Kayak Mount For Truck – {Top 12} In 2024

Kayak Mount For Truck

Kayaking adventure enthusiast likes to bring out their boats from homes to water especially when weather is pleasant. But, the problem arises when the Water Lake or sea is far away from your home. The first thing that comes into your mind is to look for some reliable transport sources. One of the most common ways to transport water boats is to use a trailer. But, recently the new approach of kayak mount for truck has become one of the most popular means to transport heavy weight accessories.

The Convenience of Kayak Mounts for Trucks

It is quite difficult to drive with a trailer attached to the car. Therefore, people prefer to buy these comfortable and easy-to-use kayak carriers for trucks. Apart from this, the trailer is expensive to buy, needs maintenance, and requires space to keep them. While on the other hand, the best kayak rack for a truck is easy to install, with no maintenance required and accommodates in small spaces. If you want to simplify your life, consider these affordable kayak carriers for pickup trucks as they bring no troubles during driving.

Installation and Benefits of Roof Racks for Kayak Mounts

The first thing you need to use the kayak holders for trucks is to install a roof rack on your vehicle. Manufacturers specially design these roof racks to easily and simply install the removable kayak rack for a trailer. Moreover, these racks have the ability to protect the roof of your vehicle from scratches. With the help of these stable roof racks, you don’t need to drill holes or make other significant efforts. Just in case you didn’t use the roof racks, it may result in scratches on the roof surface.

Exploring Options in Travel Trailer Kayak Mounts

If you explore the travel trailer kayak rack options, you’ll find numerous designs and models available in the market. Certain kayak roof rack models maintain the boat in a straight position, while others provide the option to tilt it as needed. The composition material varies from one model to another. Stability, the installation process, and reliability are some other key features related to the best kayak rack for a truck.

We provide buying guide reviews on top 12 kayak mounts for trucks elaborating on their features and specifications. Read our reviews and buy the best kayak mount for truck that meets your requirements.

Top Kayak Mount For Truck (Buying Guide Reviews)

ImageNameCheck Price
AA Products 2 set J-Rack Kayak (APX25)
Check Price
AMP Bed Truck Extender (74813-01A)
Check Price
Darby Extended A-Truck Rack (944)
Check Price
Thule Xsporter Truck Rack
Check Price
TMS Truck Ladder Utility Rack (D843922)
Check Price
Lakes Kayak with Covered Straps Rack
Check Price
AA Products 2 Set Truck Rack (X35)
Check Price
TMS Adjustable Lumber Utility Ladder Rack (D722007)
Check Price
Leader Accessories Top Mounted Rack
Check Price
Mr Hardware 2 Pair Kayak Rack
Check Price
Jeremy well hitch Extender Extension Rack
Check Price
Alfa Gear Universal Roof Rack
Check Price

1. AA Products 2 set J-Rack Kayak (APX25)

AA Products 2 set J-Rack Kayak (APX25) - Ideal Kayak Mount For Truck - Securely Transport Kayaks on Your Truck with J-Rack Design



This is the best kayak mount for truck and also known as All-in-one J-rack.  This is easy to fit. AA model fits on a standard truck such as Toyota, Ford or Volvo. The pack includes 4 J-racks for holding 3 kayaks, 8 C clamps, 1 kayak roof rack, and ratchet straps. The steel tubing frame easily adjusted between the widths of a truck bed.

This AA model (APX25) are not compatible with those trucks that have side tool box, utility track system or having non-standard truck beds.   If you are driving on a jerky uneven road or you have to pass through water then you use the C clamps and ratchet straps to keep both in place. This 2 kayak roof rack can hold any craft up to 16 feet long. Moreover, these truck racks for kayaks have a dimension of 16*15*31 inches.


  • This kayak racks for truck beds need no drilling.
  • It is easy to install and uninstall.
  • This Toyota Tacoma kayak rack required minimum space.
  • You can fold this hitch mount kayak rack when not in use.
  • The company provides extra-long strong bolts for more security.
  • This kayak set is tested for 22000 pounds of weight lifting.
  • This is not suitable for trucks having a utility track system.
  • It is the best kayak racks for pickup trucks available at a reasonable price.

2. AMP Bed Truck Extender (74813-01A)

AMP Bed Truck Extender (74813-01A)

If you are searching for a bed extender then purchase this AMP Bed Truck Extender. This will increase the length up to 2 feet. The company has declared this kayak carrier for pickup truck as a universal truck bed extender. AMP bed truck extender is the most suitable option for those with trucks without a hitch or has shorter kayak.

But only an experienced driver can drive such a truck rack for kayak because driving with long cargo is not an easy task. You can also fold this extended part inward when not in use for closing the tail gate. It will help to prevent the good rolling out of the truck.The company also provides the installation kit because these kayaks in truck bed required a little drilling. It is a very trusted brand as the product is launch by USA.


  • It is available in 2 colors: black and silver
  • Its unique U-shaped design allows you to load maximum cargo.
  • The frame is composed of durable T6 aluminum alloys.
  • The company provides 3 years warranty.

3. Darby Extended A-Truck Rack (944)

Darby Extended A-Truck Rack (944) - Efficient Kayak Mount For Truck - Securely Transport Kayaks on Your Truck with Extended A-Truck Rack Design

Another kayak rack for pickup is Darby Extended A-truck Rack. This kayak weighs about 25 pounds and can be extended from the hitch. An important thing about Darby products is that they are included in the red flag. You can use this kayak carrier for pickup if you have Class 3 or class 4 hitch.

For the installation of this product, you only need to purchase ratchet straps that hold the craft firmly. Like many other kayak models, this truck rack for kayaks can be rolled back beneath the seat when not in use for saving space. Because if you have not rolled it back, you will find difficulty in finding parking.

This pickup truck kayak rack provides flexibility in how to transport the kayak because it has 5 different holes in its supported black steel bar.


  • This DIY truck bed rack is designed for the safe loading of long cargo.
  • It featured wide support of 4 inches.
  • Easy to fold beneath the seat when not in use.
  • The company also provides the red flag and a receiver hitch.

4. Thule Xsporter Truck Rack

Thule Xsporter Truck Rack

Thule Xsporter Truck Rack is another very common kayak mount for truck. This trailer hitch kayak rack can easily fit in any 4×4 jeep. This 2 kayak roof rack is very durable and stable even in high speed or high wind. Many kayaks when attached produce noise while driving on uneven or jerky roads. Thule truck rack is featured with Airstrip Technology to make our ride enjoyable with very little noise.

Due to the provided 4 different locks, it is more secure to keep this product rack safely on bed. This can withstand weight up to 450 pounds and can be used for different tasks. The installation of this kayak rack for pickup truck on your jeep or truck is easy to fit as it requires no drilling or cutting.


  • It has an adjustable bar height.
  • Airstrip technology is helpful in reducing noise.
  • It is featured with wind diffuser technology.
  • Comfortable in transporting a kayak in a truck bed.
  • This product is available in black and aluminum colors.

5. TMS Truck Ladder Utility Rack (D843922)

TMS Truck Ladder Utility Rack (D843922) - Versatile Kayak Mount For Truck - Ideal for Transporting Kayaks on Your Truck with Utility Rack Design

TMS truck ladder utility rack is considered as the universal rack that fits almost in every truck. This kayak holder for truck has the ability to fit in both 5 foot and 7 foot wide beds. Above all, it is one of the best-selling truck kayak rack Thule in the market that can carry a gigantic weight up to 800 pounds.

This ladder kayak rack for pickup bed can elevate up to 30 inches above your bed. 30 inches is enough space. According to some tall couples, this kayak rack for pickup is best for taller persons. The important thing about this rack is that this needs a little modification for fitting but you can save a handsome amount that can be used for some other purpose.

TMC utility rack is an adjustable travel trailer kayak rack for the average individual to secure. The weight of both bars is approximately 50 pounds. According to the company, the TMC utility ladder is strong enough to secure a long watercraft.This ladder is also helpful in attaching pipes and lumbers if you belong to a construction profession.


  • This removable kayak rack for trailer is very helpful in the construction profession.
  • The best kayak rack for truck is made from very durable and heavy duty steel.
  • It can be raised to a maximum height of 30 inches.
  • It can withstand weight up to 800 pounds.

6. Lakes Kayak with Covered Straps Rack

Lakes Kayak with Covered Straps Rack

If you are searching for cheaper kayak holders for trucks then purchase Lakes Kayak with Covered Straps Rack. This product is a very suitable choice at a reasonable price. This kayak holder for truck is designed especially for those persons who want to install kayak on the top of their truck or jeep. It is very easy to install and can be folded down when not in use. This kayak roof rack amazon is sold as a complete set so no need to purchase any special tool for its installation.

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Moreover, this kayak carrier for pickup is compatible with those boats and kayaks that have width up to 30 inches. The material used in the construction of this pickup truck kayak rack is very durable and long lasting that made you transport your boat without any worry. Lakes Kayak with Covered Straps Rack is very lightweight that weighs only 6.6 pounds. The dimensions of this product are 4.5*8*21 inches. The bars of this kayak carriers for trucks are 3.25 inches in width.

For the installation of this rack, a minimum 1-1/2 inches clearance required between this rack and the roof of the jeep.


  • This is a very inexpensive kayak mount for truck available in the market.
  • This product comes up as a set
  • The material is very lightweight but durable and sturdy.
  • The company offers 5 years warranty.
  • It is easy to install and requires no special installation kit.
  • The company also provides the necessary accessories.
  • This truck kayak rack Thule fit on some models.


7. AA Products 2 Set Truck Rack (X35)

AA Products 2 Set Truck Rack (X35)

AA products have launched a new model of the truck rack for kayak with a standard bed in the market. This product is 2 set truck rack (X35). If you are a regular user of kayak rack for pickup bed than you want this model because it is composed of heavy duty and very durable material. This model by AA products requires no drilling and available with C-clamps.

This model is adjustable to a number of vehicles, except those trucks that have utility track systems. The folding down of this rack is easy because of its practical system. An important feature of this DIY truck kayak rack is that for the purpose of extra safety, this truck rack (X35) comes with extended bolts.

Unlike many other kayak racks for travel trailers available in the market, this product comes with8 C-clamps and a mounting hardware set. The 16 feet long straps of this truck rack for kayaks can support approximately 1-ton cargo weight.


  • You can transport 2 kayaks with this bundle.
  • This kayak carrier for trailer is easy to install and uninstall.
  • This model requires no drilling.
  • It is very durable as it is composed of super quality steel.
  • Each strap is 16 inches in length.
  • This kayak rack for pickup truck includes 8 C-Clamps.
  • This model is not compatible with utility track system trucks.


8. TMS Adjustable Lumber Utility Ladder Rack (D722007)

TMS Adjustable Lumber Utility Ladder Rack (D722007)

This model by TMS is suitable for those who want 1 kayak that cannot be carried regularly.

The company states that this multipurpose utility trailer kayak rack serves not only for transporting boats but also for carrying personal cargo such as ladders, mattresses, or pool equipment. This trailer hitch kayak rack consists of 2 heavy-duty steel bars that are adjustable according to your needs. Both width and height are adjustable up to 85 inches and 30 inches respectively. This TMS model has a weight capacity of 770 pounds.

Moreover, the kayak racks for truck beds need drilling for installation. The rack is not suitable for that person that wants to install with bolts instead of drilling because bolts and nuts add extra safety to the rack. Above all, the box of this kayak rack for truck hitch has a total of 8 screws and bolts. The base frame of this rack made of heavy-duty steel and more durable than aluminum ones.


  • It is the best rack for saving money.
  • The frame is sturdy with a steel base.
  • Its frame has a capacity of 770 pounds.
  • You can adjust it according to need.
  • These kayak holders for trucks come in a set of 2 racks.
  • This travel trailer kayak rack by TMS requires drilling during installation.
  • It is the best rack for constructional use.


9. Leader Accessories Top Mounted Rack

Leader Accessories Top Mounted Rack

Here comes another cheap kayak mount for trucks. This inexpensive kayak is launch by Leader Accessories. Don’t think that because of the cheap price, this rack will of low quality. This is designed with premium quality material and is very easy to install.

This double kayak carrier for the trailer with 4 pieces is composed of steel with a powder-coated surface. The powder coating makes the frame resistant to rust. This rack can transport any object up to 7 feet long and weigh up to 230 pounds.

A new feature in this DIY truck kayak rack is that it comes with extra foam padding designed to reduce scratches. The assembly of this truck rack for kayaks is easy, as the box contains all the necessary tools, screws, and accessories.


  • This is a double rack pack.
  • The frame is composed of high quality steel along with powdered coating that makes is rustproof.
  • A multipurpose kayak carrier for pickup truck.
  • The straps of this truck rack for kayak are not very strong.
  • The company provides a 1-year limited warranty.
  • It has a padded foam bar frame.


10. Mr Hardware 2 Pair Kayak Rack

Mr Hardware 2 Pair Kayak Rack

A simple solution to your problem of carrying a boat to Water Lake is given by the brand Mr hardware. It is a simple and cost effective carrier for the top of your car. This carrier is suitable for taxi cars that use to carry a lot of luggage from the customers. It provides the secure fastening of luggage for a good and safe trip.

Moreover, its main frame is composed of steel with the necessary padding. The mounting of the hardware is quite easy as it uses 2 pcs that comes with EVA stickers. Thus, these stickers protect your car bar.


  • The rack bars has 1.5 mm thick steel tubing
  • Paint is of high quality with weather resistant properties
  • A perfect fit rack for the roof of your vehicle
  • It has foam padding and a case cover of rubber.


11. Jeremy well hitch Extender Extension Rack

Jeremy well hitch Extender Extension Rack

If you are searching for a trailer hitch kayak rack then this product is right for you. You can use it to carry the long loads, boats, canoe ladders, and other accessories. It provides long safe and secure support from the rear part of your truck. The shape of this hitch mount kayak rack is just like U that provides supports to your load.

The weight capacity that kayak mount for truck can withstand is up to 750 lbs. It includes the safety bags that are attached at the end of your load. Moreover, it does have an adjustable width and height to balance your weight well.


  • Best suited hitch mount kayak carrier for longer payloads.
  • You can adjust the width and height accordingly.
  • It includes a safety flag
  • The structure is composed of heavy duty steel
  • This trailer hitch kayak carrier fits up to 2 inches.


12. Alfa Gear Universal Roof Rack

Alfa Gear Universal Roof Rack

A light weight, soft, and foldable kayak roof rack amazon. It is suitable to carry a canoe paddle board, Snow board, Ladders, furniture, water sports accessories, kayak, and others. It is compatible with most of the trucks, Suv, cars, minivans and other cars that lack rooftop bars.

Moreover, its weight capacity is up to 200 lbs. On the other hand, the padded foam layer structure prevents vibrations during driving. The fabric used in the stapes is of high quality nylon that passed the test of breaking at 400 lbs.


  • Great kayak mount for truck for outdoor tours.
  • Easy installation
  • Vibration free foam padded steel structure
  • The straps consist of heavy-duty nylon material
  • It can hold up to 200 lbs.

Best Kayak Mount for Truck Buying Guide

Everyone has their own concerns so there is no single solution that fits for everyone. I’m
going to cover the ins and outs of what you should be thinking about before you buy
your next best kayak rack for truck.

There are some important points which you may need to know before landing onto the
final one have a look!

  • Receiver racks, go into the receiver of your truck. These are best options for
    short bed trucks where you don’t have space for longer boats. Of course, you will also
    need to have a receiver installed on your truck in order to use one. If you don't have a
    receiver then installed that as it is very easy and cheap as well.
  • Bed Rail racks attach to the rails or go into the stake pocket on the rails. Bed rails
    are an excellent spot for attaching toolboxes, racks, rails, and other accessories. Bed rail
    racks are a perfect choice because you can leave them installed all the time. They go up
    and over the truck so they don’t get in the way of your payloads.
  • Racks made of steel typically have a higher weight capacity and can handle more weight than aluminum racks. If you think you might use your receiver extender or your bed
    rail rack for things other than kayaks, a sturdy steel rack is an ideal option.
  • Aluminum tends to be a little more expensive than steel. It is lightweight,
    though, which makes it awesome if you’re installing and removing your rack every time
    you use it.

Concluding Thoughts: Kayak Mounts for Trucks

Seeking a right kayak mount for truck is quite technical as it requires to go through your exact requirements. You must clear your mind first by asking some questions like:

  1. How many kayaks do you want to carry by using a DIY truck bed rack?
  2. How frequently you use it for transporting a kayak in a truck bed?
  3. What is the installation process of the best kayak rack for truck?
  4. Is it easy to drive with the rack?
  5. Is this rack is compatible with your vehicle model?
  6. Does it have the feature to resist the air or noise lower?

The answers to the following questions will help you to decide which kayak mount for truck you should buy. If you go frequently for boating then you should buy some vertical or horizontal bed extenders that are easy to install and uninstall. Above mentioned top 12 kayak mount for truck are the most demanded and top rated market products to buy at reasonable prices. I Hope, you find the one best suited to your needs.

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