Top 8 Best Jeep Hardtop Removal System – Ultimate Buying Guide

A jeep hardtop removal system is an essential tool to make it simple and easy to replace or remove the jeep hardtops.

Well, depending upon your environments, you can play with these jeep hardtops.  The best thing about these DIY jeep hard tops is that it protects you from extreme weather and provides you shelter. On the other hand, in spring, you can keep the jeep top open to enjoy the cool breeze and the amazing natural scenery.

But, to deal with the installing and uninstalling of the jeep hardtop systems is quite technical. You may need to trick your friend to come for a cup of tea and then ask for help to install a jeep wrangler roof top. The whole process of installation is quite complex. Therefore, your inappropriate approach to installing it can hurt you and damage the jeep top as well.

However, some latest design approach tools of jeep hardtop removal hoist have reduced this problem of installation as they come up with an extremely easy and quick method to get your work done in seconds. You don’t need to call your neighbors or friends for help. These are the simplest, best jeep hardtop hoist can install with one hand. On the other hand, the removal of these jeep top hoist DIY is also informal.

Let’s go through some new tools known as jeep hard top removal systems. We have counted many features like weight limit, versatility, and ease of use to put forward this list. Our jeep hardtop hoist reviews will let you know about all the interesting features and specifications of the top 8 best jeep hardtop removal system.

Here Are The Top Best Jeep Hardtop Removal System

ImageNameCheck Price
Harken Jeep Hardtop
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Racor Rack Storage Lift
Check Price
Smittybilt Jeep Hardtop
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Garage Smart Jeep Hardtop
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Hoist A Top Jeep Wrangler Hardtop
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Kaixun Electric Power lift Hoist
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Five Oceans Overhead Electric Hoist
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Partsam Electric Hoist Pulley Crane
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1. Harken Jeep Hardtop


Harken Jeep Hardtop


Key Features:

  • This jeep wrangler hoist for hardtop makes the installation / uninstall work easy.
  • It can work with any model of the jeep.
  • The company provides easy removal bolts.
  • This is mostly suitable for 4 door jeep.
  • It is available in 3 lengths (10, 12, and 16 feet)
  • This hoist for jeep top has double braid rope.
  • It has a self-locking system if rope accidentally broke or released.
  • It is the best USA made garage hoist for jeep hardtop.

Harken is a very famous brand in the manufacturing of jeep hardtop accessories. It is among the premier hoists in the market nowadays because of its strength and durability.

Like many other models by the same company, due to a single operation, it reduces the energy used. This hoist for jeep hardtop 4 door made in the USA and can carry the weight of 145 pounds. The height of this 4 point hoist system is 10 inches that are enough for all the activities.

According to the company, it is easy to install as the pack contains a complete instructional manual that is easy to read and understand. After installation, the patented design of this jeep hardtop removal system evenly lifts or lower all the load to avoid any damage. In addition, this hardtop also has self-locking cleats that grip when the hardtop is released. It is the best way to store jeep hardtop in a few minutes.

Due to the double braid system and stainless steel hardware, its strength and durability are enhanced.


2. Racor Rack Storage LiftRacor Rack Storage Lift


Key Features:

  • This jeep hardtop garage storage has built-in nylon rings.
  • This is composed of premium quality steel.
  • The company provides all the necessary installation accessories.
  • It is the best one person operation DIY jeep hardtop lift.
  • It is raised and lower the crank.
  • This garage hoist for jeep hard top can mount on any type of ceiling.
  • It has an additional 16 square feet overhead storing space.
  • The steel cables are vinyl coated.

One of the most admired brands for the electric jeep top hoist is Racor. This brand has created the best and more durable jeep hard top lifts. This hardtop can bear a weight of 250 pounds and carry all types of loads easily.

Furthermore, the company has designed this jeep hardtop garage lift ergonomically with a comfortable body grip. The best feature of this rack lift is that it can mount on any type of ceiling with the help of built-in nylon rings.  In addition to the main feature, some other good features include an ergonomic handle, pulley system, durable nylon cables, and steel support beam.

With the help of incorporated steel cables, this jeep hardtop lift DIY securely locked into the place. A large number of customers recommend this hardtop for their vehicles. This is because it creates extra storage spacing.


3. Smittybilt Jeep Hardtop:Smittybilt Jeep Hardtop:


Key Features:

  • This jeep hardtop removal system is easy to use for removing or installing a hardtop
  • It is a great jeep hardtop lift system for limited space.
  • It can withstand weight up to 1000 pounds.
  • The manual provided is not very useful.
  • It comes up with a 1/3HP AC motor.
  • The main frame is composed of stainless steel and has 4 hooks.
  • The frame is coated with a special powder for durability.
  • This is the best jeep hardtop hoist winch elevator system.

If you are going on an adventurous trip and want to install or remove a hardtop that perfectly fit your jeep, then purchase this Smittybilt hardtop. This is because it is a user friendly jeep hardtop storage hoist that allows you to cover your storage space in case of raining and cold.

In addition, it has enough ventilation for warmer days. The design of this DIY jeep top hoist is very reliable and durable. The company is confident that it can use for many years.

Moreover, the new feature of this DIY hoist for jeep hardtop is that it can be used on various vehicles that mean you can move it easily from one jeep to another car when required. This DIY jeep hardtop lift can be installed by a single person. It can withstand 1000 pounds weight. It has glide wheels for easy installation. This jeep hardtop hoist no garage also has internal brakes and limit stop system.


4. Garage Smart Jeep Hardtop:Garage Smart Jeep Hardtop


Key Features:

  • It keeps your vehicle protected.
  • It is featured by quick removal.
  • This jeep hardtop removal system can control via Bluetooth.
  • It is an expensive jeep hardtop lift and storage best ever.
  • The company does not provide hand tools for installation.
  • It can be controlled via smartphone by mylifter app for removing jeep hard top.
  • It can lift and weigh up to 170 pounds.
  • This jeep top hoist system has an adjustable frame work.

This is the only jeep hardtop removal system in our list that is compatible with all jeep models. MyLifter, a patented group, is used to power this unit.  This new and advanced system enhances the lifespan of the unit.

Moreover, the new feature of this hoist for jeep top is that it can be controlled with the help of a smartphone; thus, you can operate it either in the garage or the room. The company guarantees that this is the latest electric hoist pulley system with weight sensing technology that ensures more safety and security.

According to the company, this jeep wrangler unlimited roof hoist can connect with Android and IOS apps for wireless operations. The installation is very simple and does not require much energy and information. In addition, the company provides all the necessary hardware to facilitate easy installation and smooth movement.

If you visit the market, you will find that it is the best tech savvy jeep top lift system that can mount on any jeep.


5. Hoist A Top Jeep Wrangler Hardtop:Hoist A Top Jeep Wrangler Hardtop


Key Features:

  • You can mount and unmount with a simple push button.
  • This best jeep wrangler hard top hoist needs no drilling for installation.
  • The hooks have a rubber coating to avoid scratches on the jeep to finish.
  • It requires only 3 minutes to remove or install this jeep wrangler hard top lift.
  • It is an expensive jeep wrangler hardtop hoist system.
  • This doesn’t require extra human power to pull or push.
  • It has a smart hook to lift the jeep hard top weight.
  • The durable stainless steel frame is coated with a special powder.

If you are looking for a very simple, durable, and secure jeep hardtop garage lift then Hoist A top Jeep wrangler hardtop is the perfect option for you. This is because its installation is very simple and easy.

This jeep wrangler top hoist features a new Balance Blade frame and an electric winch system that makes the whole process easy.

Firstly, the Balance Blade frame used in this jeep wrangler roof hoist is composed of steel construction that makes it a heavy duty jeep hardtop removal tool. Its structure is designed in such a way that the weight is well balanced for easier lifting. Moreover, the hooks of the frame are coated with rubber, while the metal frame is coated with a special foam to protect the Jeep’s top finish.

Secondly, the winch occupies minimal space for installation. It is quite convenient because of easy installation. In addition, the company says that this jeep top lift pro is controlled with a simple control system in which you just press a push button to mount or unmount the hardtop.

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6. Kaixun Electric Power lift HoistKaixun Electric Power lift Hoist


Key Features:

  • It is powered by a 0.6hp motor.
  • The jeep hardtop removal system comes with 2.4 feet power cord.
  • It comes with a built-in cable guide.
  • It can lift a weight of 440 pounds (Double line) and 220 pounds (single line).
  • The remote has a big red emergency brake button.
  • The length of the remote control cord is 5 feet.
  • It can lift to a height of 19 feet (Double line) and 38 feet (single line).
  • This jeep hard top removal system weighs 23 pounds.

Kaixun Company is very famous for the designing of powerful Electric Hoist and jeep hardtop storage ideas. The main features of this removal tool are durability, strength, and versatility.

Furthermore, this remove jeep hard top one person has 0.6hp powerful motor with 2.4 feet strong power cord. It is operated with a remote that is connected with the motor for easy lifting and lowering of the hardtop from a secure and safe distance. For extra security, the remote has a big red button that is the emergency brakes whenever necessary.

According to the company, it can hold a weight of 220 pounds with a 38 feet single line operation and 440 pounds with a 19 feet double line operation. Above all, this jeep hardtop removal system comes with mounting clamps for easy installation to a fixed rotating or overhead support.


7. Five Oceans Overhead Electric Hoist:Five Oceans Overhead Electric Hoist


Key Features:

  • It comes with a tethered remote control.
  • It is certified from Canada and USA laboratories.
  • This electric jeep top hoist has 39.4 feet of zinc coated power cord.
  • The power cord has an anti-twisting feature.
  • The company offers a 1 year limited warranty.
  • Dual line operation includes a pulley hook.
  • It has an IP rating of 40.
  • The electric garage hoist system has a support bracket to secure hoist.

The Five Oceans Electric Hoist has a powerful motor that can easily be used to remove the jeep hardtop in minimum time.

The motor used in this electric garage hoist system runs at 460-watts and pure copper for efficient power consumption. According to the company, this elevator occupies minimal space and is easy to install. It has 20 feet long cable attached to the remote to operate from a safe and secure distance.

With a single line, it can lift a weight of 220 pounds, and with a double line, it can lift a weight of 440 pounds. Thus, this means that it can easily hold your Jeep’s hardtop.

Moreover, a very important feature is the 39.4 feet long power cord that is coated with zinc and has anti-twist properties. A stop bracket will shut down the motor as the line blocker starts pulling upwards that prevents the damage of the hardtop and the elevator.


8. Partsam Electric Hoist Pulley Crane:Partsam Electric Hoist Pulley Crane


Key Features:

  • It has 39 feet long cable with an anti-twisting feature.
  • It is powered by a 1.67hp motor.
  • The jeep hardtop removal tool has an emergency brake system.
  • The power cord is resistant to corrosion.
  • It can be used anywhere without difficulty.
  • It needs a metal or wood bar for hanging the hoist.
  • The remote cord is 4.9 feet long.
  • This jeep 4 door hardtop hoist can use to lift any regular and irregular object.

In the list of the best jeep hardtop removal system, Partsam Electric Hoist Pulley crane is one of the largest weight capacity elevators. This hoist can hold 660 pounds with a single line and 1320 pounds with a double line. This is the perfect hardtop removal system for your jeep.

Moreover, this jeep top hoist DIY is powered with a 1.676hp motor that is made of copper for efficient power consumption and to make the design robust and durable. It is also equipped with an emergency brake system to stop the winch for maximum safety while lifting or lowering the hardtop.

In addition, the company says that it has a special zinc plated wire that makes it resistant to corrosion and more durable. The 39 feet long cable has an anti-twist feature and also dissipates heat.

According to some customers, the installation of this jeep hardtop removal hoist requires a support frame that you have to purchase separately to hook up the hardtop to this winch.

Things To Consider While Buying Jeep Hardtop Removal System

Operational Clearance:

It is important to observe the maximum or minimum space between the ceiling and floor that let the pulley system for jeep hardtop to operate effortlessly. Therefore, always make sure that your electric hoist pulley system should reach your hardtop to fit it safely.


Some best jeep wrangler hard top hoist don’t need any installation while others do. Thus, make sure that the ceiling has enough space to adjust the specific type of hardtop. However, if you lack space, then go for other manual options.

Lifting Power:

It is very important to look for a 4 point pulley lift system that has enough power to hold the load of your hardtop. Otherwise, it will be all in vain to spend on some jeep jk hardtop hoist with minimum power.


There is a large variety of DIY jeep hardtop hoist according to the jeep models. Therefore, look for the compatibility of jeep hard top lift system with your respective model. You are buying non-compatible DIY jeep top hoist results into wastage of money.


Look for some hard and sturdy material constructed from a jeep hardtop storage hoist, so that they can work for a long duration.

Garage Space:

The space in your garage should be enough to accommodate the jeep top hoist system properly.

Types Of The Best Jeep Hardtop Removal System:

You can find three types of jeep hardtop lift system in the market.

Motorized Jeep Hardtop Hoist Systems:

These are a fully automatic version of jeep wrangler top hoist, and you don’t need to spend your muscle power to work with it. It uses the power supply and remote control system to work for you.

Manual Jeep Hardtop Pulley System:

These require a little bit of manpower to achieve the hardtop fit on your jeep. It comes up with levers, ropes, and pulley for mechanical work.

Hybrid Jeep Hard Top Lift System:

It is a combined version of both motorized and manual systems. It is the most durable hybrid mechanical Hoist. In addition, this hybrid lift for jeep hardtop is quite bulky and expensive as compared to other types.

Top Three Brands To Buy The Best Jeep Hardtop Removal System:

1. Harken – 4 Point Hoist System:

File:Harken-logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons


HARKEN is one of the top rated and trusted brands in the market. It provides a wide variety regarding jeep hardtop removal system. One of the exclusive and extraordinary models is harken hoister garage storage 4 point lift system. It is also included as a top priority in our list of top 8 jeep hardtop storage ideas. The key feature of this brand is its 4 point pulley lift system.

2. Racor – Garage Ceiling Storage Ideas:

Racor filters, racor fuel filters, racor filters spare parts ...


Racor has great products regarding home storage ideas. The best thing about its racor jeep top hoist is that they are garage mounted at ceiling. Therefore, you can quickly do the task of removing and installing the hardtop by using the Racor lift for jeep hardtop

3. Garage Smart – Wide Lifter Collection: Garage Smart: Accessories


If you are looking for a dedicated brand for platform lifter, then go for Garage Smart. You can find almost every type of universal platform lifter from this brand. It includes Multi bike lifter, Basic Lifter, Universal lifter, Universal XL lifter, XL HD Lifter, Bluetooth enabled jeep wrangler top hoist, and many others.


In conclusion, we know that you have a jeep and want to avail every possible way to enjoy your vehicles. The hardtops are the most interesting factor to install and remove in your jeeps. As you can enjoy a fresh breeze without a hardtop, on the other hand, you can protect yourself from extreme weather by installing it back. But, its installation is quite tough. Therefore, here we come up with a new tool known as jeep hardtop removal system, or jeep wrangler hardtop hoist system to help you.

This tool will make your task of replacing and removing hardtops quite easy. We have shortlisted the top 8 best jeep hardtop removal system elaborating on their features and specifications. I hope you find the one that meets your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jeep Hardtop Removal System