Miniature Marvels: The Top 12 Smallest ATX Cases of 2024

Smallest ATX Case

Gaming or Media lovers having small rooms or living areas, seek to buy the smallest ATX case. A new trend was observed in creating small size PCs and cases in 2021. A great investment is done by manufacturers for launching “Small form Factor” or SFF cases to market.  

ATX is the smallest computer casing equipped with a gaming motherboard and other purposes. All ATX, Mini-ITX, and Micro-ATX all refer to the PC cases, better say that this term refers to the size of the motherboards that they can host. The ATX boards have a measurement of 12 by 9.6 inches.

In the market, you can find a large range and types of gaming cases. Due to competition, it is difficult to find the best smallest micro ATX case. Some portable micro ATX case comes with problems like poor quality material and airflow issues. 

Anyhow, things are a little bit more difficult for the newbies when they search for the slim ATX case.

Some Important Tips To Consider While Buying The Smallest ATX Case

  • Motherboard Format:

Most importantly, make sure that your case supports the respective PC you have. The standard small ATX cases can accommodate large and medium computers. As it gives the large flexibility to adjust motherboards along with other extension properties. 

  • Compatibility:

It is important to measure the sizes of your PSU size, motherboard type, and CPU height before buying the smallest computer case.

  • Case Quality:

Some small ATX cases appear to be very good looking and budget-friendly but using an extremely low-quality material. Make sure that the best small ATX case should be aluminum or steel made having great durability.

  • Expandability:

The more compact ATX case having PCI slots and drive bays the more you can expand the options to add other components. Therefore, make sure that your case has extra space to expand in the future.

  • Proper Airflow:

Some of the finest micro ATX cube cases may possess inadequate airflow systems, resulting in overheating issues. Therefore, seek out the smallest case featuring multiple fans and radiators.

  • Cable Connections:

The thing that is to consider the best micro ATX cases should have proper cables inputs and outputs for the clean step up of your computer. 

  • Dust Filters:

Gaming PCs working gets quite low and less efficient when the various parts of the computer become dust contaminated. Therefore, look for a mini ATX case that has easy to clean parts and sections.

Here we shortlist some market demanding smallest ATX case based on research on more than 40 units. We examined all the features and specifications of these small full ATX cases and successfully made the list of top 12 best smallest ATX case available in the market.

Top 12 Best Smallest ATX Case Available In The Market

ImageNameCheck Price
Cooler Master High Air Flow ATX Case (HAF XB EVO)
Check Price
Corsair ATX Cube Case (540)
Check Price
Riotoro Full ATX Case (CR1080)
Check Price
NZXT Phantom ATX Computer Case (410)
Check Price
Corsair Crystal ATX Mmid Tower Case (460x)
Check Price
Thermal Take Gaming Computer ATX Case (G3)
Check Price
Cooler Master Aluminum Panel Computer Case (SL600M)
Check Price
Cooler Master Transparent Master Box (MCW-L3B3-KANN-01)
Check Price
Cooler Master White Computer Case (H500P)
Check Price
Chenbro Tower Case (SR30169)
Check Price
Dark Flash Micro ATX Case
Check Price
Corsair Compact ATX Computer Case
Check Price

1. Cooler Master High Air Flow ATX Case (HAF XB EVO)

Cooler Master High Air Flow ATX Case (HAF XB EVO)



  • It has a replaceable motherboard tray.
  • The slim ATX case is a little bit heavy.
  • It allows for extra airflow.
  • The inner area has extra hooks for cables.
  • It has rigid handles for easy transportation.
  • It has space for adding 4 SSD Rams.

Cooler Master High Air Flow ATX Case has everything you want to build a perfect case. This small ATX case allows you to add or remove any part easily from inside your PC. The smallest full ATX case has space for adding 4 SSD or HDD Ram, a full size motherboard and have some room for modding.

Furthermore, Cooler Master High Air Flow ATX Case includes two handles for easy carrying. Other than above mention features, it also has a built-in cooling fan that cools down the temperature of the whole CPU especially in a hot environment.

The only drawback of this smallest ATX case is that the fan produces a little noise. The whole case is composed of high quality mixture of polymer, steel and mesh bezel. This ATX case weighs only 8kg.


2. Corsair ATX Cube Case (540)

Corsair ATX Cube Case (540)



  • It weighs 7.3kg.
  • The whole compartment is composed of steel.
  • The side panels are made from acrylic transparent glass so you can see the inner main parts.
  • This small full ATX case allows direct airflow to every part of the chamber.
  • It has a special dust filter with a magnetic stick.
  • It has 3 built-in fans for high airflow.

Corsair ATX cube case is designed in such a way that each component receives high airflow to keep the whole compartment cool. A new feature of a dust filter is very helpful in keeping the dust small particles away from the main CPU. The dust filter has a magnetic stick that attracts small dust particles. The CPU and GPU along with motherboard are placed in the main chamber while all the drives and PSU are placed in the back chamber.

 Unlike other smallest computer cases that have 1 fan, this best budget micro ATX case has three built-in cooling fans. These fans produce noise but are helpful to keep your system cooler and prevent your components not to touch high temperature. Moreover, the best thing about this smallest computer case is its special rubber hooks that help to keep the cables aligned in a much better way. Another good point of this cube case it that it has transparent side acrylic panels that will be helpful to see the main inner parts without opening the case.


3. Riotoro Full ATX Case (CR1080)

Riotoro Full ATX Case (CR1080)



  • It has multiple expansion slots.
  • It is a little expensive.
  • This smallest CPU cabinet has 3 easy replaceable dust covers.
  • The overall body is composed of aluminum.
  • It weighs only 3.9kg.
  • It has a tight motherboard tray.

If you are searching for such small full ATX cases that allow you the easy installation of different parts than the Riotoro Full ATX case is the perfect option for you. On the whole, this smallest ATX case has two 3.0 ports with 7 slots on the back. This case also has space for Headphone and Mic Jack on the top.

You can easily install 2 power supplies in this mini ATX case. The front side is very simple but stylish as it only has a Riotoro logo that makes the front side more beautiful.

Like some models, its side panel also allows you to see the inner main parts without opening the complete panel. It has a built-in 1 cooling fan of 120mm but it also supports extra cooling fans. These smallest pc cases are easy to handle and to transport because of its lightweight caseThe overall mini ATX cases are thin as it is composed of delicate aluminum.


4. NZXT Phantom ATX Computer Case (410)

NZXT Phantom ATX Computer Case (410)



  • The whole cage is designed screwless.
  • This case also has an AIO support.
  • It has some heating issues.
  • Small full ATX cases have a dual radiator for water cooling.
  • Adjustable pivots for fans.
  • It has a cooling capacity of 8 fans.

NZXT Phantom ATX computer Case is an old designed case but still, it has some features that grab attention for many users. This smallest mid tower case is equipped with 1 cooling fan of 120mm on the rare side and 1 cooling fan of 140mm on the top side to cool down the overall hardware.

This smallest ATX case also supports water coolers up to 235mm. The small ATX case is made from durable and lightweight material that supports all standard ATX motherboards. This ATX case small is available in 3 different colors:

  • Red
  • White
  • Gunmetal


5. Corsair Crystal ATX Mmid Tower Case (460x)

Corsair Crystal ATX Mmid Tower Case (460x)



  • The whole structure is made from premium quality glass.
  • It has 3 RGD LEDs equipped fans.
  • The inner side has tricky cable management.
  • It has dust filtration on top, front, and bottom.
  • This smallest ATX case weighs 7.9kg.
  • It is not suitable for a large PSU.

Let introduce in this list the most stylish and new model of the smallest mid tower case. Corsair Crystal ATX mid tower case (460X) is very beautifully designed with two-panel made of tempered glass. This smallest mid tower case has a special arrangement for the direct Airflow. It is featured with the latest cooling technology that cools down the temperature of CPU.

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In addition, the cooling fans used are not as simple as used in many other models. These fans are equipped with special RGB LEDs that during working gave a gorgeous look.

The inside area of this best small ATX case is enough to fit all the necessary parts. Like its previous model, it also supports full ATX motherboards with multiple GPUs. This crystal model (460X) also supports liquid cooling to cool down your heated overclocked CPU.

6. Thermal Take Gaming Computer ATX Case (G3)

Thermal Take Gaming Computer ATX Case (G3)



  • It has transparent sides.
  • It is the best small computer case at a reasonable price.
  • The cable holding is less so it has bad cable management.
  • It has a SFX power supply to reduce the size.
  • This smallest mini ATX case can support both ATX and non-ATX motherboard.
  • The bottom side has rubber feet to avoid earth.

Another slim design mini ATX case in our list is Thermal Take Gaming Computer ATX case. The best and the most feature of this due to its slim design you can hide it beneath the TV trolley. This compact ATX case has preinstalled 2 fans of 120mm. This slim case has also installed dust filters. According to professionals in the computer field, this G3 case is one of the best and smallest CPU cases.

Although it is the smallest mATX case still it has space for full ATX motherboard. This case has 2 way placement layout. This small micro ATX case has transparent sides so that you can see the inner layout easily.

7. Cooler Master Aluminum Panel Computer Case (SL600M)

Cooler Master Aluminum Panel Computer Case (SL600M)



  • It is equipped with noise reduction technology.
  • This small ATX computer case has small I/O panel light to see in the dark.
  • This is an expensive smallest ATX case.
  • The PCI installed window can be rotated up to 90 degree angle.
  • It has a proximity sensor with a mini LED that glows when hand comes near.
  • It weighs only 6.1kg

If you are searching for a simple but good quality small case for ATX motherboard then no other case is better than Cooler Master Aluminum Panel Case (SL600 M) for you.  This smallest full size ATX case has all those things which you want. Due to its aluminum structure, it is lighter than other gaming computer cases. The aluminum used in this frame is first passed through the process of Sandblasted which gives to more shine for a gorgeous look.

Like many other cases, the side panels of this case are also transparent so that they see the inner structure without opening the complete case. It also has a sufficient airflow system to make your PC chill in a hot environment. Moreover, this best compact ATX case has also won the 2019 Red Dot Award for its best design and outstanding thermal performance.

It has preinstalled 2 fans of 200mm which are bigger than usually used 120mm fan in most of the cases. It is available in 4 models.

  • Mini ITX
  • ATX
  • MATX
  • Full Tower


8. Cooler Master Transparent Master Box (MCW-L3B3-KANN-01)

Cooler Master Transparent Master Box (MCW-L3B3-KANN-01)



  • Thin stylish tempered glass sides.
  • It has preinstalled 4 fans with 1 RGB.
  • It has only 1 SSD tray.
  • The trim’s color is customizable.
  • This is the smallest ATX case supports water cooling.
  • It has no top fan option.

Cooling Master is a famous brand for manufacturing different models of small pc case ATX. Here we are introducing to you one of the best models by the cooler master that is Master Box.

Moreover, this smallest case for ATX motherboard is made from 4mm thick tempered glass from edge to edge and this will be helpful to you to see every part of the system without opening the case. The front dark mirror can be customized to any color.

Above all, this is the most budget-friendly option in the smallest computer case on our list. This thin tempered glass case will help you to spend the saved money on other pc components like a graphics card. This case supports the full ATX motherboard. Its water cooling will be helpful to low down the system temperature.


9. Cooler Master White Computer Case (H500P)

Cooler Master White Computer Case (H500P)



  • It has good attracting deign.
  • This slim case has much extra space.
  • It has less cable holding hooks.
  • This small case weight only 4.2kg.
  • The side panels are made from steel and tempered glass.
  • It is the best ATX case at a reasonable price.

When browsing the computer market, you’ll encounter numerous options for the smallest computer cases. Choosing one of high quality and affordability can be challenging. Allow us to present the best small case: the Cooler Master H500P, a top-selling option in the compact ATX case category

This compact form factor case supports ATX and is equipped with 3 built-in fans: a 140mm fan and two 200mm fans. Only the front fans feature controllable RGB lighting, while the back fan remains simple. Like many other models, this includes a side cover made from tempered glass, offering visibility of the internal components. An essential feature of this compact case is its provision for cable management.


10. Chenbro Tower Case (SR30169)

Chenbro Tower Case (SR30169)



  • The best small computer case has a built-in PSU fan of 120mm.
  • It has advance thermal technology.
  • This smallest CPU cabinet has 4 ports for big 6GB SATA drives.
  • It can be used as a home server cover.
  • More than 80% of clients rate at 5 star.
  • It has additional ventilating holes for airflow.

If you want a bulky smallest full ATX case with enough space for your professional drives than purchase Chenbro Tower Case. 

These smallest pc cases have adjustable hard drives for better cooling performance. This small form factor ATX case offers maximum space for airflow on the front bezel with the help of venting holes. It has a preinstalled PSU fan of 120mm which serves as an exhaust fan. 

Moreover, the Chenbro Tower case has 4 ports for SAS and SATA drives. It has a padlock loop with the Kensington slot. Above all, it has the latest thermal and acoustic technology which increases its performance.


11. Dark Flash Micro ATX Case

Dark Flash Micro ATX Case



  • The door is easy to disassembly from the mainframe.
  • This portable micro ATX case has built-in 2 fans of 120mm and 2 fans of 140mm.
  • It also supports water cooler up to 240mm.
  • It is available in 8 colors each of different prices.
  • Thermal cooling is done by efficient internal cooling channels.
  • Micro ATX case with handle.

If you are searching for such a design that has the feature of a door opening then this is the small case for atx motherboard for you. The door panel is attached to the main body with the help of magnetic chips. This door panel is easy to take apart from the main body frame. 

Moreover, the front panel of this smallest micro ATX cases has a low poly style that gives you a full version to see the inner parts. The backside has a light effect while it’s overall tempered glass design makes it easy to see the motherboard.


12. Corsair Compact ATX Computer Case



  • It has a separate port for microphones and headphones.
  • The maximum PSU length is 200mm.
  • It has built-in 3 fans for maximum airflow.
  • This smallest full ATX case  has 2 ports for USB (3.0) 

In the list of top 12 smallest ATX case, the last model is the Corsair Compact ATX computer case.  

This best compact ATX case has a total GPU length of 420mm with a CPU cooler height of 165mm. This case has some extra expansion slots. It has space for 7 radiators. This case preinstalled 3 cooling fans which are 120mm, 140mm and 240mm in dimensions.

The external part of this small case has 2 ports for USB and 1 port for headphones.


Advantages of Smallest ATX Case

Not everyone is the type to go for fancy or large PC systems and units to set up for playing games or
other work purposes. Some people just like to keep it minimum and save space. Therefore, to avoid
large units that eat up space in your room or workplace it is best to choose the smallest ATX
motherboard that is suitable to your needs and style. Here are some mentioned advantages of opting for it.

1. ATX Motherboard support:

The smallest case’s main advantage lies in its support for the ATX motherboard, making it the most compact choice available.

2. Unlimited choices of motherboards:

Compact and smallest ATX cases allow the user to choose from a variety of motherboards and also
raise the hardware compatibility of the system. You can easily choose boards with more features
according to your needs. For example, whether you want more storage ports, memory support,
advanced cooler clearance, older generation boards or just simply much cheaper board. This will also
allow you to save money and go easy on your pockets if you already have to spend a lot on SFF case
and small PSU.

3. AIO Airflow Pattern:

The next most important thing is the AIO Airflow pattern. It easily draws cool air in from the left side
of the case and releases the heat from the other end without affecting or involving the other
components. That is why it has an edge over other types of cases. What other cases do is that they
either draw warm air from the inside of the case or release the hot air in such a way that it impacts
the other working components. This is not an ideal scenario and you should avoid it all costs.
Choosing the smallest case will help you with all these things.



In conclusion, I would like to mention what will be our editor’s choice to buy the smallest case.  According to our editor reviews, Cooler Master High Air Flow ATX Case (HAF XB EVO) is one of the perfect to buy at reasonable prices. The features it offers are extremely extraordinary and user friendly. 

Moreover, the top 12 smallest ATX cases included in our buying guide are all recommended to buy. As these are launched by trusted and top rated brands. I hope, that our expert’s reviews help you to find the best smallest case and value out your money


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