Top 7 best 4 season backpacking tent – Complete Guideline

best 4 season backpacking tent

Searching near and far for the best 4 season backpacking tent?  Well you won’t be worrying anymore. We heartily understand that from backwoods ski visits to mountaineering in the absolute most adventurous climate on Earth, a 4-season tent is the last line of protection among you and the components.

As needs are, these tents are a lot more grounded than their 3-season partners with less work, progressively considerable coverings, and rainflies, harder shaft structures, and an entire host of highlights intended for winter use. 

However, the 4 season tent is designed for the cold months, but it also gives you the freedom of camping in hot summer months when you need a little more air to keep you cool.

You can’t let a little thing like snow and cold prevent you from returning to nature and taking part in one of the most cherished traditions: camping.

Whatever your all year outdoors plans are — or, for keen globe-trotters, whatever your snowy-weather camping plans are — we’ve gathered together the best four season backpacking tents to purchase this year.

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imageNameCheck Price
ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2 PersonCheck Price
Black Diamond Eldorado TentCheck Price
MSR Twin Sister 2-Person Shelter TentCheck Price
Big Agnes Copper Spur HV ULCheck Price
Coleman New Outdoor CampingCheck Price
Weanas Professional Backpacking TentCheck Price
Flytop 3-4 Season 1-2-personCheck Price

Key Features To Consider When Choosing The Best 4 Season Backpacking Tent:

Before we start with our rundown for the best 4 season backpacking tents, we would like to share the most important features to keep in mind when not only selecting a 4 season camping tents but a tent in general for camping and backpacking.

Tent Type:

The tent kind is one of the main things you have to see when thinking about a new tent. The right type of tent can have a great effect contingent upon the reason you are utilizing it. 

The most common types of tents are:

  • A-frame
  • Dome
  • Tunnel tent
  • Geodesic tents
  • Cabin tent
  • Pop-up tent

With regards to the 4 season tent, you can discover one in these shapes. Be that as it may, the dome and geodesic tents remain the staple choices for a 4 season tent.


Materials are constantly significant and as you may have seen, every one of the tents have been built from polyester texture. 

Utilizing RipStop innovation includes another layer of sturdiness and you will probably take on a greater amount of the components. 

For the work, nylon is the best materials. Nylon is extremely breathable and the the mesh has a comparable capacity to the cool shirts made for working out.

Aluminum is probably the most common material used for a tent. Also, fiberglass tent poles are the best when you need flexibility.


The best 4 season tent isn’t only utilized for camping. One prefers to utilize these tents for backpacking also. When you select your tent, you ought to consistently remember the weight. 

For backpacking, we would not prescribe anything heavier than 8-pounds. In any case, camping tents have no genuine weight limits. In the event that you cherish cold weather camping with the family, you can without much of a stretch locate a tent with a load of near 20-pounds.

So ultralight 4 season tent is a must have you can’t compromise weight while backpacking.


If the tent is fit for withstanding the conditions, it would be an incredible incentive for your cash and greater strength. These days, most tents are intended to be weatherproof and they all accompanied a fair covering. 

The polyurethane covering has a demonstrated record of keeping the water slide from the highest point of the tent. It additionally shields the materials from the belting UV rays of the sun. 

On the off chance that your tent does not have this covering, you can include this related to the inward covering that is found available today and they should consolidate to give you the most extreme assurance.


If you are a camper, you may have adequate time to gradually set up the tent to every one of your needs. Be that as it may, this isn’t generally the situation.

 You ought to consider taking a gander at the time it takes to set up the tent. This will give you a thought of how complex it is and on the off chance that you have to consider the arrangement at home.


The capacity is essentially another word at the cost of the tent. The bigger the size, the more costly it will be. When purchasing a tent, you ought not to purchase more space than you need.

This will be a waste of many and there are numerous other incredible things you can decide for your tent. The standard for a tent is the 2-person tent and this will be perfect for an outdoor hobbyist.

The capacity is additionally significant when taking a look at the gear that should be conveyed along.  

Notwithstanding, you can purchase smaller tents, planned explicitly to fill a similar need as your storage room and keep the majority of your gear safely protected from all of the elements.

Color :

You will find a great variety of colors in the best 4 season backpacking tents in 2024. Many manufacturers offer similar tent models in various colors, like orange, brown, or green. Others make two-conditioned tents that are tan and white or tan and dark. Still, others make light blue or somewhat blue dim tents. The color of your tent should make you happy. Some people incline toward something brilliantly colored so that they can spot it from a good way. Others incline toward earth tones.

Price :

An all-weather tent for one or two people could cost just $50 or as much as $100. These fundamental tents have one passage and no extra room (other than any unused space in the tent). They are usually made of nylon and are expected uniquely for resting. 

An all-weather tent in the $100 to $200 value reach will probably be for two to four inhabitants. These tents are usually made of nylon with a rainfly to ensure against downpour and sun. They may have hanging stockpiling pockets and a patio rooftop fold. They are generally too short to even think about allowing you to stand up in them, yet they have excellent ventilation.

Better quality tents cost $200 or more. At about the $500 mark, you’ll start to see all-weather tents that rest at least eight individuals with six feet of internal clearance. These pricier tents might have pivoted entryways, additional room, underlying help for lamps or LED lights, and yards. Some are produced using the material, which offers extraordinary security against weather limits.


Most brands have a decent warranty included, demonstrating trust in their very own item. They likewise offer you the chance to test the item and see if it will hold up. 

Try not to be tricked by powerless 1-year warrantees from low brands. Most producers comprehend that you won’t utilize the tent over and over again and they attempt to exploit this reality. 

It is essential to intently take a look at the warranty and see whether it will be sufficient for you to have some genuine feelings of serenity on your next outdoors trip.

Now, onto the best tents for camping!

1.ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian Tent

Our primary choice for the
best 4 season backpacking tents is the versatile ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian Tent.

Manufactured using strong polyester for the external covering, the tent is truly light and will keep out a large portion of the components. The principle kicker is the polyester covering included, as this can withstand up to 5000 mm of downpour at once. 

Strong 7000 arrangement aluminum shafts have been included for the casing. While these will include a smidgen of additional weight when carrying the tent, it will hold it solidly set up.  

However, you need it safely tied too and if the rainfly has not been accurately set, it could shield the breeze from going through, conceivably causing a little harm. 

ALPS have expressed that the tent is completely waterproof and as referenced, this has proven to be the case so far. The tent additionally incorporates an UV covering, protecting you and the materials from taking an excess of harm from the belting sunrays. 

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However, you can reapply this periodically to ensure the color does not fade, keeping the tent in the best possible condition.

Having 2 doors that can be closed or opened from either the outside or the inside is really simple and easy to use. It is really easy to set up and should not take you more than 5 to 10 minutes.

It is one of the best extreme cold weather tents for camping out there. Yes, it might be slightly more expensive than many other 2-person tents, but you also receive a limited lifetime warranty. 

So, who would not want to buy this tent for all such special features?

2.Black Diamond El Dorado

best extreme cold weather tents

Our runner up on the list of best tents for camping is the  best all weather family tent  Black Diamond El Dorado

They’re the best in the business, particularly in the sort of climate a four-season tent ought to be utilized — yet the Black Diamond El Dorado, for $300 less, takes care of business to make it an extraordinary all-rounder at the cost. 

It’s a generalist tent, with numerous commentators depicting it as truly adept at everything, not flawless at any a certain something, yet for campers in genuinely standard regular conditions, regardless of what season it will be, it takes care of the job well.

The simple two-post arrangement, with plenty of guy points, makes pitching easy. Despite being single-walled, the strength of the poles and the excellent material (thanks to ToddTex ePTFE film!) do a superb job of keeping storms out.

There’s a lot of tallness for taller campers, and a discretionary vestibule, at an extra cost, makes more space to hold gear. At 4.41 pounds, it can work for hiking, as well, however it won’t qualify most climbers for ultra-light trekking.

But, all things considered, it is one of the best cold weather camping tent.

3. MSR Twin Sister

best tents for winter camping

Next we have one of the best tents for winter camping, the Twin Sisters Tarp from MSR which is a sturdy two-post pyramid covering for enthusiastic explorers who need a basic sanctuary for their winter adventuress.

 It incorporates two shafts and a slight catenary cut that makes it simple to get the right pitch. One has the option to get the correct pitch on the first attempt, which is a demonstration of how all around planned the canvas is. 

MSR uses a durable 30D nylon coated with silicone and urethane. Pitched to let snow fall right off and seam-sealed to prevent rain and slush from infiltrating your living space.

Two entryways give simple access to an extensive inside that is reasonable for two individuals and their rigging. No vestibules are present, but the interior is spacious enough that they are not necessary.

The ultralight, floorless MSR twin sister shelter tent offers the enclosed protection of a tent with the weight of a tarp. Using a six-point pitch, it sets up quickly with included poles or optional trekking poles and easily covers two people plus gear.

4. Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 & UL3

best 4 season backpacking tent

Moving on, we have one of the best tents for backpacking, Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 & UL3. The tent’s high volume pole architecture creates steeper walls and roomier living space while maintaining all the strength and lightweight packability.

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 and UL3 have the best combination of weight, interior space, weather protection, and ease-of-use of any backpacking tent on the market. Every piece of gear has its pros and cons, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a better freestanding backpacking tent in this weight class.

In the event that you generally knapsack two by two, we recommend knocking up to the UL3 size, which has progressively inside space, yet at the same time gauges equivalent to most 2-man tents.

In case you’re alright with a more tightly inside or you frequently rucksack solo, the UL2 is likewise an astounding decision.
The proprietary patterned double rip-stop nylon fabric is incredibly durable, to stand up to your biggest adventures.

With such friendly features, it is a must-have on the list of best 4 season tents for backpacking.

5. Coleman Waterproof 6 Person Instant Tent

best 4 season backpacking tent

Next, we have the best waterproof family tent, the Coleman Waterproof Instant Tent which is freestanding, so once you set it up, you can move it to a case, move as you wish. 

To put it normally, you don’t depend much outwardly ground, in any case if this is sand, solid, grass, or stone; this tent will do as fine on any surface. You may put six camping cots there, however you’ll unquestionably feel cramped. 

You will have enough space to set 5 camping beds in 1 column, alongside likewise the 6th would be unique, lying along the length of the tent. 

Know it has no vestibules or capacity pocket, which means you don’t have any extra space secured for equipments. Whenever used as a family cover, this can be the best waterproof family tent a family of two and parents children can have.

6. Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent

best 4 season backpacking tent

Proceeding our list, we have
4 person tent, the Weanas Professional which qualifies as the best tent for hot weather. This dome camping tent weighs 6.5 lb, with Floor Dimensions 88″x80″, Peak Height 53″. 

Great for your backpacking & hiking trip. It can sleep 3 normal size adults, or 4 slim adults comfortably. It’s taller than most tents this size which makes changing clothes inside easier.

The tent rapidly and effectively controls hot temperatures through its design and construction.

Throughout the late spring days, if you need to remain inside the tent and appreciate the nature, you can without much of a stretch do that with the Weanas tent through the vestibule entryways.

With no stresses, you can leave the entryways open during bright days or in downpour. You can guarantee ventilation at whatever point you need. Such two entryways are accessible in one tent.

If you would prefer not to take the problem for ventilation without anyone else’s input, let the tent do it. The work divider and roof are made for the ideal ventilation framework. 

So, when you are in a mood for camping, hiking or traveling, all you have to do is simply take the backpacking tent on your back and get ready. It’s such a helpful and travel-accommodating tent that you must need to have.

7. Flytop 3-4 season Double Layer Backpacking Winter Tent

3-4 season Double Layer Backpacking Winter Tent

Flytop isn’t the most perceived brand among huge numbers of the first-class hikers, yet they are on the ascent. The Flytop 3-4 season Double Layer Backpacking Winter Tent is a recent model. Crafted specifically for entry-level campers or hikers.

The main materials used are 210T polyester, known for its incredible breathability rating. Incorporating an additional layer of overall durability, the design also features high-density nylon.

The manufacturer highlights the incorporation of additional thermal technology in the design as a fundamental feature. This empowers you to utilize the tent in the winter with considerably more achievement. 

While testing the tent, we found it to be ideal for temperatures above freezing. However, it may not be the optimal choice for primary use in sub-zero temperatures in the Arctic.

For the setup, simply attach two small poles to achieve the desired stability with ease.

Thus, it is one of the best 4 person tents on the list of best tents for camping.

Advantages Of Buying A Four Season Backpacking Tent 

If you are searching for a companion that will keep you safe in extreme weather conditions, then a four season backpacking tent is the right choice as compared to others. Its main job is to stand through intense winds, snowstorms, and frigid temperatures. Pole geometries and inflexible shapes characterize these tents, therefore they can bear powerful winds and snow loads. These tents are vulnerable to inhospitable climate and are more sturdy as compared to standard tents.

Backpacking tents, in general, construct fabric designed for warmth. Additionally, they include mesh zipper windows that you can close to shield yourself from harsh weather conditions. Also, some models feature snow flaps around the tent that prevent cold air from cracking into the tent.

Nevertheless, ensuring an effective ventilation system strategically balances these fortifications. This helps address concerns related to moisture and condensation that may accumulate inside the tent. Unlike standard tents, 4 season tents are roomy; therefore, it can accommodate people as well as store other essentials. 4 season tents can be a wise choice for extreme weather conditions in winters as well as summer camping.


The tent is one of the most intriguing parts of any camping or backpacking trip. With the right tent, you can achieve numerous things. Numerous experts highly evaluate these tents. Our research has endorsed them for all the quality highlights and incentive on offer.

We hope this guide would be helpful for you while planning your next adventure. Having enlisted the best tents for camping, now you can easily chose your best 4 season backpacking tent without any second thought.