Lithium Marine Trolling Batteries – {Top 12} In 2021

Lithium Marine Trolling Batteries

Everyone wants to enjoy their outdoor trip on the water. But, your plan can end into complete misadventure if you lack proper lithium marine trolling batteries. This is because realizing the adventure sport that the battery is dead to drive your water boats will make you helpless. A dead battery means no enjoyment going to happen either you are at water sport or planned for the holiday. 

The latest approach of lithium batteries has the ability to store the charge for a long duration. Apart from this, some Bluetooth enabled iconic lithium ion trolling motor batteries are also available to value out your money. This feature enables you to check on your smartphone whether your marine battery for trolling motor is ready to go. 

The best thing about lithium ion battery for trolling motor is that it requires no maintenance. Thus, there is no need to worry one night before your outdoor trip for maintenance of the battery.  These best marine batteries for trolling motors provide better battery timing while take lass time to recharge. Better say, enjoy your days on water lakes and no more sitting at home on weekends and holidays. 

There are 12 volt lithium ion marine battery24 volt battery for trolling motor, and 36 volt lithium trolling motor battery available in the market. However, people don’t like to waste their time finding particular 24 volt lithium ion battery for trolling motor. Thus, they prefer to connect two 12volts batteries in parallel to have 24 volts together. The reason people want to adopt 24 volt trolling motor batteries is that it uses smaller wires and provide more power to drive your water boats


Types Of Lithium-Ion Trolling Batteries

There are three types of lithium ion trolling motor batteries

  • Cranking Batteries:

These batteries are also known as the starting power for the engine.  It gives a power burst for a short time of interval. These batteries are chargeable from the engine or charging banks.

  • Deep Cycle Batteries:

These lithium marine trolling batteries work slowly to release the power. The deep cycle batteries are the ones that work on discharging and recharging multiple times. These are power dependent lithium trolling motor batteries that run the other electronic appliances like radio, GPS, audio system and others.

  • Dual Purpose batteries:

Dual purpose batteries are specially designed for those who lack space on their boats for two lithium marine trolling batteries However, these are not powerful as compare to the other two types available on market.

Some Key Features Of Lithium Marine Trolling Batteries Are As Follows:

  • Quick to Charge:

 The lithium ion trolling motor battery charge fast as compare to other lead acid batteries. It takes round about 2 hours to charge completely.

  • Longer Lifespan:

The lifespan of the lithium trolling motor battery is taking a long time to discharge. 

  • Light weight:

The weight of these batteries is 70 percent lighter as compare to other traditional batteries

  • No Maintenance:

 The lithium battery for trolling motor is maintenance free. So, you do not need to check the distilled water levels of your battery now. 

  • Bluetooth Enabled: 

Upgraded technology allows you to control the battery from your smartphone. This means you can check the battery life of your battery at any time.

  • Safe: 

The marine trolling motor battery is safe and non-toxic. 

  • Connect Multiple Batteries:

You can connect multiple 12 volt marine battery for trolling motor to generate 24 or 36 volt lithium marine battery.

You can enjoy these features by buying lithium marine trolling batteries. Therefore, we write buying guide reviews on top 12 lithium marine trolling batteries elaborating all the features and specifications of these lithium trolling motor batteries.

Top 12 Lithium Marine Trolling Batteries (Ultimate Buying Guide Reviews)

ImageNameCheck Price
Renogy Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery
Check Price
Universal Power VRLA Battery
Check Price
Optima Marine Battery (8016-103 D34M)
Check Price
Interstate Deep Cycle AGM Battery (DCM0035)
Check Price
VMAX Deep Marine Cycle Battery (V35-857)
Check Price
Weize 12V 55AH Deep Cycle Battery
Check Price
Mighty Max Battery Electric Trolling Motor
Check Price
Renogy Solar Marine AGM Battery
Check Price
VMAX Lithium Ion Battery (VPG 12C-50 LI)
Check Price
Renogy Lithium Ion Marine Battery
Check Price
Optima Deep Cycle Blue Top Battery (8052-161 D31M)
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Feather Weight Fire Power Lithium Battery (HJTZ5S-IL)
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1. Renogy Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery

Renogy Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery


Renogy Battery is a heavy duty calcium grid trolling motor lithium battery. The best 12 volt trolling motor battery can work for more than 10 years. It can work at temperature up to 25 degrees Celsius.  According to the company, this lithium ion marine battery for sale comes up with a compound separator and a gel electrolyte which is evenly distributed. The triplex sealed terminals prevent the leaking of electrolyte. This seal also prevents the entering of external air in the battery. 

According to the company, the lead-calcium alloy has a slow self-discharging rate thus it shows a reliable performance. The self-discharge rate of this lithium ion trolling motor battery for sale is 3% of the battery capacity per month. This battery is tested for the explosion and production of redundant gases. This is available in 3 models.

  1. 6 volts with 260Ah
  2. 12 Volts with 100Ah
  3. 12 Volts with 200Ah


  • It is a maintenance free lithium ion trolling motor battery for sale. 
  • This battery has a slow self-discharging rate.
  • The whole battery is a covered triplex seal.
  • It is tested for explosion by experts.


2. Universal Power VRLA Battery

Universal Power VRLA Battery


If you are searching for good shock resistant lithium marine trolling batteries at a very reasonable price than purchase Universal Power VRLA battery. This lithium battery for trolling motor can be installed in any position. According to the company, it offers zero cost for maintenance. It is also designed with spill proof seal. The dimensions of the battery are 12*6.6* 9.1 inches. The weight of the battery only 63 pounds.

The company provides 1 year warranty. 


  • This is the best 12v lithium ion marine battery at a reasonable price.
  • It weighs only 63 pounds.
  • The company offers 1 year warranty.
  • This battery can be installed in any position.
  • It is resistant to vibrations and shocks. 
  • Also available as 48 volts and 24 volt lithium ion marine battery


3. Optima Marine Battery (8016-103 D34M)

Optima Marine Battery (8016-103 D34M)


Optima is a very famous 12v lithium marine battery manufacturing brand. If you are searching for a lightweight but long lasting lithium trolling motor battery than Optima Marine Battery is the best option for you. 

Moreover, it weighs only 43.5 pounds. The dimensions of this battery are 10*6.7*7.3 inches. According to the company, this battery work at maximum power even in bad weather. This battery can be installed in any position with no fear of leaking. This lithium ion trolling motor battery is 15 times more resistant to vibrations and shocks than other batteries available in the market

This battery also offers you a reserve capacity of 120 minutes so that you can continuously do your task without any hindrance. 


  • This is the best battery for RV engines.
  • It is 15 times more resistant to vibrations and shocks.
  • This 12v lithium ion battery trolling motor can work with full power for water boats.
  • It can be installed in any potion with no fear of Spill leaking.
  • It also offers zero maintenance cost.
  • By connecting two batteries in parallel you can operate it as 24v trolling motor battery. Similarly, by connecting three batteries in parallel you can operate it as 36 volt lithium battery.


4. Interstate Deep Cycle AGM Battery (DCM0035)

Interstate Deep Cycle AGM Battery (DCM0035)


Let us introduce you to a multipurpose battery for 30 lbs. trolling motor. Interstate Deep Cycle AGM Battery can be used in lifts, RV engines, Kubota Movers, and electric cars. 

Like many other marine batteries for trolling motors, it also sealed to prevent leaking and offers zero maintenance costs. A new feature is the presence of Valve technology that eliminates the overpressure and prevent acid leaking. The dimensions of this battery for trolling motor are 7.6*5.1*6.4 inches. According to the company this 12 volt trolling motor battery is tested for 7 important quality points and declared as safe by experts.


  • It weighs only 22 pounds.
  • This battery has removable handles.
  • It can fix it in any position.
  • The latest Valve technology helps remove overpressure.
  • The company offers 1 year warranty


5. VMAX Deep Marine Cycle Battery (V35-857)

VMAX Deep Marine Cycle Battery (V35-857)


The VMAX deep marine cycle battery (V35-857) offers decent power and cranking abilities at a very reasonable price. 300 cranking amps with 35Ah of 20Hr capacity is a great mixture at a reasonable price. This marine battery for trolling motor set up weighs only 25 pounds having a measurement of 5 x 7.7 x 6.1 inches. According to reviews by some professional members, this battery is the best option for a water boat, lifts, and small RV engines.

Besides all the above features, this best battery for 24 volts trolling motor for marine purposes shows very good resistance to temperatures. The discharge temperature range lies between -4 to -140 degrees. The charge range along with storage range lies between 15 to135 and -5 to -130 degrees Fahrenheit respectively.


  • The company provides a battery kit.
  • Its heavy duty lead-tin alloys provide high performance.
  • This best 12 volt trolling motor battery for the money needs no checking for the gravity of water.
  • It shows worthy resistance to vibrations and temperature.


6. Weize 12V 55AH Deep Cycle Battery

Weize 12V 55AH Deep Cycle Battery


One of the best marine batteries for trolling motors is launched by Weize. This 12 volt marine battery for trolling motor is lead acid type rechargeable battery. It includes the screws to fit it well. However other accessories like wire harness or mounting are not provided by the company. 

These powerful trolling motor batteries for sale can use in marine boats, golf carts, emergency lighting, portable tools, electric vehicles, and many other battery based systems. This 12 volt trolling motor battery is s state of the art as it provides exceptional performance both in cyclic and float applications. 

Moreover, it has AGM technology with a valve to regulate. You can use this battery safely for indoor usage as well. It is a leakage free and maintenance free battery.


  • A heavy duty marine battery for trolling motor with calcium alloy grid.
  • Compatible with thousands of models. 
  • You can use it in other lawn and garden tools, portable tools and others.
  • No leakage and maintenance problem. 


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7. Mighty Max Battery Electric Trolling Motor

Mighty Max Battery Electric Trolling Motor


It is a 12 volt Sealed Lead Acid technology type. It is rechargeable and no maintenance is required. Similar to weize 12V 55AH Deep Cycle Battery it includes screws and battery, other accessories like wire harness or mounting plates are not included.

This spill proof battery is a long lasting 12 volt trolling motor battery that has a wide operating temperature. Other than this it has deep discharge recovery and a high rate of discharge. This marine trolling motor battery is resistant to shocks and vibrations. It has a high performance in low and high temperatures. 


  • It is high performance battery in temperature variations.
  • Have the ability to resist the shocks and vibrations.
  • A long lasting and spill proof trolling motor batteries for sale


8. Renogy Solar Marine AGM Battery

Renogy Solar Marine AGM Battery


In the list of the best lithium marine trolling batteries, the Renogy Solar Marine AGM battery stands at the Sixth position. This best battery for marine use is a 100Ah deep cycle battery. This battery can be compared with the Universal Power Group 100Ah battery in working performance.

According to the company, this model is not resistant to vibration and shocks as compared with other batteries available in the market. Besides all, this model is for marine use. This best battery for marine boats has some constructional benefits over the earlier batteries. The temperature range of the Renogy battery is 15-120 Fahrenheit, which is higher than the UPG battery.


  • This best 12 volt trolling motor battery never gets overcharged.
  • It is a sealed with maintenance-free best battery.
  • Due to 66 pounds weights, it is a bulky battery.
  • This battery is not suitable for the hot temperature.
  • It is specifically designed for marine uses and solar energy operated appliances.


9. VMAX Lithium Ion Battery (VPG 12C-50 LI)

VMAX Lithium Ion Battery (VPG 12C-50 LI)


Exclusive lithium marine trolling batteries by VMAX which less expensive than its previous model is VPG 12C-50 LI. The 12v lithium marine battery is available at a cheap price does not mean that it is also low in performance. It offers good performance that you want from the best battery. This 12v lithium ion battery trolling motor comes with a LCD that displays the battery’s voltage remaining capacity.

The company provides a charger, a case with a strap, and a battery power generator. Thus the company aims to provide you every necessary tool for quick installation and working of this 12 volt lithium marine battery. Above all, it is easy to recharge because you can either connect to 12 volts inverter or a USB port. 


  • The company provides all the necessary tools for quick installation,
  • This trolling motor lithium battery can be used in a variety of applications.
  • It weighs only 12 pounds.
  • Some models may dysfunctional after some time.


10. Renogy Lithium Ion Marine Battery

Renogy Lithium Ion Marine Battery


Among many other lithium marine trolling batteries available in the market, this is the most convenient lithium boat battery manufactured by Renogy. This 12v lithium ion marine battery can be used in multipurpose applications.

According to the company, this lithium ion battery for trolling motor offers outstanding power and safety that prevents it from blowing up. It sturdy waterproof design keeps it safe from corrosion and leaking. The life span of this 12 volt lithium marine battery is 2000 cycles which is more than any other battery. 

The built-in battery management system (BMS) helps in optimizing the performance by automatically balancing the cells. This battery has a low self-discharge of approximately 3% per month.


  • It is very lightweight and portable trolling motor lithium battery
  • It has a very slow self-discharging.
  • This battery has an extended life of 2000 cycles.
  • The BMS optimizes the performance.
  • These lithium marine trolling batteries are used only for parallel connections. 


11. Optima Deep Cycle Blue Top Battery (8052-161 D31M)

Optima Deep Cycle Blue Top Battery (8052-161 D31M)


Optima a famous brand for manufacturing 12 volts or 24 volt battery for trolling motor for different multipurpose has launched a new model as D31M in the market. Besides Optima 750 cranking amps capacity in the previous model, this new model D31M has 900 cracking amps capacity. 

The cold cranking capacity of 900 amps should be sufficient to start most of the marine engines. Besides its performance in cold weather conditions, this battery has also proved its performance in warmer situations.

This model has a power capability of 75Ah which much higher than its previous model has a power capacity of 55Ah. This model is larger and heavier than the D34M model. It is also expensive as compared to the previous D34M model. 


  • Marine battery for electric trolling motor has a high starting capacity in all weathers.
  • It has a good power capacity for DC appliances.
  • This battery for electric trolling motor is highly resistant to vibrations.
  • It is a very expensive marine appliance.
  • It also has a reserve capacity of 155 minutes.


12. Feather Weight Fire Power Lithium Battery (HJTZ5S-IL)

Feather Weight Fire Power Lithium Battery (HJTZ5S-IL)


Another lithium battery for trolling motor in our list is Feather Weight Fire Power Lithium Battery.  The company is confident about its product as they promise that this model will provide you continuous power supply to make your task done without any hindrance.

A new feature in this battery is that it has a LED test gauge that notifies you about the draining of the battery. This battery weighs only 1.2 pounds. It is the lightest battery in the list of top rated lithium ion batteries.

These lithium marine trolling batteries has increased cranking amps capacity as compared with other lead acid batteries.


  • It has the latest lithium ion polymer technology.
  • This lithium ion trolling motor battery weighs only 1.2 pounds.
  • It has built-in LED test gauge.
  • This battery has more cranking amps than available lead acid batteries.


Why Lithium Marine Trolling Batteries Are the Best Choice

Lithium batteries prove to be a good choice either to power the exclusive kitchen of a lavish
yacht or just to simply troll the motor on a small fishing boat. We have gathered some facts and
figures to give you an insight to the benefits of having lithium marine trolling batteries.

Comparison between the lithium-marine batteries and older lead-acid ones
Worth the money:

Even though other lead-acid batteries are cheap to buy at first but is their maintenance in longer
terms is also cheap? No. On the other side, lithium batteries are a bit expensive while buying but
their maintenance in the long term is cheap.

Long Life Span:

The other fact about lead-acid battery is that their lifespan is typically around 300 daily cycles
which means if you use your boat regularly then it will last a bit under a year and much less.
Whereas, lithium batteries will last you much longer and will be worth the price as they are
rated for around 5000 or more daily cycles.

Fast to charge:

Lithium marine batteries are faster to charge and are efficient which saves you a lot of time and
energy. These batteries use up to 100% of the entire charge and waste a lot less energy.

Easy maintenance:

Their maintenance is very easy and worry less as they are very easy to plug in. And even if not
used for a long time, they retain their charging which is a plus point.

Stable and energy saving:

The other advantage of lithium marine batteries is it's stability of output of constant voltage.
The voltage remains stable even at a 5% charge.

The lead-acid batteries are a hectic when they are used after long periods of time because they
need constant charging whereas, the lithium batteries do not lose their power and charging so
often even if left unattended due to their quality. Therefore, it is recommended over the lead
acid batteries.



In conclusion, here we provide reviews on the top 12 best lithium marine trolling batteries valuable in the market. The purpose of our writing is to value out your money. We enlist the top rated and trusted brands in our reviews along with their features and specs. I Hope, our efforts will help you in finding the best lithium marine trolling batteries.

Lithium ion trolling motor batteries need to be a charge on time while discharge completely. Proper care of charging is important for these devices. It is easy to use, all you need is to connect its positive and negative terminals to the right connection. You can use the guide manual to read the instructions to connect it properly.  One main thing to repeat over here is to connect 12 volt battery in parallel to attain the 36 volt lithium ion battery for trolling motors or 24v deep cycle marine battery is the main idea to increase the working power of batteries


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