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best bubble flare tool

Most of us love driving, but it is often daunting to reach the optimal speed in the city. However, when you reach the open road, nothing is stopping you from lifting the speed. You would love the thrill of speed, but safety is the most important thing that you should keep in mind. In this scenario, the flare multitools are exceedingly crucial for every car mechanic. Discover the importance of brake line flare tools, essential devices for creating flares on steel tubes in vehicle brake lines. As a car owner or mechanic, investing in the best bubble flare tool kit is crucial to ensure high-pressure braking operations for enhanced automobile safety. Moreover, these user-friendly devices empower both professionals and non-professionals to handle brake line flaring with ease.

A decent tool will flare brake lines effectively and save you from the inconvenience. But finding the best bubble flare tool is a little bit difficult as the market is filled with some low-quality products that will harm your brake lines instead of doing good. If you are looking for the best bubble flare tool and do not know what you are looking for, do not worry; we provide you some factors and capabilities you should consider while purchasing the best flaring adapters.

What Is a Bubble Flare?

Bubble flare is a brake line flare tool that is used on all production automobiles today. It is a stronger flare that accommodates late-model vehicles that have higher brake pressure. When you put the tube half in the bubble flare vise, move it to just a little above the surface of the vise, then tighten it down. But make sure that you clean out the tube hole with a needle file.

Now FilesTube flat to the vise’s surface and move it into position and tighten it with a file. After that, use a wire brush and flare it; this is how you will get the perfect flares.

Types of the Brake Line Bubble Flaring Tool

The type of tools determines what kinds of flairs it can create. You can choose a tool that offers just one type of flare, or you can opt for one that does double duty with multiple types of flares. It is up to you which kind you want according to your needs. There are the following most common types of brake line bubble flare tool you will come across.

Single Flare Brake Line

A single flare brake line is the simplest tool, and it is typically the cheapest option you will find. These tools allow you to make quick flares and tend to be ideal if you need a single and straightforward flare on your line. 

But keep in mind that single flares are not the most common type of flares used for brake lines. It may not fulfill your needs and can come with limitations if you need to create a different kind of flare. These are designed to work solely on specific materials like brass or soft steel.

Double Flare Brake Line Tool

a double flaring brake line is a more advanced form of a single tool and equips you to create double flares in the brake lines. They can work with standard brake line sizes and materials and create a more durable kind of flare that is not so prone to cracks. With this double flaring toolset, you will be able to make double flares that you demand to meet your needs.

Double flares are the most common type of flare used in brake lines, so it makes it a beneficial variety to choose from. You will likely get a lot of use out of this very common option.

Bubble Flare Brake Line Tool

bubble flare kit is one of the most specialized options you can choose from and makes it one of the most costly products. This type of brake line forming tool creates a screw-style opening at the end or opening of your line and allows for attaching accessories or compatible attachments.

You will want to consider whether you need to make bubble flares in your brake line. If you do not see yourself doing that, this kind of tool might be too specialized and a bit too fancy according to your needs. It could save your money if you opt for something simpler.

What to Look for While Purchasing the Best Bubble Flare Tool

Although finding the best flare tool for brake lines is a tricky task, but you can freely rely on us as we will provide you right to it! But before purchasing your first bubble flaring tool kit. Below are some features you should consider while purchasing;


bubble flare tool kit must be leak-proof. Because if it leaks, then it will be useless. Leakages usually depend on the materials used to create the flaring tool. It would be best to look for flare tools made of wide fittings to leak the corrosive materials.


A flare kit for the brake line makes the flaring lines straightforward and efficient. There are three main components that a flaring tool should include.

  • A metal piece
  • Crew
  • The metal bar

It would be best if you looked for these components while purchasing the flare tool for brake lines. These should be present in a bubble tool for high efficiency.

Flaring Tools With Adapters

bubble flare brake line tool kits come with different types of adapters. With the help of adapters, you piece together the tricky section of the piping. So it is recommended to get the adapter along with the bubble flaring tool instead of buying them separately. It is the way you will get the right adapters that will be compatible for your flaring device.


It would be best to buy a flare tool that has withstood the test of time. It should be made with long-lasting materials and durable material that will withstand years of application. But durability does not relate to the weight of the product. Manufactures now transform durable materials into something light and portable.


single flare brake lines have a low price as compared to the double tube flaring tool. But if you want to manufacture heavyweight applications, it would be best to invest in a long-lasting bubble flaring kit. You must not compromise the quality for the price.

Top-rated Best Bubble Flare Tools in 2024

ImageNameCheck Price
Mastercool 72475-prc Universal
Check Price
Master Cool 72485 Hydraulic Flare Tool Kit
Check Price
Titan 51535 3/16-Inch Double Flaring Tool
Check Price
Shankly Flaring Tool Set 
Check Price
ABN Bubble Flare Tool & Double Flaring Kit
Check Price
Wostore ISO/Bubble Flaring Tool KitCheck Price
Neiko 20657A ISO/Bubble FlaringTool KitCheck Price

1. Mastercool 72475-prc Universal


Highlighted features

  • Master hydraulic brake line flaring tool DIE set stabilizing ARM for easy tube forming.
  • It has a magnetic adapter holder that keeps adapters in place.
  • This hydraulic double flare tool is equipped with an enlarged DIE set with a compression area for a better grip of dies.
  • You can use this hydraulic brake flaring tool kit on annealed steel and dead soft.

There is no way to get it best with a flare toolset that has been professional quality air conditioning services tools for more than three decades. Master, hydraulic brake flare tool is a product of mastercool company for more than three decades. This hydraulic flare tool kit has a magnetic adapter holder that olds adapters in place, so you are able to handle this easily for perfect professional-quality flares.

Enhanced Gripping and Versatility

In addition to these, this master hydraulic line flaring tool set boasts an enlarged die set area that helps to make sure better gripping of dies. You can use this hydraulic tubing flare tool on the dead and Annealed steel, which is another reason you should go for it. It also has a tube cutter, which makes it handy.

2. Master Cool 72485 Hydraulic Flare Tool Kit


Highlighted features

  • This mastercool brake line flaring tool has a tube and DIE set stabilizing arm for easy tube forming.
  • It is a universal hydraulic flaring tool kit equipped with an enlarged DIE set compression area for better grip.
  • You can also use this mastercool brake line flaring tool on “annealed steel” and “dead soft.”
  • best double flare tool INCLUDES dies and adapters to fabricate push connect 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8″; GM fuel line flare, brake lines and transmission 5/16 and 3/8″; flare/double flare 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 and 1/2″; metric bubble flare 4. 75, 6, 8, and 10mm; GM transmission cooling line 3/8″ and 1/2″; mini tube cutter for 1/8″ to 5/8″ (3 – 16 mm) O. D. tubing (1/8 to 1/2″ nominal) all packaged in a custom blow molded case
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This automotive flaring tool kit is loaded with a bunch of features. It is conveniently adjustable and seems to have fame. The mastercool brake flaring tool is shipped with many sizes that push-connect metric flares, brake lines transmission flares, and GM line flares. It is a stainless steel brake line flaring tool that works on both annealed and mild steel. There is also a mini cutter included in the box, which you can use it for sizes from ⅛ to ⅝ inches so that you can work preciously. This tube flaring tool for stainless steel also has multiple adjustable stages that are easy to adjust so you can use according to your preferences.

Versatile and Durable

This mastercool brake line flaring tool is ideal for both professional and personal use. You can use this both a double flare tool kit or a single flare brake line. You can feel the quality and material just by holding this set. The kit also has a magnetic adapter that helps it stay in the correct position during vehicle work. This mastercool brake flaring tool was manufactured with high-quality materials built to last, so professionals highly recommend it.

3. Titan 51535 3/16-Inch Double Flaring Tool


Highlighted features

  • This brake line double flare tool has detailed instructions that will help professionals and freshers to handle it easily.
  • The Titan brake flare tool kit’s design makes it work with the vehicle quickly, even in a tight space. You are also able to remove the handle of the tool.
  • You can use this Titan brake flare tool kit on most vehicles easily.

Titan 3/16 bubble flare die a key product when it comes to repairing vehicles. This automotive flare tool is unique user friendly. The apparatus is compact that allows it to be used with the vehicles. With this, you do not need to go through the difficulty of removing your vehicle’s brake pipe. With this best brake flaring tool, you are able to make perfect 45 degree double flares with less effort even at home. This automotive flare tool kit is packed with a few apparatuses that help you repair these brake lines with them.

Compact, Mark-Free, and Professional

In addition to these, Titan 3/16 bubble flare die to have a removable handle. There is also a positioning bolt that ships with it. You will also find a double-ended OP1 or OP2  punch with this brake line double flaring tool kit.

You also find a lubricant. This brake line double flaring tool kit does not leave any marks, so that you can easily use it on every vehicle without any doubt. The compact design makes it perfect to fit even in the right place or even under your car. It is the best professional brake tubing flaring tool in the market.

4. Shankly Flaring Tool Set 


Highlighted features

  • Shankly brake line flare kit comes with the flaring cone, and the adapters are made up of steel materials and have been chromed for increasing durability.
  • This brake line flange tool kit also includes a professional tubing cutter.
  • It offers five different swage fittings.
  • This brake line flare kit uses a variety of flare adapters ranging from 5 to 16 millimeters.

The Shankly brake line flaring tool kit has been one of the most precious ones when it comes to brake line flaring tools. The flaring cone and the swagging adapters of this brake tubing flare tool kit are made up of durable steel materials. The chrome finish of the surface makes it easy to operate. The whole Shankly brake line flaring tool kit offers useful components that will not make you run to the repair for small repairs.

Complete Adapters Set

It also has a wide range of adapters that you will need for repairs. The content of these adapters is 5mm to 16mm. This brake line flaring tool also has two bars that cover up to nine sizes. The kit certainly is packed with features that make automotive handiwork convenient. The apparatus ensures long-lasting build quality, and dalos gives the equipment a professional feel. This stainless brake line flaring tool will love by professionals we to its multipurpose.


5. ABN Bubble Flare Tool & Double Flaring Kit

Optimize brake line precision with the ABN Bubble Flare Tool & Double Flaring Kit, recognized as the best bubble flare tool for superior performance


Highlighted features

  • ABN steel hydraulic tubing flaring tool offers a tubing cutter that can be used on 3 to 16mm tubing.
  • It is the best bubble flare tool and even double ones.
  • The bubble flare brake line set includes a swivel made up of alloy steel that is chrome-plated that decreases friction.
  • The case of this bubble flare to double flare adapter comes with a handle and latches.

ABN bubble flare with double flare tool allowed precious cuts and was manufactured for last for a long time. This bubble flaring kit is able to handle fuel pipes, refrigerators, bending brakes, water lines, gas, and even for braking pipe repairs. And the best part is this case comes with all the necessary instructions on the inside of the case.

Effortless Precision for Any Electrical Line

Make clean and precise flares effortlessly on any electric line that needs fixing. This versatile tool extends beyond automotive repairs, adding significant value for the investment. The double flare adapter set features a swivel crafted from chrome-plated alloy steel, reducing friction for trouble-free and convenient usage. The yoke, also made from heat-treated steel, enhances product durability by minimizing corrosion risks.

This ABN double flaring brake line does its job very well. Even if you use the double flare tool kit for the first time, then it should not be a problem to work with. The casing is very convenient since it makes its transportation hassle-free.

6. Wostore ISO/Bubble Flaring Tool Kit

Enhance brake line precision with the Wostore ISO/Bubble Flaring Tool Kit, acclaimed as the best bubble flare tool for superior performance.


Highlighted features

  • Wostore flare kit for brake line designed for metric crack-free bubble or ISO flares in your auto brake line systems commonly.
  • It has heat-treated steel material for maximum strength and durability that resists corrosion.
  • This double tube flaring tool comes in a plastic storage box that keeps all the material safe and organized during transportation.
  • Westore bubble flare brake line fittings offer a detailed guideline and flaring bar, making the work simple for newer and professional mechanics.
  • It’s a brake line flaring tool made of stainless steel, suitable for use on brass, soft steel, copper, and aluminum pipes.

When you are working with automotive brake lines, then you need a reliable tool. You can use the WoStore double flaring toolset with almost every kind of vehicle. Its perfect design enables the creation of single and double flares on aluminum, copper, and brass tubing for brake lines. You can also use this on soft steel brake lines. This double flare brake tool provides quality results. It includes a single flaring cone, a flaring yoke, and five adapters.

Durable and Portable

Moreover, the blow-molded shell keeps all the items inside safe and secure. With its convenient handle, you can easily travel with this. Wostore double flare brake line tool offers excellent built quality and durability, including this product. The bubble flare tool kit features a swivel designed from chrome-plated steel alloy to reduce friction. It includes a heat-treated steel yoke, ensuring durability and strength.


7. Neiko 20657A ISO/Bubble FlaringTool Kit

Elevate your brake line precision with the Neiko 20657A ISO/Bubble Flaring Tool Kit, recognized as the best bubble flare tool for optimal performance


Highlighted features

  • Neiko bubble flare with double flare tool includes Yoke assembly, Flaring bar, Gauge/wrench, 10mm tubing, four adapters for 4.75mm, 6mm, 8mm for a complete bubble flaring toolset.
  • Iso creates bubble flare for your brake lines, especially designed for metric soft steel brake lines that require an ISO or bubble style flare for the soft tubes used in vehicle brake systems.
  • Lever lock of iso bubble flaring tool makes eBay and use for the professionals and new mechanics at the garage or home.
  • Neiko iso flare tool is best for foreign car manufacturers like Honda, Toyota and domestic vehicles like light trucks, SUVs.
  • Blow-molded hard plastic storage case design provides a comfortable handle for easy travel and portability and stores the kit for easy accessibility for your jobs on the go.

Simplicity, quality, and easily attainable price make it our favorite choice. With its traditional design, this tool is best for infrequent users or those who do not mind taking a little more time as compared to the usual to create a good flare. Its price is insanely low, yet it seems to have all the essential tools to help you to create your brake lines. Needless to say, it is a must have if you are looking to save a few bucks in the long run. It has nine pieces suitable for usage in the brake pipes that are metric soft steel and need a bubble style flare.

Effortless Portability and Leak-Proof Precision

The blow-molded case makes it super easy to carry around. The apparatus is excellent for replacing brake lines and is sure to deliver a leak-proof experience. An effective and reliable bubble flare is created with a double flare tool, ensuring efficient completion of the job. The clamp securely grips the brake line, allowing the tool to make precise flares with ease. The product boasts a suitably shaped and well-centered design for optimal performance. It is a big plus. With a little bit of practice, you can get quite good at operating this brake line forming tool kit in a short period. So if you are looking for the best brake line flaring tool, you can give this one a shot.


Handy and the best bubble flare tool is a must-have for you if you like to fix automotive problems. According to my the best bubble flare tool should be functional, efficient, and made up of durable material. The products mentioned above have all those qualities. We provide you a comprehensive look at the best brake line flaring tool currently on the market. You can rely on our guide without any doubt, and we hope the buying guide helps you.

GOOD luck, and stay safe!