadruple Screwdriver. It is available in many shades from bright red to fuchsia and black. It’s one in many packages that attract travelers to keep it as a must-have. It is honestly the best multitool under 50$. It is a very handy and smart mini multi-tool with LED light.


  • One of the best multitool under 50
  • An elegant shape that contains 5 necessary tools so we would say its the best 5 in 1 tool
  • It looks like a beautiful card so it is easily adjustable in pocket

2. Pocket Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool

Pocket Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool


Victorinox swiss army multitools are made from very fine quality stainless steel with specific features that are required for their intended uses. The use of steel in its manufacture is intended to provide optimum resistance from corrosion so that’s why steel is polished.  It also gives it hardness

It is indeed one of the best everyday carry multi-tool for its applications from adventurous trips to housework.  Its size is only 3.6″. so it’s made to prepare you for every situation. It contains a total of 33 tools. Due to its stainless steel material, the Victorinox swiss army is the one multitool that everyone should have.

 Overview of All 33 Tools

If you want to share it on a grinding wheel (conventional method), you must cool it with a lot of water to avoid excessive temperature because there is a fair chance of damage. Sometimes knife blades start to stick together, so in that case, you need to dip the blades in warm water that will make them perfect to use and the blades will move around easily again. After drying wash it with any machine oil or use oil between each tool individually and over its spring. Don’t wash it in the dishwasher.

This Victorinox multitool contains almost all the tools you can ask for. Yes! It contains 33 multitools in it and the number of tools for such a small elegant design makes it so attractive. This makes it the ultimate companion from housework to camping adventures. Other than having a pocket knife with a screwdriver and many small tools it has a cork opener, small plier, wood saw, scissor, and fish scaler with a hook disgorger that makes it the best multitool for fishing as it helps to descale fish. It is not wrong if we call it minicamp in the world of multitools as its size is only 91mm and length is 2.45 inches. Yet it is so affordable. It is available in attractive red color. So in this form, you can get a lot of functionality that larger models offer at a very affordable price.


  • Sturdy, refined, and sleek design in a compact shape
  • Great on budget
  • Serves the same quality after years of use
  • 33 tools make it a mini toolbox

If small plier size and cork openers don’t bother you then this pocket multi tool knife is a great choice as the best everyday carry a multitool.

3. LEATHERMAN, Lightweight Multitool with Combo Knife

LEATHERMAN, Lightweight Multitool with Combo Knife


Shooters contains a comprehensive range bag that contains ammunition and a few small and large sets of tools in that flimsy bag. They explore rough areas too for shooting. So, we are here talking about the best shooting places in U.S you can check this link here. Multitool for range bags would make the bags more organized and clear the unwanted clutter.

Here’s this one of Leatherman’s best multitools with a compact shape and 5 ounces in weight, available in black and tan color. The material is 420 HC stainless steel ensuring the high quality that Leatherman promises to deliver. It comes with a 25 years warranty which is enough to convince you that it will last with you forever.


  • One handed opening multitool
  • It has locking blade so it is easy to use
  • Knife blade are very sharp

We found it to be a nice choice for a range bag as this serves the majority of the needs of shooters with all the necessary tools. In our opinion, it is the best multitool for range bags.

4. Leatherman Signal Multitool With Fire Starter

Leatherman Signal multitool with fire starter


As one of the top market leaders in multitools, this signal tool combines everyday functional tools with new outdoor features such as it containing fire lighting rod and an emergency whistle to get you prepared for the adventurous trips in the wild so you feel equipped for whatever nature throws at you. But before going out to a camping site when you are planning for fresh air there are plenty of options from day trips to weekend plans. There are few sites that you might want to explore from the link here

Traveling with it as a best multi tool for camping will make you equipped for all that you require during camping times. A number of pliers, wire cutters and strippers, knife, saw, hammer, bit drivers and wrenches, bottle opener and can openers, carabiner, ferrocerium rod, safety whistle, awl with thread, and a diamond-coated sharpener.

Unrivaled Preparedness

This best camping multi tool prepares you for all the anticipated or unimaginable hazards no matter where you are it will ensure your safety and help you take your adventure further. What makes it necessary is a suite of unique and clever tools for outdoors and survival scenarios. For that purpose, signals and serrated blade features with diamond coat make it the best multi tool for survival. If that is not a big issue then the construction quality of the Leatherman seems to meet the high expectations. There are no issues with the construction of the Signal.

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Parts which are removable are different than those on other tools. Sometimes you want to multitask and for that, you need one hand to open multi tool. A signal is best one-hand opening multi tool. As compared to other variety of multitools that have no removable parts this particular Leatherman’s signal has removable parts in it. it might not be the one for people who are looking for multitools tied all in one place.

Like every product, we are going to enlist its best features and worst too. In that way, it provides a buyer with the best possible choice for what they actually have in their mind when they think of the best backpacking multitool.


  • Its design makes it so much easier to operate it with one hand
  • It has serrated blade
  • Best-equipped for all the tools required in camping

5. SOG PowerPint Mini Multi-Tool-Utility Tool

SOG PowerPint Mini Multi-Tool-Utility Tool

Not everyone would like to have a comprehensive multitool for backpacking especially kids who are excited to explore and ready to travel would also love to have a similar backpack like adults have. Kids are more curious about everything and I have read at many places that parents are looking for the best mini multi tool that’s safe for their children and they essentially meet their requirements to have all needed items in this best mini mult itool.   So, here we have the best mini multitool that is best in many areas of interest. It is also the best budget multi tool.

It has 18 tools in a compact package which Includes one serrated blade, can opener, inch rule, needle nose pliers, bolt gripper, soft wire cutter, straight-edge blade, awl, jewelry driver, hook cutter, file, mm rule, magnetic bit holder, wire crimper, bevel gauge, scissors, bottle opener. That is honestly so much for its size and shape which is only 4.2 ounces. It has approximately double the power of a conventional multitool which helps to make cuts smooth and easier. That is why you can handle it with one hand.

Its material is stainless 5CR15mov steel to resist rust and corrosion. So, you can use and keep it anywhere for many years. Its built is tough just as its is strong enough to reliably get the job done right, every time. So whether you pack it in a backpack or keep it at home it is all in one ready-to-use best mini multi tool.


  • It is very lightweight to carry every day in your shirt pocket.
  • Pliers can be folded and unfolded in a split second. It offers absolutely perfect design with minimal resistance that make it easy to handle single-handedly.

In our opinion, it’s the best outdoor multi tool to keep with you most of the time even when you are not going on any adventure trip. And as we said earlier it is great for teenage kids who are eager to step into the shoes of their elders because small tools are relatively safe for them.


6. GERBER Dime Multi-Tool

GERBER Dime Multi-Tool


Along with Victorinox and Leatherman, Gerber legendary blades are very reliable manufacturers to make the best multitool for hiking. and everyday uses. This Gerber knife and toolset is a mini multi-tool with an impressive list of features, ensuring you are ready for anything. This butterfly open tool fits in a keychain which makes it the best keychain multi tool. yet it has 12 useful tools which are spring-loaded needlenose pliers, pliers, tweezers, etc.

They made the shape of a standard keychain multi-tool for everyday use. The pliers in it are made up of stainless steel. The Dime has a wonderful blade that is designed to cut safely and open plastic packaging. Other tools are a wire cutter, a fine edge blade, screwdriver, scissors with spring tweezer and file and crosshead driver, and a bottle opener.

It is the best inexpensive multi tool. Its bold design and color give it full marks to qualify for a backpack.


  • It is one of the best on budget multitool
  • The shape of the dime is relatively safe to carry as it has a very sharp knife
  • Sheepsfoot blade has a double grind

So, as a matter of fact, its tweezers and blades make it the best multitool for range bags and also best-hiking multi tool. It is mini it has all the necessary tools if one does not want to go fancy on tools it can be the best choice for them.

7. LEATHERMAN Wave Pocket Multitool No knife

LEATHERMAN wave pocket multitool No knife


As it is pretty evident from the name itself, it is one of the best Leatherman for backpacking and the best multitool for a backpack. They offer a fairly good guarantee duration that’s 25-years It is ranging as the best Leatherman multi-tool because it can easily be handled and it’s all in one of the best seller all-time winner multitool. The cutters that are included in it have been safely packed in their shape. So let’s discuss a few things that make it better than other multitools which allow a buyer to pick it instantly as the best multitool for camping.


  • It is THE BESTSELLING multitool ever that comes with 18 tools
  • It has a replaceable wire cutter made of premium steel
  • Its sharp metal filer can also serve as saw edge to cut anything

People using this particular multitool are happy with their pick it is so far the best multitool for backpacks.

8. Klein Tools Screwdriver, 8-in-1

Klein Tools Screwdriver, 8-in-1


Imagine you have set foot on an expedition and suddenly your car stopped in the middle of nowhere so you have to check it thoroughly to keep moving towards your destination. Here you need the best all-in-one screwdriver. And there is no harm in keeping it with you when it is so little and packs in a single pouch. It can save you a lot of trouble. We found this best all-in-one screwdriver which has 8 screwdrivers.

This all-in-one screwdriver has a layer of orange impact that makes it flame resistant so it provides added protection from any flames. So its nice design made to protect its user from any hazards whether they are using it to cut wires from car system or home electric circuit, it is compelled to ensure safety of the user in case of any short circuit. In addition to that its blades are really sharp which are also interchangeable.

They have a bright orange coating of insulation that protect screwdrivers from electric shocks and make them flame and impact resistant. Klein tools meet safety standards. The set of 5 slim tip blades (by Phillips) comes in a protective pouch. So that makes it perfect to fit in a backpack. The top layer of insulation protects it from flames. Its pouch is durable and nice for transportation.


  • These are one of the best quality screwdrivers, easy to carry in backpacks
  • Unlike other interchangeable screwdrivers, these are handy to carry and store

Although it’s a small pouch owing to its range of uses and smart packaging it should not be the one thing that you want to miss in your backpack. Everyone wants their holidays to be the best moments in their life. So all we want to say in the end is that stay safe and be fully prepared.

9. GERBER Fishing Multitool


Let’s have a look at our pick in that category. Its GERBERS fishing multitool that is so far is the best multi-tool for fishing. This comes in both green and black colors. Its weight is only0.1 pounds. It essentially has 6 fishing functions like it has clamps on the hook, a split shot crimper, and scissors to unlock blades. The tool’s other end is designed to lift heavy loads on the line, enabling it to bear more weight at its end.

Although you may not catch a fish with it but you are definitely going to spend more time tying knots. Every line has essentially different functions, eyelets can clear debris, which makes it easier to tie new knots.

It is the best fishing multi tool.  so far in our sight that is solely designed for the purpose of fishing on adventurous sites. It is also the best affordable multi tool in the list of multitools for fishing as it is so light on pocket yet best in its functionality.


  • Super high quality, and great looks, make in a man’s best friend on adventures
  • Best clipper and hook cleaners
  • Safe and easily operable aluminum


 All above multitools are good in our opinion and some have fairly low rates and are made to be available to a common man while some are very fancy serves plenty of functions and the looks itself are like the best armor. We have also compared mini multitools with the normal-sized multitools so it depends on the nature of requirements one can think of while searching for the best multitools for all purposes.

In our opinion, Leatherman’s signal and leatherman pocket multi tools are the best choices. They serve the purpose of elegant material and their lifetime warranty ( 25 years) is enough to attract a buyer to opt for this smart multitool.


Are Multitools Allowed on Flights?

It is generally prohibited to take any sharp objects on the flight. Custom staff do not usually let you in if you are carrying any pointing objects. As a general rule, airlines only allow passengers to carry scissors with a size less than 4 inches on a flight. Therefore, multitools containing sharp objects, knives, and scissors are not allowed. Even if you are taking a pocket multitool with no knife, even then you cannot be on board with these multitools.

What Is Your Preferred Choice?


Both are good. But when we have to choose one we have to compare its warranty time period to its number of tools and potential to work in all survival scenarios. They both offer lifetime warranty. The bot has similar tools but for adventurous trips and survival scenarios, we would prefer Leatherman’s highly reliable signal multitool.