Top 13 Best Heated Insoles For Hunting In 2024 – {Guide & Review}

Top 13 Best Heated Insoles For Hunting – {Guide & Review}

Hunters know how hard it is to hunt in the winters, especially in colder regions where temperatures can drop below 1°C. To endure the cold woods, wearing the best heated insoles for hunting is essential. Adequate preparation with warm attire is crucial for spending extended hours in these conditions. You also need to wear proper gloves to trap the heat inside your hands.

In all of the preparations, wearing proper footwear is most critical. While hunting, you will spend hours in deep snow, for that reason, you need to have heated shoe insoles for your shoes to constantly heat your foot.

The market is full of amazing feet warmers for hunting, but getting the right one for you is not easy. Each warm shoe insoles are best in their way, and you might get confused while choosing the best heated insoles for hunting. That is why we are writing this heated insoles review to help you choose the right insole foot warmers for your winter hunt.

Top Best Heated Insoles For Hunting To Buy

ImageNameCheck Price
Axcuds Battery Operated Foot WarmersCheck Price
Bial Feet Warmers For HuntingCheck Price
Warmfits Rechargeable Heated InsoleCheck Price
Winna Heated Shoe InsertsCheck Price
Camko Winter Boot InsolesCheck Price
Filbake Feet Warmers For ShoesCheck Price
Upstartech Remote Control Heated Insoles
Check Price
Toullgo Battery Powered InsolesCheck Price
Warm Heated Shoe InsolesCheck Price
Joytek Self Heating InsolesCheck Price
Thermrup Rechargeable Foot WarmersCheck Price
Gerbing Electrically Heated InsolesCheck Price
Edobil Thermal Heated InsolesCheck Price

The market is full of amazing foot warmers for hunting, but getting the right one for you is not easy. Each warm shoe insole is best in its way, and you might get confused while choosing the best-heated insoles for hunting in 2024. That is why we are writing this heated insoles review to help you choose the right insole foot warmers in 2024 for your winter hunt. So let’s start;

1. Axcuds Battery Operated Foot Warmers

heated insoles for hunting


Here, we are talking about one of the best-heated insoles for hunting. The design, material, features, and battery life, everything about this USB foot warmer is amazing. The battery is connected internally in these heated shoe inserts which means that you will not have to carry separate batteries in your backpack. If you charge the battery properly, then you can use these heated shoe inserts for up to 7 hours.

These rechargeable heated insoles come with three different temperature settings. You can set the temperature according to the weather conditions as well as your comfort. The minimum temperature settings provide a temperature of 35C, while the maximum temperature can reach up to 43C.

These rechargeable heated insoles provide anti-moist technology. No matter how hot the temperature gets, your feet will remain out of sweat and moisture. Hence, you can spend hours in the cold jungle to hunt while wearing these thermal insoles for boots.

We highly recommend you to buy these thermal insoles for boots because we believe that they will provide the perfect winter hunting experience. If you are not satisfied with the product, then scroll down, and you will find something that may attract your interest.


  1. Futuristic design
  2. Anti moist technology
  3. Multiple temperature settings
  4. Built-in battery
  5. They will fit any size


  1. Not machine washable


2. Bial Feet Warmers For Hunting

Bial Feet Warmers For Hunting:


If the previously heated insoles for boots didn’t attract you, then this one definitely will . Just by looking at the design, you can tell how relaxing and comfortable these battery foot warmers are. These heated boot inserts are using high-quality elastic memory foam that creates a cushioning effect on your feet.

The straps of these battery foot warmers are equipped with a smart temperature display that will keep showing you the temperature settings as well as your battery life. Unlike many shoe warmer inserts, these heated boot liners will not drop their temperature with the decline of the battery.

The Rutilated Quartz nanomaterials will help you to create sophisticated heating under your feet, and it will increase the temperature up to 131F in less than three minutes. This method promises that your feet will remain dry and will not get any moisture or sweat while wearing these shoe warmer inserts.

The Bial heated boot liners promise that you will have a perfect hunting and hiking experience even in places where the temperature may reach up to -20C.

However, washing these heated boot liners may become problematic. The elastic memory foam may squeeze the water in and ruin the internal design. Hence, you must be careful while washing these winter boot insoles, or else you will end up damaging one of the best boot inserts.


  1. Unique design
  2. Good battery timing
  3. Smart display
  4. Perfect for extreme weather conditions
  5. Multiple sizes
  6. Reasonable price


  1. Not machine washable


3. Warmfits Rechargeable Heated Insole

Warmfits Rechargeable Heated Insole



We are talking about one of the best-rated self heating insoles that are available on Amazon. These battery heated insoles are sold on Amazon at very reasonable price. Hundreds of hunters and hikers have bought these winter boot inserts, and most of them are satisfied with their features.

A rechargeable lithium battery is attached to these battery foot warmers. You can easily charge this battery via your android phone charger or any other adapter. Once the battery is fully charged, you can use it for more than six hours, and the temperature can reach up to 120F at max.

This electric foot heater is 0.19 inches thick. The material used in this USB foot warmer is soft EVA-foam. This foam will let you feel comfortable and relaxed all the time.

In the end, we would say that this is the best rechargeable heated insole for hunting. Due to its elasticity, the one size will fit everyone, and you will not have to choose among different sizes.


  1. Relaxing and comfortable
  2. Good for both men and women
  3. You can charge these heated shoe inserts with your android charger


  1. The size may not fit everyone


4. Winna Heated Shoe Inserts

Winna Heated Shoe Inserts:


These rechargeable heated insoles are using a 3rd generation chip to warm up your feet in less than 5 seconds. The thermal insoles for boots are suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. You can spend hours easily in cold wood for hunting deer while wearing these rechargeable foot warmers.

There are many amazing features in these heated insoles for hunting. A sensor is attached with these heated insoles for boots that will stop the heating once the safe temperature is reached. Also, these heated boot inserts can withstand almost any human weight. These boot warmers for hunting can carry up to 200KG.

The capacity of the battery attached with shoe warmer inserts 2000mA, and you can charge it 500 times. This means that you will have perfect battery life.

We recommend you to buy these winter boot insoles if you are not planning to stay out for more than 5 hours. For 5 hours of outdoor activities, you will get nothing better than these heated shoe soles.


  1. Safety sensor attached
  2. One of the best heated insoles with remote
  3. Multiple temperature settings


  1. Average battery timing
  2. Don’t spend more than five hours with this battery heated insole


5. Camko Winter Boot Insoles

Camko Winter Boot Insoles


This electric foot heater comes with Bluetooth technology. You will not find this feature in any other self heating shoe insoles in our heated insoles reviews. The Bluetooth technology will allow you to connect the electric insoles warmers to your smartphone and then control the temperature settings. While controlling the temperature settings of these warming boot insoles, you can also keep an eye on the battery life in real-time. Hence, this feature makes these warming boot insoles one of the best boot insole in our heated insoles reviews.

The micro USB port is attached with the wireless heated insoles to charge the built-in batteries. Hence, carry a fully charged power bank with you, and whenever the battery is about to run out, charge it via your power bank.

An advanced infrared heating element is attached with these wireless heated insoles, which gets heated and then distributes this heat evenly under your feet.

The outer material of these heated inner soles is comfortable and water-resistant. You can wash it externally via water, but we don’t recommend you to wash these heated inner soles via washing machine because of small integrated internal circuits.


  1. Bluetooth technology allows you to connect your smartphone with thermal heated insoles
  2. Advanced infrared technology
  3. Unique and modern design
  4. Different temperature settings


  1. Not machine washable


6. Filbake Feet Warmers For Shoes

Filbake Feet Warmers For Shoes


The material is soft and comfortable, which will give you relaxation in the deep snow. You can easily wash and clean these heated sole inserts. You can easily insert and remove these electric heated insoles.

Although these thermal boot inserts are not suitable for machine wash, you can easily wash them via brush or normal cloth. The material of these foot warmer inserts is water-resistant and it tries its best to resist each and every drop of water from entering inside, but we don’t recommend you to wear these warm shoe inserts while in water like lake or river.

The maximum temperature of these heated inner soles can reach up to 42C. This means that you must add them to your travel and hunting accessories.


  1. Water resistance
  2. Good battery timing
  3. Relaxing fabric
  4. Easily removable


  1. Not machine washable


7. Upstartech Remote Control Heated Insoles

Upstartech Remote Control Heated Insoles:


The temperature of these remote control foot warmers can reach up to 55C, which makes them perfect for extreme cold weather. However, we don’t recommend you to wear these wireless heated insoles at maximum settings in moderate cold, or else you will end up ruining your feet.

If you still want to wear these electric insoles foot warmer, then use them on low or medium settings and always keep in mind that as you increase the temperature settings, the battery timing will decrease. This might be one of the drawbacks of these remote control foot warmers.

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You will be given a lithium battery with these remote control foot warmers. You can charge this battery up to 500 times. This gives you a moderate battery life, and you can expect it to run normally up to 5 months if you are going to use these remote control heated insoles daily. But if you are going to use this remote control heated insoles weekly for outdoor purposes, then expect the battery to work normally for up to a year or two.


  1. Multiple temperature settings
  2. Good for extreme weather conditions
  3. Good for both and women
  4. Remote control


  1. Moderate battery life


8. Toullgo Battery Powered Insoles

Toullgo Battery Powered Insoles


The manufacturers of these thermal heated insoles guarantee that the material of these electrically heated insoles will keep your feet relaxed and the blood circulation in your feet will work perfectly as long as you are wearing these warming boot insoles.

After purchasing these thermosoles rechargeable heated insoles, you will have to worry about the size because these boots foot warmers are designed in such a way that you can easily cut them according to the size of your boot.

No remote control or external battery charger is given with these USB foot warmers. You will have to charge these USB foot warmers by connecting the USB cable directly to the rechargeable heated insole.


  1. The material is very premium
  2. One of the best thermal insoles for hunting


  1. No remote control



9. Warm Heated Shoe Insoles

Warm Heated Shoe Insoles


These heated shoe insoles are not only suitable for hunting, but they are helpful to relieve pain and give relaxation. Many individuals use these insole foot warmers massage and other therapies. Hence, it doesn’t matter if you are not a hunter or hiker, you can still use these insole foot warmers to relax your feet at home.

One thing to notice is that with these electronic boot warmers you will get not any batteries. You only get a battery case where you will have to attaché external batteries. You will have to separately buy 6 AA batteries of 1.5V for these electronic boot warmers to run. Hence, you will not have to care about charging ports and battery lives anymore. Just keep your backpack full of extra batteries, and whenever the battery runs out, change it with another battery.

As you are reading this heated insoles review, you realize that electronic boot warmers come in only one size, and to fit them in your shoes, you will have to cut them. The same is the case with these heated boot insoles. The material is very soft, and you can easily cut it according to your shoe size.


  1. You can run it via ordinary AA batteries
  2. These heated boot insoles are good for massage and other therapies
  3. As the batteries are not included, you will not have to care about battery life


  1. Use of different batteries may ruin the internal circuit


10. Joytek Self Heating Insoles

Joytek Self Heating Insoles


These self heating insoles are made of EVA foam. Those who know what EVA-foam is, they must know how relaxing and comfortable this material is. It doesn’t matter if your boots are not relaxing. After installing these electric boot warmers in your boots, you will find feel relaxed and comfortable, and you will be able to focus on your hunting with your accuracy.

If you buy these electric boot warmers, you will get two straps for each insole. Just put your batteries in these straps, attach them to your leg and then connect the batteries with the electric boot warmers. In this way, you can do any extreme outdoor activity without worrying about anything.

The fabric of these battery operated foot warmers is water-resistant. You can wash them via a brush or a normal cloth. However, we don’t recommend washing these battery operated foot warmers with washing machine.


  1. Water-resistant
  2. Washable


  1. Not suitable for machine wash


11. Thermrup Rechargeable Foot Warmers

Thermrup Rechargeable Foot Warmers


We cannot ignore this product while doing heated insoles review.  These rechargeable foot warmers are using relaxing fabric to keep your feet warmed and relaxed throughout the time. The rubber heating technology of these best boot inserts evenly distributes the heat under your feet. This heat will increase the blood circulation in your feet, and you will able to run faster even in deep snow.

When you purchase these heated insoles for hunting, you will get two 2500mAh 7.4V Lithium batteries. This lithium battery will run for up to 8 hours once fully charged.

The thing that makes these heated foot insoles one the best boot inserts is that they are washable via washing machine. Not every electric foot heater is washable via a washing machine. If you love to keep hygiene and love hunting too, then buy nothing but these heated foot insoles, and we guarantee that you will not regret later.

However, some customers have complained that the battery damages that internal circuit of the foot warmer inserts. But if you use these electric insoles foot warmers with extreme care, then you may not find this issue.


  1. Machine washable
  2. Good battery timing
  3. Relaxing fabric
  4. Anti Moist


  1. The battery may damage the internal circuit


12. Gerbing Electrically Heated Insoles

Gerbing Electrically Heated Insoles:

Just like many other electrically heated insoles in this heated insole review, these battery heated insoles are using EVA material. The reason that every company of battery heated insoles is using this material is that this material is very comfortable and relaxing. This material distributes the heat evenly under your feet.

Gerbing warm shoe insoles are using microwave technology. This method uses tiny wires that are distributed throughout the warm shoe insoles. Once the wires get heated, your insoles get heated. Using this method, Garbing winter boots inserts can create temperatures up to 135F.

The battery is internally connected, and it can be charged with any power source. It doesn’t matter if your power source is coming from the main AC source or the battery of your motorcycle, you can charge these winter boots inserts with any of them.

Unlike many heated boot inserts in this heated insole review, these heated insoles for hunting come in different sizes. This means that you will not have to cut your one sized heated insoles for boots.


  1. Different sizes are available
  2. Microwave technology
  3. Relaxing EVA material
  4. Built-in battery


  1. Microwave technology maybe harmful for your skin


13. Edobil Thermal Heated Insoles

Edobil Thermal Heated Insoles


You will not get battery powered insoles cheaper than Edobil warm shoe inserts. These battery powered insoles are, in fact, the cheapest warm shoe inserts in our heated insoles reviews.

The foot warmer inserts are using an innovative rubber heating method to distribute the heat under your feet evenly. Once fully heated, the rubber will heat the entire thermal boot inserts and will give you complete relaxation in the cold winter.

You will also get two pocket straps with these thermal boot inserts. These straps can be tied up on your every leg and can be used to put the batteries inside. The batteries are not included in the package, and you will have to buy six AA batteries separately.

The good thing about these thermosoles rechargeable heated insoles is that you can wash them via washing machine. The washing procedure will not damage the internal circuit of these thermosoles rechargeable heated insoles. Once the electric heated insoles are charged, you can use them again normally.

Hence, if you are not a professional and want to start your winter hunting at a lower budget, then you can buy these thermal insoles for shoes. As a beginner, you will find these electric heated insoles the perfect boot warmers for hunting.


  1. One of the cheapest and warmest boot insoles
  2. Good for beginners
  3. Machine washable


  1. Not suitable for professionals
  2. No built-in batteries


Things To Consider While Buying Best Heated Insoles For Hunting

We have given the list of top 13 warmest boot insoles to choose from. But choosing the best among the best boot insole becomes tricky. If you don’t know the basics about thermal insoles for shoes, then you may end up confusing yourself.

For that reason, we will provide a quick guide to choose the best foot warmers for hunting. So, the things to consider while buying the best foot warmers for hunting are:

1. Material Of Heated Shoe Soles

The material from which your heated shoe soles are made matters a lot. If the material of your battery powered foot warmers is not of high quality, then you will do nothing but waste your money. Most battery powered foot warmers use EVA or elastic foam as their main material. So, we recommend you to go for that.

2. Battery Life Of Battery Heated Insole

When you are hunting in the deep snow far away from your camping ground, you should make sure that the battery powered foot warmers you are using have a good battery life. Always consider that battery heated insole that running time for 5-8 hours.

If your foot warmers insoles do not contain built-in batteries then make sure you have enough batteries in your backpack for emergency use.

3. Heating Technology Of Foot Warmers Insoles

Different companies use different heating methods for their foot warmers insoles. Some use infrared technology while some use the microwave method to heat up the insole foot warmer. Always consider that insole foot warmer that is using an anti-moist and healthy heating method.

4. Public Reviews

This step is last, but it is not the least. In the end, public review matters. Always compare the reviews of different heated sole inserts with each other to find out the best foot warmers for hunting. No matter how many tips we write here, you will always get the best advice from those who have used these thermal insoles for shoes in the past.

Advantages Of Using Heated Insoles For Hunting

Hunting and rock climbing are the adventures that are quite popular in the winter season. Although these adventures are thrilling and happening, there is still one problem that everyone goes through during winters, and that is ‘cold feet.’ At night it gets colder, and you might not find any warm blankets while lying in the open. Your feet will be the first to catch a cold; in that case, only heated insoles will be your remedy.

Heated insoles are the perfect way to keep your toes nice and warm on a cold winter day. They simply slide into your shoes and make the outdoors just a little more bearable. You might have to spend hours and hours in deep snow while hunting, and you need to have heated shoe insoles to warm your feet continually and to retain your attention on the aim while making a shot.

These insoles are not restricted for hunting; only you can use it whenever you want. Therefore, it is recommended to have these heated insoles in your travel bag, that can be used whenever you are in need. These won’t let the weather cause any hindrance between you and your winter hunt.


In our heated insole reviews, we have discussed each insole foot warmer with detail. We have also shown the pros and cons of every heated sole inserts. After reviewing all thirteen best insoles for hunting boots, we tried to teach you how to select the best boot insole for you.

Now, compare all the heated insoles for shoes by using our quick guide and decide which battery operated foot warmer are the best heated insoles for hunting.

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