Navigate Your Way to the Best Handheld GPS for Fishing In 2024

Best Handheld GPS For Fishing

It is important to include the best handheld GPS for fishing in your fishing accessories. This small handheld GPS for fishing will make your fishing experience successful and provide you directions for your new destinations. A large demand for handheld GPS with lake maps is increased in fishermen and anglers.

Traditionally, traveling to new locations and sports was quite tough and time consuming. With the help of the best handheld GPS for hunting and fishing, to track a location is not a problem. You can mark your path by trees, stones or others. Above all, you can keep a record of the visited locations and can travel again easily by using the best GPS for fishing. This small handheld device doesn’t lose its recorded tracks. Thus, you don’t need to remember about symbols to your locations as these best GPS for hunting and fishing are ready to serve you.

Furthermore, the use of the best handheld GPS for fishing is not limited. Therefore, you can use it for other outdoor activities like hunting, kayaking, boating, and others. This hunting and fishing GPS allows you to find the location underwater, above water and water resistance. The device is simple and easy to use. Apart from this, it helps you to go back to car parking, your cabin, office or any other location. You can use it to cross the water or to reach on the shore. In addition, you can make a bookmark list with all your favorite sports for future use.

We write handheld GPS for fishing reviews to make you aware of top rated and trusted brands and their respective popular models in demand. Thus, go through our handheld GPS reviews hunting and purchase the best handheld GPS for fishing at reasonable prices.

Top Review 15 Best Handheld GPS For Fishing

ImageNameCheck Price
Garmin GPS Receiver
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Garmin Handheld eTrex Navigator
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Raymarine GPS Fish Finder
Check Price
Garmin Oregon Handheld GPS Device
Check Price
Garmin Handheld eTrex 10 GPS Navigator
Check Price
Magellan Fishing explorist 310 GPS Device
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Garmin 62S Handheld GPS Navigator
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Magellan 350H Handheld GPS Device
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Garmin 600 Oregon Handheld GPS Device
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Garmin 62St GPS Navigator
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Garmin eTrex 010-01325-15 Topo GPS Device
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Garmin 78 Handheld GPS Navigator
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Garmin 72H High Sensitive Handheld GPS Device
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Garmin 78sc Marine GPS Chartplotter
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Garmin Waterproof 78ss GPS Chartplotter
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1. Garmin GPS Receiver

Garmin GPS Receiver


If you are interested in outdoor activities then you must have the best handheld GPS for hunting and fishing to easily track the exact location. Garmin GPS receiver have 2.6 inches LCD which is easy to read in sunlight. This device also has a sensitive receiver along with a GLONASS handset supported with an antenna for higher response.

Garmin GPSMAP 64st GPS device comes up with a three axis automated compass. Other features include a barometric altimeter and wireless connectivity with already loaded 100k maps of U.S. Above all, it allows sharing your activities by using its feature of the live track.  In addition, this handheld GPS for boating has other sensors to monitor the heart rate or temperature sensors. Apart from this, it can also control the VIRB camera.


  • It has 2.6 inches LCD which is readable in sunlight.
  • It has wireless data uploading function.
  • This best handheld GPS for fishing weighs only 8.1 ounces.
  • The device has an internal memory of 8GB which is also expandable.
  • Its LCD has 160*240 pixels resolution.


2. Garmin Handheld eTrex Navigator

Garmin Handheld eTrex Navigator


Garmin is a renowned and trusted brand for GPS devices. Another model by this brand, Garmin Handheld eTrex Navigator is remarkable in terms of its specifications. This new model is the improved version of the eTrex 20. The company has improved the screen resolution and expanded internal memory. This best handheld GPS for boating will help you to download more variety of maps.

Moreover, this best handheld GPS for ice fishing can track both GLONASS and GPS satellites simultaneously. In addition, this hunting and fishing GPS supports geocaching GPS files for downloading and particulars straight to your unit. Above all, this handheld marine GPS can be mounted on automobiles, boats,  bicycles, and ATVs.


  • It tracks the location quickly.
  • This best handheld GPS for fishing is WAAS enabled.
  • It has built-in 3.7GB memory with a memory card slot.
  • The LCD has 240*320 pixels resolution.
  • It can locate the position even in a cloudy climate.


3. Raymarine GPS Fish Finder

Raymarine GPS Fish Finder


All-in-one featuring device is difficult to search. This best handheld GPS for fishing by Raymarine will make your search end. As it is an incredible fish finder with a Wi-Fi-enabled, real vision 3D property and Built-in GPS make it stand alone in the market.

This best handheld GPS for hunting and fishing comes up with a quad-core processor with extremely fast performance speed. The user interface has a multi-touch system along with a powerful lighthouse operating system for more smarter and natural fishing experience.

Moreover, the built-in Wi-Fi is capable to pair with free Raymarine apps that allow controlling your device from android smartphones. Also, it has a build-in chart of USA and Canada rivers, ponds and lakes.


  • Its provide a 3D sonar Display just like real life
  • High speed performance due to quad-core processor.
  • An easy and quick to learn light house operating system
  • Can be handle via smartphones
  • Have 20,000 pounds and lakes locations.


4. Garmin Oregon Handheld GPS Device

Garmin Oregon Handheld GPS Device


Garmin Oregon Handheld GPS device is a durable, versatile GLONASS and GPS handheld with a recreated antenna. This improved model has better satellite reception in many challenging places. In addition, this handheld GPS for boating has weather support with Animated Radar.

It also has expanded wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi, Ant+, and Bluetooth). Garmin hunting and fishing GPS has a worldwide shaded base-map with automatic geocache downloads.   Above all, this GPS for marine use also has a 3-axis compass Supported with a barometric altimeter.


  • It has a big 3 inches sunlight readable display.
  • The LCD has both landscapes and portrait display mode.
  • This best GPS for fishing boat can withstand humidity and dirt.
  • The battery can run for 16 hours.
  • The LCD has 240*400 pixels resolution.


5. Garmin Handheld eTrex 10 GPS Navigator

Garmin Handheld eTrex 10 GPS Navigator


In our GPS for boats reviews, the fifth best handheld GPS for fishing is another Garmin product. Garmin handheld eTrex 10 GPS navigator is a good handheld GPS navigator for the budget-saving outdoor follower.  In addition, this best handheld GPS for ice fishing is its 2.2-inch monochrome display. Above all, this best GPS for ice fishing also has a worldwide base map with high-sensitivity GPS handset. Thus, this feature makes it easier to track the location where you are.

This handheld GPS for fishing is waterproof according to the IPX7 standard. It is powered with 2 AA batteries which can work for 20 hours. For the increasing working time always use polaroid Lithium Batteries.


  • This best handheld GPS for fishing can work for 20hours.
  • It can be used in rain.
  • The Hotfix locates the position quickly.
  • It supports spine mounted accessories by Garmin.
  • The monochrome display is easy to read in any light.


6. Magellan Fishing explorist 310 GPS Device

Magellan Fishing explorist 310 GPS Device


Magellan Fishing explorist 310 GPS Device shows a precise fishing map. It also displays information about many US lakes with locations that catch fish. Finding the location for fishing makes your trip exhausted and time-consuming either you are fishing a lake or from a sea. But, with the help of the best GPS for hunting and fishing, you can enjoy it well.

Moreover, the new features of this good handheld GPS for hunting have extensively researched Fishing Points of Interest (POI) along with Lake Profiles and lake specific Fishing Tips. Besides, you can also download 3 lakes destinations of your own choice for Fishing Hot Spot. The LCD is 2.2 inches readable in sunlight.


  • It has preinstalled 9 US regions.
  • The battery works for 18 hours.
  • It also supports paperless geocaching.
  • This handheld GPS units for fishing can be used for both Rural and Urban land.
  • The LCD has a trans-reflective screen.


7. Garmin 62S Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin 62S Handheld GPS Navigator


Garmin 62S handheld GPS navigator is the most recent model launched by Garmin. This GPS for kayak fishing is powered with a three-axis tilt-compensated compass and a barometric altimeter. This new GPS device can supports custom Maps, photo navigation, and Birdseye Satellite descriptions.


Moreover, it is a Waterproof GPS device according to the IP7 standard. Besides, this handheld GPS units for sale has a high-speed USB connection. For unparalleled reception, the Garmin 62S handheld GPS navigator has a quad helix antenna. This handheld GPS for hunting and fishing is very stylish with a sleek design and can be connected wirelessly to other Garmin handhelds.


  1. This handheld GPS units for fishing can share waypoints and routes.
  2. It has a small memory of 1.7GB but is extendable.
  3. The LCD has a 160*240 pixel display.
  4. This device weighs only 7.4 ounces.
  5. It is supported by the integrated worldwide base map.


8. Magellan 350H Handheld GPS Device

Magellan 350H Handheld GPS Device


Another model by Magellan for handheld GPS is 350H Handheld GPS device. This good handheld GPS for hunting is a powerful and waterproof outdoor GPS locator for the hunter.

Moreover, this GPS for marine use is easy to use edge with high–sensitivity Sirf-star III GPS. Also, it can accurately locate a 3-5-meter hunting point. This best GPS for fishing boats includes 30 hunt waypoints with preinstalled WMU and GMU’s.   Above all, it also has a detailed base map with outline elevations for navigation.


  • It can locate specific hunt points.
  • GPS is specially designed for hunters.
  • The unique boundary alert you about the unauthorized area.
  • The company offers 1 year free subscription to Digital Globe Satellite Imagery.
  • This best handheld GPS for sailing has preinstalled hunting calendar for knowing legal hunting hours in different countries.


9. Garmin 600 Oregon Handheld GPS Device

Garmin 600 Oregon Handheld GPS Device


Oregon is the latest series by Garmin while Oregon 600 is the latest model of handheld GPS with lake maps for fishing.  The Garmin Oregon 600 has seen connecting GLONASS capabilities. This best handheld GPS for boating has a significant screen and edge improvements as compare to previous Oregon 450.

Furthermore, it has 3 inches big display which is easily readable in sunlight. This LCD also has a multi-touch capability and can be viewed in both landscape and portrait mode. Other features of this best GPS for fishing include Accelerometer, 3-axis compass, and barometric altimeter. This device is operated with 2 AA batteries which are chargeable with company provided battery charger.


  • It has 3 inches big sunlight readable LCD.
  • This best GPS for ice fishing is equipped with Bluetooth/ANT technology.
  • Automatic switching to portrait or landscape mode.
  • The company also provides a battery charger.
  • LCD is strengthened for impact resistance.


10. Garmin 62St GPS Navigator

Garmin 62St GPS Navigator


Garmin 62St GPS navigator is the waterproof handheld navigator equipped with 100K Topo maps. Other features include a 3 axis compass, custom maps, and BirdEye Imagery. This best handheld GPS for fishing also has a photo navigation system.

Garmin 62St GPS navigator includes U.S. 100k topographic data with a worldwide base map. This hunting and fishing GPS is also helpful for severe climbing or hiking.


  • It has 2.5 inches 65K TFT sunlight readable screen.
  • This device is compatible with Custom Maps.
  • The LCD has 160*240 pixel resolution.
  • This best handheld GPS for boating is available with 1.7GB, 3.5GB models.
  • It can be used for hiking and climbing.

11. Garmin eTrex 010-01325-15 Topo GPS Device

Garmin eTrex 010-01325-15 Topo GPS Device


Garmin eTrex 010-01325-15 Topo GPS device is an impressive model with a capacitive touchscreen display.  This marine handheld GPS is equipped with the latest high-sensitivity GPS handset. It also locates your positioning rapidly with the Hotfix satellite prediction system.

Above all, it will accurately position your location even if you are standing under deep covers or deep valleys. This best handheld marine GPS comes up with touch sensors that offer a recreated multi-activity tariff the positions info at your fingertips.


  • It has easy to use navigation system.
  • This best GPS for kayaking has built-in ANT+ connectivity and a Barometric altimeter.
  • It has preloaded 100K Canada maps.
  • This GPS device has fast positioning and a quick locating function.
  • It has a memory card slot to expand the memory.


12. Garmin 78 Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin 78 Handheld GPS Navigator


Garmin 78 handheld GPS Navigator is also known as the Garmin Marine Sociable model. This handheld GPS for marine use is equipped with a new molded rubber grip with a high sensitivity GPS. It has also a micro SD memory card slot for extending memory.

Moreover, the memory card slot is situated inside the waterproof battery section. Due to this compartment, you need not worry about wetting. Above all, this device is available with a 1.7MB map storage space.


  • It has a transflective 65K TFT display.
  • This handheld GPS for fishing has a built-in memory of 1.7MB.
  • It is a waterproof GPS device that can float in water.
  • The screen resolution is 160*240 pixels.
  • It is perfect for swimming and boating.
  • Best marine GPS for the money.


13. Garmin 72H High Sensitive Handheld GPS Device

Garmin 72H High Sensitive Handheld GPS Device


The key feature associated with this best handheld GPS for fishing is its mobile friendly nature. The handheld device is waterproof according to the IPX7 standard. It has a great battery timing of 18 hours. The display screen is grayscale with 120 x 160 pixels resolution.

Moreover, the receiver of this handheld GPS for fishing is highly sensitive to capture the satellite signals. Therefore this device can trace the location even on a cloudy day, thick trees or deep valleys. Other data that can be saved from this handheld GPS for boating includes informational data like sunset and sunrise timing and fishing calendar.


  • A light weight, waterproof handheld device.
  • It has a highly sensitive GPS that quickly connects to the satellite.
  • Waterproof thus can be used in water or land.
  • It can connect to the computer via USB.


14. Garmin 78sc Marine GPS Chartplotter

Garmin 78sc Marine GPS Chartplotter


If you are seeking a marine friendly device then this best GPS for fishing is best to buy. It comes up with a highly sensitive receiver that makes it an incredibly fast device to connect with satellites. The display screen is 2.6 inches in size with a TFT display.  You can use this device for fishing, boating, and other water sports.

This is a waterproof handheld GPS units for fishing that can float in water without any loss in signal. Thus, this GPS for kayak fishing can be used to track locations under the water and also above the surface.  Moreover, it does have a built-in chart that displays the depth contours, harbors, marine and more. Besides, you can share your routes and tracks wirelessly with other devices that are compatible with this model.


  • It is the best light weight and waterproof gadget foe the watersports and boaters
  • It has a built-in chart with all sea shores and harbors locations data
  • You can share its data with other compatible devices
  • A compass that shows your exact current location.


15. Garmin Waterproof 78ss GPS Chartplotter

Garmin Waterproof 78ss GPS Chartplotter


In the list of best handheld GPS for fishing, Garmin products are enlisted as top three in our handheld GPS for fishing reviews.  Garmin Waterproof 78ss GPD Chartplotter will make your fishing experience enjoyable.

With this best handheld GPS for marine use, you can enjoy swimming because of its waterproof feature. For water sports experts, the rough GPSMAP 78sc includes a three-axis compass and preloaded U.S. coastal charts. This handheld GPS for hunting and fishing has an innovative cast rubber side grip. Moreover, it includes a barometric altimeter and a high-sensitivity handset. It also has a micro SD card slot.


  • This handheld GPS units for sale can float in water.
  • The barometric altimeter is helpful in high altitudes.
  • It is a highly sensitive GPS Device.
  • This best handheld GPS for fishing has built-in new 3-axis tilt compass.
  • It is perfect for water boat sports. Thus, recommended for sports enthusiasts.


Buying Guide For The Best Handheld Gps For Fishing 

This is a brief guide to enhance your knowledge about the best handheld GPS for fishing. It will help you to recognize and get the best handheld GPS for fishing.

Fishing Handheld GPS

If you have difficulty in finding your preferred spots of fishing or you are afraid of getting lost in waters then handheld gps is a must have.  The best handheld gps track locations. Also improves water safety and relieves navigation.

Number of Satellites

To buy the handheld GPS, you need to watch out for a unit that uses at least 12 satellites. The more the satellites the more accurate the unit is. The unit using 24 satellites is considered as the high-quality unit.

Size of the Screen

The size of the screen matters because the larger the screen, the easier it is to read the maps and coordinates on the unit. The best unit provides the layout of the ocean, which helps to locate the rocks and thin areas.

Portable Unit

The market displays both hand held or larger handheld GPS receivers. A handheld is a small, extra-compact and portable unit. While the larger handheld receivers are of eight inches screen and extra features. They can be taken in a boat.

 Computer Connection

It is important to look for the unit that can connect to a computer via a cord or other means. To download and store the information from the computer to the unit and vice versa.

Antenna Port

Units with antenna ports establish extra reception that feature faster, accurate mapping, and timely weather forecasts. 

Water Resistant Unit

Prefer a unit with water resistance, as the system consistently encounters wet conditions.


In conclusion, I would like to mention some features that must be present in your best handheld GPS for fishing. Firstly it should be compact, lightweight and waterproof. Secondly, its operating system and processor should be advanced. Although, one of the best processors is quad-core for high speed performance. After that, it should have built-in Wi-Fi and connectivity options. Lastly, the handheld GPS units for sale should have already saved charts and location data.

We hope that you find the best handheld GPS for fishing after reading our handheld marine GPS reviews. However, the purpose of writing on this topic is to make your search time saving and worthy. People spend their money without knowing the key features of GPS devices. Therefore, complaining about the working and worthless products to purchase. It better to do research well and keep yourself aware with the engaging and advance technology features of handheld GPS for hunting and fishing


Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Handheld GPS For Fishing