Top 13 Heated Socks For Hunting – Keep Your Toes Warm

Top 13 Heated Socks For Hunting - Keep Your Toes Warm

You should know that hunting in winter is quite different than hunting in summer. In winter, you face different challenges and problems to face in the woods. The most problematic thing to face is the snow. Imagine walking in the deep snow with a backpack and a gun in your hand. If you are not prepared well, you will end up becoming prey rather than predator. Hence, before you leave to hunt in winter, you must make sure you have everything to fight the extreme weather.

You should know the fact that the blood cannot reach properly in your feet, and that is why they become cold faster than any other part of the body. Because they become cold very quickly, you cannot use your feet properly while hunting in the cold jungle. To overcome thing problem, many hunters use heated socks for hunting.

What Are Heated Socks?

When you use ordinary socks or shoes, they trap the heat generated by your body in your feet. But what will you do when your body cannot generate desired heat in the winter? This is where heating socks come in handy.

Both heated socks for men and heated socks for women use low power electricity to warm up your feet. They are called battery operated warming socks because lithium battery is attached with these hunter socks. You can charge these battery powered heated socks via a USB cable and then use them as heated socks for hunting.

The mechanism of rechargeable heated socks is designed in such a way that you can wash them without concerning about its circuit. Hence, the circuit of battery socks is completely waterproof.

Top Heated Socks For Hunting To Buy

In this heat holders socks review, we will discuss the top best electric socks available on Amazon. Go through all of them and decide which one is the warmest hunting socks for your feet.

ImageNameCheck Price
Jomst Battery Operated Heated SocksCheck Price
Global Vasion Electric Warming SocksCheck Price
Valleywind Heated Socks For MenCheck Price
Aqziill Battery Powered Heated SocksCheck Price
Warm Rechargeable Battery Heated Socks With RemoteCheck Price
Upstartech Heat Warmer SocksCheck Price
Gamegie Warmest Hunting Socks
Check Price
Sunwill Electric Warming SocksCheck Price
Spring Shop Feet Warmers For HuntingCheck Price
Snow Deer Warming Socks For Cold Feet Check Price
Carhartt Warmest Wool Socks Check Price
Succitown Women’s Heated SocksCheck Price
Rabbitroom Women’s Battery Heated SocksCheck Price

1. Jomst Battery Operated Heated Socks



We have gone through different Amazon hunter boot socks, but among all of them, JOMST electric hunting socks are the best cold weather socks available. Hundreds of people have bought these top rating socks from the internet, and they have maintained their rating as the best rechargeable battery heated socks.

The material of these feet warmers socks is made of 78% cotton. Only 12% of polyester and 10% of Elastane is used to give these heat warmer socks a perfect exterior look. The design is created in such a way that that is more concentrated on toes and heels.

A 3.7 2200MAh battery is attached to each sock. This battery is capable of warming up your feet in less than 5 seconds. Once the battery is fully charged, you can use these battery operated foot warmers for more than 9 hours.

We advise you to buy these battery operated heater socks, and we guaranty you they will help you a lot in winter hunting. They serve as both warming socks for women as well as heated socks for men. So, buy this amazing pair of rechargeable foot warmers and enjoy hunting in the snow.


  • Easy to control
  • Different temperature settings (From 35 C to 55C)
  • Perfect heated socks for hunting


  • Should not be washed with a machine


2. Global Vasion Electric Warming Socks



If the first one didn’t convince, then this definitely would. This pair of rechargeable foot warmers come in the list of top rating socks on Amazon. You can buy this product from Amazon at $42.

According to the manufacturers, they are quite breathable and comfortable heat socks. Just like the previous one, this pair of feet warming socks uses low powered electricity to warm up your feet. Once you wear them, you will realize how flexible they are in the snow.

One more thing that makes these feet heater socks the best hunting socks for cold weather is that they completely absorb the snow, and they do not let your feet get wet. You can spend hours in the white jungle without worrying about getting frozen.

The pair of Global Vasion warming socks for cold feet is available in two different sizes. With heat socks, you get a rechargeable lithium battery of 3.7V with a charging adapter to charge the electric heated sock via USB.


  • One of the warmest hunting socks available on Amazon
  • Best socks for hunting
  • Keeps your feet dry and heated in the cold snow
  • One of the top rated heated socks


  • The performance may decrease with time


3. Valleywind Heated Socks For Men



Pure cotton is used in the manufacturing of these foot warming socks. The fabric is quite relaxing and breathable. You will not feel any irritation while wearing the pair of Valleywind battery powered heated sock. The heat in the heating socks is mainly concentrated on toes. Hence, they are one of the warmest socks for hunting.

The wires are placed all around the heating socks, and when switched on, your feet will get warmed up in 30 seconds. The absorbent technology does not let the unwanted moisture to enter the rechargeable foot warmers. This makes them perfect for hunting in the snow.

So, when you have such an amazing pair of battery warming socks, you can become a hunter in the snow just like a wolf. So don’t waste time and type “hunter socks Amazon” on Google and get a pair for you in just 42$. We recommend you to hurry up because products like these do not stay in stock for too long.



  • They are very quick and will heat your feet in less than 30 seconds
  • Comfortable
  • Best socks for hunting
  • Due to the amazing elastic system, the pair will fit almost every size
  • Good for hunting


  • Batteries are not long-lasting


4. Aqziill Battery Powered Heated Socks



Christmas is coming, and there is no better gift for your loved one than this pair of heating sox. They are good for every athlete who loves to show strength in extreme winter. While wearing Aqziill heating sox, you can hunt, run, or ride your bicycle in the winter.

The design of these heating sox is created in such a way that they will keep your blood circulation warmed up even in the extreme winter. You can enjoy your hunting just like you do in the hot summer. Your toes will stay warm when you are wearing these foot warming socks.

The material of Aqziill battery powered heated socks is 83% cotton, 10% polyester, and 7% Lycra. The circuit is fixed in such a way that you will not feel any irritation due to wires. The absorbent technology will keep your feet moisture-free all the time.

With the package of this amazing pair of top rating socks, you get two lithium batteries of 3.7V and 2200mAh. You also get a USB cable to charge the battery powered heated socks.

Buy this spectacular product of rechargeable foot warmers and give it to someone who loves hunting on this Christmas.


  • You can wash these rechargeable battery heated socks with machine
  • Different temperature settings are available
  • Two batteries are given in the package
  • Good for both men and women


  • Batteries are not long-lasting


5. Warm Rechargeable Battery Heated Socks With Remote



Not many feet warmers socks come with a remote. But when you have Dr. Warm battery heated socks with remote, you can control your feet temperature in real-time with the remote controller. The remote of this foot warming socks has four different buttons, three for three different temperature settings and one for power.

Just like the other feet warmers socks in this heat holders socks review, this pair will heat your feet in less than 30 seconds. The battery is quite powerful than the other pairs we discussed. It is 7.4V and 2600mAh. Once fully charged, the battery will last long more than 11hrs.

Because these heat warmer socks are equipped with remote, they are one of the best hunting socks for cold weather. While hunting, you can push the remote and keep changing your feet’s temperature without physically touching the pair multiple times.


  • One of the best hunting socks for cold weather
  • Long-lasting battery
  • One of the few heated socks with remote


  • Do not wash the pair via a washing machine


6. Upstartech Heat Warmer Socks



Here, we are talking about one of the best cold weather socks. Just like previous ones, these warmest hunting socks get heat via an electrical circuit. Two different batteries are given in the package, and each one is 2.7V and 2200mAh.

A small led light is attached to each sock. This light will indicate the level of temperature you have set for your battery operated foot warmers. However, the performance of these battery operated foot warmers is slow, and it may take more than a minute to warm up your feet fully.

The fabric of battery operated heated socks is so thick that after turning off the power, the battery operated heated socks will trap the heat inside and will not let it out for a longer period.

The thickness and hardness of the battery operated heater socks will not let you feel uncomfortable, but instead, they are quite flexible and comfortable.

If you are okay with the slow initial start of these battery operated heater socks, then you should buy or else check out the other options.



  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Perfect gift for Christmas
  • Children can wear them too


  • It will take more than one minute to warm up your feet fully


7. Gamegie Warmest Hunting Socks



The thing that makes this battery powered heated socks, one of the best cold weather socks, is their long-lasting battery life. The battery warming socks do not use ordinary 2200mAh battery like the other electric hunting socks in this heat holders socks review. Instead, they use a 4000mAh battery that increases the battery life up to 19 hrs. Hence, choose nothing but this pair of battery warming socks if you are planning to hike and hunt for a longer period.

However, the battery is built-in and cannot be charged separately which is one of the drawbacks of these electric hunting socks. While charging the battery, you will have to take out the socks from your feet. Also, washing these electric warming socks will be problematic due to the built-in battery.

As this is an honest electric socks review, we have provided both pros and cons, and it is up to you to decide whether you want to buy this pair or not. But if we talk about the overall performance, they are one of the best electric socks without any doubt.


  • Long battery life (Up to 19hrs)
  • Good performance
  • They will heat up in less than one minute


  • The built-in battery may cause problems during the wash


8. Sunwill Electric Warming Socks

Sunwill Electric Warming Socks



This pair is one of the warmest socks for hunting. Many professional hunters prefer this pair because of its flexibility and normal battery timing. These best electric socks use a 7.4V battery of 2200mAh. The battery can be fully charged in 4-5 hrs and once charged fully, it can work up to 8 to 9 hours.

The material of these warmest hunting socks is 80% cotton, 12% polyester, and 8% Elastane. These three materials combine to form one of the warmest winter socks that are flexible and comfortable.

If you buy this amazing product from Amazon, you will get one year warranty. You can claim your warranty if you find any problem with the product.


  • One of the warmest winter socks
  • Best hunting socks for cold weather
  • You can wash them with washing machine


  • Short battery life


9. Spring Shop Feet Warmers For Hunting


Four different colors are available in this product for you to buy. If you are a professional hunter and loved hunting in winter, then you would love these feet warmers for hunting. Their absorbent technology will always keep your feet dry and hot even in the deep snow.

These feet warmers for hunting are mostly made of cotton. Some percentage of polyester and elastane are also added to make the product strong.

Just like the most battery operated warming socks in this electric socks review, This battery operated warming socks also use a 3.7 battery of 2200mAh. So, we can conclude that battery timing is almost the same as other products in this electric socks review.

The product is quite easy to wear, and it is 100% waterproof. Not a single drop of moisture will enter your feet while wearing one of the warmest socks for hunting.


  • Waterproof
  • Best hunting socks for cold weather
  • Breathable
  • Good warming socks for women


  • Short battery life


10. Snow Deer Warming Socks For Cold Feet 


We understand that the price for these warming socks for cold feet is too high, but when you compare the price with the product’s feature, then the price would be nothing but a piece of grain in the sand.

We are talking about one of the best heated socks for hunting. The product is using a 7.4V battery, which is a little bit powerful than other batteries in this battery heated socks review. According to the manual, charge the battery for 3 to 4 hours at the first time, and then you can use it up to 9 hours.

Like many products in this battery heated socks review, these best hunting socks for cold weather are made up of 80% cotton, 12% polyester and 8% elastane. We recommend you to buy this product because it has a high quality of the fabric and it will look premium in your feet.


  • Good warming socks for women
  • One of the best socks for hunting
  • Comfortable


  • Ordinary Battery timing


11. Carhartt Warmest Wool Socks 



We have not discussed any non electric socks in our best heated socks reviews until now. Carhartt’s warmest wool socks are the only non electrical product that deserves to be in our best heated socks reviews.

As already discussed, that product does not use electricity, but still, they are one of the best socks for snow. This is true that the product will not provide the same heat as other socks in this best heated socks review, but you can still use them in daily winter life.

If you are the one who does not go out daily and likes to stay at home in winter, then you can buy this product, or you can gift this product to someone special to you.


  • Warmest wool socks
  • Good for domestic use


  • Cannot be compared with rechargeable heated socks


12. Succitown Women’s Heated Socks



The Succitown women’s heated socks are made of wool and do not use electricity. They are made especially for women, but men can also wear them. These women’s heated socks are using 65% of the wool trap the heat inside your feet. However, these womens heated socks cannot produce the heat of their own. Hence, if you are planning to stay in winter for a longer period, then these womens heated socks are not recommended.

But if you are not extreme and love to stay at home in winter, then this product is made for you. You can buy these heated socks for women from Amazon in just $12.


  • Best heated socks for women
  • The wool will trap the inside for a longer period
  • One of the warmest winter socks for domestic use


  • Not good for hunting
  • They cannot produce the heat of their own


13. Rabbitroom Women’s Battery Heated Socks


There was a time when only men used to go and hunt. But today, women are nowhere behind. Women can hunt in the winter, just like men. That is why we have included this product in our top list. Rabbitroom women’s battery heated socks are especially designed to fit women.

These women’s battery heated socks are using a 3.7V battery of 2200mAh. It has three different temperature settings, and the max temperature can be set up to 125F. The heat is mostly concentrated on toes, which will allow you to run faster in the cold snow.

These battery socks have other benefits too. Those who have syndromes like Reynaud’s or have chronic circulation issues can use these battery powered socks to reduce the issue.

These battery powered socks are best for both indoor and outdoor activities. Just charge the battery for 3 to 4 hours and then enjoy your outdoor activities for up to 10 hours.

These electric heated socks do not come in multiple sizes but they have only one size. They are quite stretchable and will fit almost every size, but some people might face problems while wearing these electric heated socks.


  • Stretchable warm socks for hunting
  • Flexible


  • Only one size is available


What To Consider While Buying Heated Socks For Hunting?

In our warmest socks reviews, we have reviewed eleven best battery heated socks and two warmest wool socks. We understand that choosing the best socks for snow from the list of thirteen is a hard job. That’s why we are here to guide you in this matter. We will explain every point that you need to consider while choosing the best socks for snow for you.

Hence, the points to consider while choosing the best warm socks are:


The design of your foot warmer socks depends upon the way you want to use them. If you want foot warmer socks for indoor usage, then you can buy non-electrical wool socks. Such socks will trap the heat inside and will keep your feet warm for a longer period.

But if you are planning to buy heat up socks, then prefer nothing but battery warm socks. The chosen heated hunting socks arch reinforcement and built-in padding. Also, find that heat up socks that can reach mid-calf height.


Before buying feet warming socks, always compare the material of different feet heater socks. Most electric heated socks are made of cotton. A little percentage of polyester and Elastane is also found in many battery warm socks.

On the other hand, electric socks are made out of wool. As we know, wool is much hotter than cotton, and it can trap the heat inside far better than cotton. Hence, for non-electrical feet warmer socks, look for those pairs that are made of wool, and for battery warmed socks, both wool and cotton will work perfectly.


You should always consider this point while buying socks that warm your feet. Check for those heated socks that can warm your feet for a longer period. Most heated socks are equipped with a 3.7v battery of 2200mAh. If you find socks with battery heavier than 2200mAh, then prefer that pair or else always keep extra batteries in your backpack.


You cannot wash every battery operated heated socks. If you do, then you will end up damaging the circuit of your socks. But many products are washable with a machine. If you find one, then buy that because nobody wants to reuse dirty socks again and again.


Of course, you don’t want to waste your money on nothing. In the end, nothing but money matters. Hence, always compare the price of the different product as well as their features. If you find a cheaper product with more features than an expensive one, then nobody will advise you to buy an expensive product.

Advantages of Using Heated Socks For Hunting 

Heated socks are considered a blessing in cold weather. It works wonders for both hunters and residents of low-temperature areas. The socks provide enough warmth to keep the feet and calves warm in the coldest days.  Here are the few advantages of using Heated socks for hunting:

  • The heated socks for hunting have adjustable heat temperature settings, which makes it a lot efficient and more comfortable to maintain a pleasant warmth around the feet. 
  • Besides that, another plus point of best heating socks for hunting is that the temperature can be handled via Bluetooth or your phone. So you can wear them in any chilly season besides winters as well.
  • These heated socks provide a great deal of comfort in long hours of hunting.
  • The best thing about these heated socks is that they come with rechargeable batteries, which is economical as well as easily manageable. 
  • Other than hunting, these socks can also be used for therapeutic reasons as they help relieve symptoms of medical conditions. The hunters now do not have to worry about cold feet as these socks can warm feet within seconds.
  • They are flexible due to their elasticity so that they will fit you easily.
  • They will keep your feet warm and moisture less even when the heating system is turned off.
  • They are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. 


Besides hunting and hiking, heated socks are useful for many other things. You can protect your feet from catching frostbite if you are wearing heated socks. Many individuals feel numbness and pain in the feet in the cold winter. Heated socks can solve those problems too.

Hence, we have discussed the best heated socks in 2021 that are currently available on Amazon. Read our buyer’s guide and decide which pair is the right pair of heated socks for you.


You can always keep your feet warm by using battery heated socks for hunting.
Choose our thirteen best heated socks and buy them from Amazon.
The socks in this review are the warmest socks for winter.
They are safe, and they will not harm your health or skin.