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Easy Tents to Put Up - A Simple Guide to Buy

Instant pop up tent is getting more famous among the hikers and adventurers. The main reason behind the popularity of it is the time that it takes to set up. Almost every easy pop up tent can be installed in less than two minutes. This time saving feature of these fast set up tents makes the lives of campers easier.

As the popularity of these quick set up tents increases, the market demand increases too. More companies are getting involved to produce easy set up tents for camping, and more types of such camps are being introduced.

In such case, finding the right easy set up tent gets a bit difficult. That’s why we are here to give you a simple guide on how to buy a quick tent for your next adventure.

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Types Of Easy Set Up Tents For Camping

Knowing the different types of easy tents to put is very crucial if you want to buy the best pop up tent for camping. When you understand the various types of pop out options, you can identify the best easy-to-set-up choice for you.

Hence, the two basic types are :

Instant Cabin Tents



Instant cabin tents are quite bigger. They have four sides and rectangular. Such easy tents to put up are usually used by large gatherings when more than five people go for a hike or an adventure.

Considering the average size of a cabin quick tent, one could think that installation time would be more than an hour or two, but that is not the case at all. These pop out options are easily installed in less than a minute, also known as 60 seconds setups. Not just cabin pop-ups, but all instant options are easy to set up.

Keep in mind that due to their size, these tents are little bit heavier. You should only consider these tents when you have more than eight people in your group. If you are less than five then consider dome tents.

Instant cabin options are readily available in the market. Whether you seek an 8-person option or a 12×12 pop-up, they all fall under instant cabin choices.


Pop Up Dome Tents

Pop Up Dome Tents


There is no tent better than a pop out dome tent when you hike alone or with a group of two. The compact size and weightlessness make them the best choice for instant camping setups.

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When you have a pop out dome tent, you don’t need to worry about the extra weight you will have to carry. The heaviest dome tent will not be heavier than 2.5kg. The complete tent comes in one single piece in a bag. Hence, when you want to rest during your adventure, open the bag, and a tent will pop out. You don’t need to join pieces together and waste time.

We highly prefer to buy pop out dome tent when your hiking group is not bigger. If you have more than five persons with you, then consider buying pop out cabin tent.

Questions To Ask While Buying  Tents

When you have little to no knowledge about easy set up tent, you will get confused, and the shopkeeper will use his marketing strategies to sell you a wrong easy set up tent. However, this will not happen if you ask the following questions while buying easy tents to put up. Hence, the questions are:

1.     What Is The Suitable Size?

Size is the number one thing that matters. You will regret it if you buy the wrong sized quick tent. To decide the right size of your tent, count the number of people you are going to fit inside the tent. When you have a group of fewer than five people, consider buying compact and small tents. Pop up dome tents are best for such requirements. But when you want to fit more than five persons inside the tent then buy nothing but instant cabin tents.

2.     Can It Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions?

Your destination will decide what type of tent you should buy. Different options are available for various weather conditions. The most basic choices are four-season and three-season shelters.

Three season tents are usually made for normal conditions, and they cannot withstand harsh conditions. On the other hand, four-season tents will withstand extreme weather conditions. However, four-season tents are not suitable for hot weather because they have very little ventilation available.

If you’re planning a Himalayan hike, consider four-season options, but for weekend family getaways, three-season choices are ideal.

3.     What Are Its Features?

Each tent is unique when it comes to features. As all the companies compete to make their tents the best tents, all of them try to put unique features in their tents. Some important features to look for are:

  1. A good ventilation system
  2. Meshed windows
  3. Waterproof fabric
  4. Easy installation

Some Popular Brands

Here is the list of top brands selling the best easy tents to put up. Check each brand separately and decide which brand suits you more.


Bottom Line

Hikers and adventurers prefer instant tents because these save their time and journey. They have bearable weight, and they are very easy to set up.

To buy such tents, we have given you a brief guide. Hence, before entering into the market or browsing on Amazon, read this article, and we are sure you will find the best instant pop up tent for you.