Get Best Hammock Bug Net For Camping And Hiking In 2024


Are you tired of sleeping on a rough and hard surface during outdoor tours? Try the best hammock bug net that will make you sleep in a comfortable and cozy environment. 

One of the biggest problems that we face in our outdoor tours is the lack of proper bedding. Therefore, laying down on rough ground brings discomfort to human health such as pain in back and others. Apart from health problems, the bugs and mosquitoes at night time turn your adventurous outdoor tour in a terrible experience. Thus, it is essential to change our old ways of livings and adopt something new and trendy. Yes, I am talking about hammock with mosquito net tent which is quite comfortable to sleep and ffkeep the bugs away. 

Here the term hammock refers to the “bed made up of ropes or canvas suspended while having support from cords at both ends”. As the demand in people for outdoor tours and trips is increasing day by day. Therefore, more brands are introducing the best hammock with a mosquito net that are exceptional in their features. Here we write the top 7 best hammock bug net reviews to make your search easy and effective.

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Hammock Bug Net:

  • Easy To Install:

It should not be messy to set up a hammock with rain fly and bug net. All market available hammock mosquito net amazon are not easy to use. Therefore, carefully analyze the features and choose the one that is quick and simple to set up.

  • Netting Material:

A net with fine mesh should be preferred if you want to keep tiny insects, flies or mosquitos out of your range. While buying mosquito net for tents, the size of bugs should be considered the same as in your area. Netting does have different options related to mesh size. A fine mesh may block your outside view but keep tiny insects away. On the other hand, a little large mesh will allow the better view outside while blocking mosquitos and flies.

  • Weight:

 The bug nets for hammocks should not be light in weight. As the lighter texture of the net has chances to wear and tear quickly. A thick heavy net will be durable and lasts long.

  • Treated Or Non-Treated: 

Some nets are available with a pretreatment that makes your net deadly for bugs. However, treated nets are saving to use for humans. These nets are quite expensive as compare to the others.

  • Standalone Or Build In A Net:

There are two types of bug netting for camping. One is a portable hammock with mosquito net, which is attached to the hammock and the other is separate. We prefer you to buy the one that is attached to the hammock as it works effectively. When you don’t need to use it, you can fold the net upside with no trouble in view. Standalone nets are difficult to set up and require time as well.

Top 7 Best Hammock Bug Net  Product Reviews

ImageNameCheck Price
ENO Bug Net
Check Price
Eagles Outfitters Net
Check Price
Chill Gorilla Defender Net
Check Price
Eagles Basecamp Guardian Net
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Wise Owl Hammock Outfitters Bug Net
Check Price
Everest Active Gear Hammock Bug Net
Check Price
Boboline Camping Bug Net
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1. ENO Bug Net

ENO Bug Net


Key Features:

  • It comes up with a double layer for insect protection.
  • This mosquito netting for hammock creates a critter-free zone.
  • This weighs only 16 pounds.
  • The company also provides a storing bag when not in use. 

Many people visit beaches for adventure, but their enjoyment is not completed without a bug net for the hammock. For all such persons, we are introducing to you the best bug nets for camping that will keep you safe from bugs. This net is known as ENO Bug Net. 

This ENO bug net has a feature of 360-degree netting and is designed with a 950-square-inch netting. This thin and superfine mosquito net for tents keeps the bugs away from them at all angles. According to the company, this best travel mosquito net is the perfect choice for those who want to avoid bugs at any cost.

Moreover, this best mosquito net for traveling weighs only 16 pounds. In addition, the unique feature of this bug net is its ridgeline of 3mm due to which you can hang it anywhere. When fully opened, the dimensions of this bug net are 9.4*4.3 inches.


2. Eagles Outfitters Net

Eagles Outfitters Net


Key Features:

  • It is the best choice for a minimalist backpacker.
  • It includes a sack for storage when not in use.
  • This sleeping bag with mosquito net weighs only13 pounds.
  • This best hammock bug net set up quickly.

 Are you allergic to polyester? Searching for a fine bug net not stitched in polyester than purchase this Eagles Outfitters Net. This mosquito netting for camping is stitched with Nylon Taffeta. This is the best mid-range option. 

Moreover, the material used is of superfine quality and well- tested. It comes with the full cocooning shape so that bugs find no way to enter from any entry point. According to the company, this camping hammock with the net is the perfect choice for campers and hikers. The bug net for tarp camping has sleeved design to make it attractive and sleek. Above all, this mosquito tent for camping weighs only 13 pounds and is the 2nd lightest bug net among the top 10. 


3. Chill Gorilla Defender Net

Chill Gorilla Defender Net


Key Features:

  • This is available in 2 colours.
  • The camping mosquito net canopy has support with 5 meters stringer cord.
  • It has a vertical zip for easy access.
  • It is the best multipurpose ultralight hammock bug net available at a reasonable price.

Let us introduce you to a handy and spacious hammock with canopy and bug screen. This hammock with mosquito netting is Chill Gorilla Defender Net which you can expand from 9 to 14 feet. This is among the most extended mosquito net for hammocks available in the market.  

According to the professional hikers, this tent with mosquito net gives you maximum protection against different insects, bugs and mosquitoes. Above all, it has a vertical zip for easy entering and coming out to access to the hammock.

Moreover, the protector is above the hammock along a para-cord line that uses an adjustable plastic clip on the ends for a good fit. According to the company, the Chill Gorilla defender net is the perfect choice who wants to buy camping hammock with mosquito net and rain fly at a reasonable price.

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4. Eagles Basecamp Guardian Net

Eagles Basecamp Guardian Net


Key Features:

  • It uses waterproof fabric.
  • Full-zip entry support
  • It offers 360 degrees of insect protection.
  • This mosquito tent for camping is easy to clip.

Another best hammock bug net by ENO is Eagles Basecamp Guardian Net. This hammock with mosquito net tent is suitable for hikers and those campers who want plenty of space inside the net. According to the company, this guardian net is the largest available in the market. The measurement of this largest mosquito net for tents is 111*57*50 inches.

Moreover, this is also the best tent with mosquito net for camping because it can bear extra weight. This net offers plenty of space if you have pets or children who will be inside the bug net.

If you are satisfied with ENO products, then you add this hammock mosquito net amazon in your adventure accessories. In addition, this Basecamp net weighs only 3 pounds and suitable for backpackers.


5. Wise Owl Hammock Outfitters Bug Net

Wise Owl Hammock Outfitters Bug Net


Key Features:

  • It has reinforced stitched seams.
  • It has double side zippers.
  • This bug net for tarp camping fits for single and double hammocks.
  • The company provides a waterproof bag for storing when not in use.

Let us introduce you to a unique best hammock bug net which is also a two-tone netting is Wise Owl Hammock outfitters bug net. This is a very stylish bug net for the hammock and is the best choice for teenager’s campers.

According to the company, this bug nets for camping offers a stylish colour mixing that matches your hammock. The company also provides a waterproof sack for packing it if not in use. The ridgeline of this bug netting for camping is 30 feet. 

Moreover, this bug net is available in 4 different trim colours (Orange, Blue, Red, and Black). It also offers great space and is among the largest nets available in the market. It comes in 11 feet length that can cover the largest hammocks. Due to its large size, it is also heavier than an ordinary net as it weighs 23 pounds.


6. Everest Active Gear Hammock Bug Net

Everest Active Gear Hammock Bug Net


Key Features:

  • It is a very lightweight two-person hammock with mosquito net.
  • It uses nylon parachute material in its manufacturing.
  • Not as durable as of ripstop nylon.
  • This two-person hammock with mosquito net can withstand weight up to 330 pounds. 

.Everest Active Gear Hammock Bug Net is a versatile best hammock bug net.  It is on the list of top 7 bugs net because of its durability and superb hammocks that are ideal for sleeping outdoors. Everest mosquito net for camping consists of a nylon parachute that you will see in most of the hammocks. Though the nylon parachute is not stronger like ripstop nylon, yet it can still support weight up to 330 pounds.

According to the company, this is best suitable for two persons. In addition, the unique feature of Camping Hammock is its suspension system that surely increases your comfort and is easy to adjust for maximum comfort. Moreover, Everest hammock bug net is equipped with an external and internal bag to store things. The outer bag is used to store after packing when not in use.

If you are camping in a mountain area, then you can enjoy the fresh air with the help of this double and removable net. Not a single flying insect can enter through these two-person camping hammock with mosquito net. In addition, this company has designed this hammock bug net in such a way that it is easy to setup. The company also provides a simple manual that contains all the procedures. You can easily remove and wash it when cleaning is required.


7. Boboline Camping Bug Net

Boboline Camping Bug Net


Key Features:

  • It is available at a pocket-friendly price
  • This best hammock bug net can bear a weight of 600 pounds.
  • The company offers a lifetime warranty.
  • It is best for outdoor camping, backyards or beach adventures.

Boboline camping bug net is also an excellent choice for those who want to purchase a bug net at a reasonable price. This double hammock with mosquito net is not expensive. Despite a low price, it does the same job as a higher price net does. This bug net covers the area of 55*106 inches and ensures you are efficient protection from all bugs and critters. Due to its larger size, you can use it as a single or double hammocks. According to the market survey, only a few brands offer this net cover.

This hammock mosquito net DIY is very lightweight, and when packed, it is smaller than most of the other bug net. With a weight of only 38 ounces, it is best suitable for a lightweight backpacker or a teenager hiker. According to different users, it provides an extra room for comfort. It is designed with high-quality hammock mosquito net cover fabric that keeps you safe from different flying insects. In addition, its special woven 210T nylon parachute material makes it weather resistant. The weight carrying capacity of this bug net us 660 pounds.

Advantages of Hammock Bug Net for Camping

Camping in areas where trees are available calls for Hammock sleep system. This is essentially more effective than a ground based camping system where a lot of critical sacrifices need to be made.

One of which is camping in the stretch of a non camp-able terrain. Backpackers can easily camp in more than hike-able times without worrying about the risk of having to camp impossible terrains. This improves campsite availability around the clock and also ensures comfort and safety.

Advantages of hammock bug net for camping over ground camping are as follows:

Comfortable and quality sleep: Sleeping in a hammock is more comfortable than sleeping on the edgy uneven terrains of at least better. A camper needs quality sleep in order to hike better the next day and moreover it works out as the perfect substitute for resting chair as well.

Easy Setup

Setting up a hammock can be relatively faster than removing the rocks and debris for setting a ground camp. Moreover you also don’t have to waste time in scoping out a suitable area. All you need and two trees to clip the nylon straps and you’re good to go.

Consistent Setup

Hammocks can be setup consistently without experiencing sloping or surface abnormalities that are present in ground camping. So you can go night after night without have to readjust your hammock over and over.

Leave no Trace (LNT)

LNT allows you to have an untraceable camping without having to worry about impacting the camp site or crushing the plants underneath. Though you should use wide tree straps in order to not impact trees negatively.


Hammocks can be used wherever there are trees, so you don’t have to worry about water availability or finding space close to water when there are no suitable ground campsites nearby. Moreover you can find peace and quiet in less buggy areas away from the existing campsites. 

Protection Against Rain

Hammocks are better than ground based camping since you can use tarps to protect yourself from the rain water. Moreover the water on the ground wouldn’t impact your resting time either.

Obviously this type of camping also has disadvantages which may include the weight, sleeping and cold comfort but hammock camping is way better than ground camping especially when it comes to camping in really cold areas. This is one of the most common camping setup especially in cold weathers.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, Bugs repellents are quite smelly. After two hours of the spray of bug’s repellents, you will feel mosquitos and flies all around. Therefore, camping mosquito net tent is a great alternative to make your night comfortable at outdoor tours. Hope, after reading our hammock with bug screen reviews you will be able to find one of the durable, effective, comfortable, reasonably priced, lightweight and all in one best hammock bug net.

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