Jacks For Lifted Trucks – {Top 12} To Buy In 2021

Jacks For Lifted Trucks

The purpose of writing on jacks for lifted trucks is to make you acknowledge the importance of having the right tool in hands.

The working mechanism of floor jack is to lift our heavy vehicle at a certain height with stability and support. So that we can explore the deep down sections of our truck in-depth and troubleshoot the problematic things. Thus, any kind of mishap of tire puncture or hot engine can occur at any time. It is important to keep jacks for lifted trucks along with in your truck.

One technical fact is to lift the truck at least at a height of 18 to 22 inches to work easily and quickly. Buying a floor jack for lifted trucks is quite tough due to market competition. Therefore, here we shortlist top 12 jacks for lifted trucks launched by top rated and trusted brands.

Following are the top 12 jack stands for lifted trucks


ImageNameCheck Price
Blackhawk 3.5 Ton Capacity Black/Red

Check Price
Arcan 3-Ton Capacity Aluminum Floor Jack
Check Price
Pittsburgh Automotive Rapid Pump Heavy-Duty Truck Jacks
Check Price
Arcan 2 Ton high reach jack stand
Check Price
Powerbuilt 6000Lb bottle jack for truck
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Electric 3 ton Hydraulic Jack
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Powerbuilt Black Bottle Jack
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Torin Big Bottle Hydraulic Jack
Check Price
Craftsman 3 Ton off-road truck jack
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Hi-lift black Jacks & Lift trucks
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Sunex 10-Ton, Jack Stands
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Xtremepower 8-ton capacity
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1. Blackhawk 3.5 Ton Capacity Black/Red


Blackhawk best high lift jack has a great lifting capacity of 3.5 tons. Better say, a weight of 7000 pounds can easily be lifted by this jack for lifted trucks.  The most exceptional feature of this best floor jack for truck is its wide lifting height range. It is capable to provide your desire height to work with comfort. You can adjust the height from 5.5 inches to 22 inches anywhere.  Therefore, this hydraulic jack for truck is also recommended for cars, sports vehicles or jeep.

Moreover, the machine “floor jack for lifted truck” is made up of pure steel. Thus, a reliable, durable and heavy-duty jack for lifted truck. The working mechanism is to rotate the release valve clockwise until it’s tight fully. After lifting, Support the truck with jack stands.


  • Capable to lift heaviest vehicles to 7000 pounds.
  • Best high lift jack with basic heavy-duty Steel composition
  • Fastest jacking technology oriented jacks for lifted trucks
  • Swivel saddle for quick, easy and stable jack positioning
  • Good for working in the garage and other activities.


2. Arcan 3-Ton Capacity Aluminum Floor Jack


Arcan off road floor jack has a great silver polished outer body. The basic composition material of this best floor jack for truck is a high-quality aircraft grade aluminum. Thus, light in weight and easy to move freely. A dual pump piston helps to lift the load quickly. Above all, the saddle is rubber made and the handle is foam supported for vehicle protection.

Moreover, its extraordinary durability, strength, and construction are remarkable to buy this jack for lifted trucks. The weight lifting capacity of this big jacked up trucks is 3 tons or 6000 pounds. Thus, it is capable to lift heavy-duty trucks and jeeps within the height range of 3.6 inches to 19.4 inches.


  • Easy to roll and move due to its front and rear wheels.
  • Weight capacity is 3 tons or 6000 pounds
  • The weight of this jacks for lifted trucks is 56 pounds
  • Handles ensure the quick lifting of truck
  • Have a great dust shield to protect your gadget.


3. Pittsburgh Automotive Rapid Pump Heavy-Duty Truck Jacks


If you are seeking heavy duty tall jack stands that are capable to lift your vehicle in just 3 to 4 pumps then you must buy it. It can be used for all types of vehicles like cars, trucks, jeeps or any sport cars. The high lift hydraulic jack comes up with great front and rear wheels top to move it easily. Above all, the composition feature is a rough welded structure with fine industrial finishing. It is suggested for some hardcore automotive lovers.

The floor jack for trucks works on the Dust Piston Pump Rapid Technology. Thus, resulting in rapid load lifting. Moreover, this jack stands for lifted truck have steel handles for a tight grip and stable support.


  • The jack stand for lifted trucks is capable to lift heavy loads to 3 tons / 6000 pounds.
  • A height range of 3 inches to 20 inches
  • The weight of the machine itself is 79 pounds.
  • Can lift the loads in quick 3 to 4 pumps.
  • Strong steel handle for grip and stability


4. Arcan 2 Ton high reach jack stand


Arcan is another remarkable brand in the manufacturing of mechanical tools. This floor jacks for lifted trucks model by Arcan is worthy due to its dual piston pump. Therefore, this dual pump technology of this best floor jacks for trucks lift the loads in no time. Above all, it follows a joint release mechanism for accurate control on the jacks for lifted trucks.

Although, it comes up with a low profile frame. But, still capable to carry clearance of lower parts of the vehicle. The off-road floor jack is made up of steel material. Moreover, the handle is covered with a thick foam to protect your truck from scratches.


  • Suitable to lift less heightened cars.
  • Smooth low profile frame of this floor jack for lifted trucks.
  • A lifting height range of 3.5 inches to 18.5 inches
  • It can carry loads up to 2 tons. Which is less as compared to the top 3 jacks for lifted trucks
  • U shaped connection with handle for quick and easy handling.


5. Powerbuilt 6000Lb bottle jack for truck


Powerbuilt 620471 is one of the most demanding market competent jack stands for lifted jeep and trucks. This is the combinational technology of hydraulic bottle jack and jack stand. Thus, minimizing the need for the distinct jack stand. The ideal height range of jacks for lifted trucks is up to 20 inches. This power built jack stands for lifted trucks offers a range starting from 11 inches to 21 inches. Above all, the floor jack for lifted truck has bar locks to adjust the height as per your needs.


  • The structure is made up of steel
  • Durable and Portable jacks for lifted trucks
  • Stable base support
  • It can lift a weight up to 3 tons.
  • Height range 11 inches to 21 inches.
  • You don’t need to buy a jack stand.


6. Electric 3 ton Hydraulic Jack


ABN is a famous brand in the manufacturing of heavy duty truck jack. If you are fed up with lying under the car for operating manual jack then you must switch to ABN 3 ton hydraulic jack. This high lift hydraulic jack is very easy to use. It operates just with a single switch. ABN hydraulic jack can lift 3 tons from 6 to 17 inches height.

With this powerful off road bottle jack, it takes around about 2 minutes to lift a heavy truck. Furthermore, this is powered with a 12V battery. This jack for truck has 12 feet long cord that can reach in every corner of the car.


  • Easy to use floor jack for lifted truck
  • This hydraulic jack for lifted truckscan lift 6000 pounds weight.
  • It has a mini LED light for night surroundings.
  • Safety lock to stop falling of car.
  • The company provides 1-year warranty jacks for lifted trucks


7. Powerbuilt Black Bottle Jack


If you are searching for one of the tall heavy duty jack stands for your car then purchase Powerbuilt Black Bottle Jack.

This high lift bottle jack is attested by many customers globally and found satisfied with its performance. Above all, this bottle shaped black color jack can lift 3 tons weight to a height of 11 to 22 inches.

Moreover, this multi-purpose bottle jacks for sale can be used for different mechanical situations during car repairing. The addition of a wide steel bar on the top of the best bottle jack for the lifted truck will provide more stability to the car in an elevated position.


  • It has a safety bar lock for more stability to your car in an elevated position.
  • The most durable jacks for lifted trucksin the market.
  • It can lift to 17 inches by default but can lift to 21 inches with manual adjustment.
  • Best high lift bottle jackfor heavy vehicles like a truck.
  • This is all in one best bottle jack for lifted trucks.


8. Torin Big Bottle Hydraulic Jack


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Now a days, lifting a car or truck with manual jack is not safe. In today’s market, many brands claimed to be the manufacturer of the best heavy-duty bottle jacks for trucks. However, Torin heavy duty jack is considered as the best to lift heavy transport vehicles like trucks.

Torin best bottle jack for lifted truck can be used both for residential and commercial use as it gives very smooth and easy lifting. Due to its heavy-duty steel construction and industrial welding, it is more durable and safe for lifting heavy items.

Furthermore, this high lift bottle jack can lift the truck to a safe height of 9 to 18 inches so that a mechanic can easily repair, wheel change or do other maintenance beneath the truck.


  • Torin hydraulic jack for truckgives a 1-year warranty.
  • It can lift 12 tons of weight.
  • You can use both for residential and commercial uses.
  • It offers leak-free performance.
  • Overload valve to prevent exceeding beyond weight limit.


9. Craftsman 3 Ton off-road truck jack


A complete set of a creeper, jack stands and a floor jack by a craftsman is creditable. This is highly comfortable and easy to use set of best heavy duty high lift jack.  The Craftsman 3 Ton off road truck jack provides all the essential tools that every driver or mechanic must have with them.

This 3-in-1 tall jack stands for sale suites to those individuals or mechanics who use to do tire changes, repairs, and maintained regularly. Above all, the floor jack for truck is made up of steel. Therefore, it is highly durable and cheap as well. The weight capacity of this jack for a truck is up to 6000 lb/ 3tons. On the other hand, it has a lifting height range of 5.5 to 19 inches.


  • It comes up with a 36-inch long creeper to move below the car easily.
  • Creeper possesses a headrest for ease to use.
  • Steel composition makes this floor jacks for trucks strong and stable.
  • The most highlighted feature is its complete three items set of a creeper, jack, and stands.
  • Can lift the heavy load of minivans, trucks, and trailers.


10. Hi-lift black Jacks & Lift trucks


The HI-Lift Black jacks & lift trucks are made up of a mixture of cast and steel components. Its composition formula utilizes four high-quality steel constituents. Thus, strong equipment durable to lift any vehicle in the garage. The load-bearing capacity of this best jack for truck is about 7000 pounds or 3.5 tons.

Moreover, the fine finishing of zinc-plated hardware prevents corrosion and avoid other letdowns as well. Above all, the Hi-Lift Black jacks & lift trucks have shear bolts to make our equipment able to bear heavy-duty trucks and jeeps loads.


  • The weight-bearing capacity of these jacks for lifted trucks is 7000 pounds or 3.5 tons.
  • It can withstand to lift heavy-duty trucks, jeeps, and other vehicles.
  • Avoid corrosion and other failures.
  • Add-on of shear bolts make this lifted truck floor jack stable and safe.
  • An instructional manual to guide you on how to use this truck jacks for sale


11. Sunex 10-Ton, Jack Stands


If you are searching for tall heavy duty jack stands then here have some very solid, reliable and high-quality tall jack stands for sale. It has a strong stool like a base of four legs. Thus, to hold your vehicles firmly and supported. The composition material of these truck jack stands for sale is heavy duty pipes that enable it to be stable and strong.

Above all, you can adjust the height easily and quickly.


  • Large Saddle to hold trucks, fleet equipment, and others.
  • Multiple height locking options
  • Wide steel four legs base
  • Can lift to the height of 46.6 inches


12. Xtremepower 8-ton capacity


Although, the purpose of mentioning this heavy duty truck floor jack is to cover some more interesting jacks for lifted trucks. You can use this equipment to hold heavy-duty vehicles like truckers, farmer’s trucks, and fleet equipment. It is not limited to the use of a lifted truck. It is something more than just the best high lift jack.


  • Ideal off-road floor jack for cranes, truckers, and engines.
  • Avoid corrosion and flexible jack for lifted trucks to withstand in high low temperature.
  • Both manual and automatic operations can perform on this big jacked up trucks
  • High quality steel composition of this best jacks for lifted trucks
  • The weight capacity of this jack stands for lifted trucks is 8 tons.
  • This best floor jack for truck can lift to the height of 42 inches.


Things To Consider Before Buying Jacks For Lifted Trucks

Here are the few things you need to take into account before buying the jacks for lifted trucks. 


The most important thing while looking for jack is the purpose. The purpose and need should be clear. Because there are different types of jacks with varying types of properties and different usages. For example, jacks for commercial use differ from the jacks for non-commercial use. And if you are looking for something for your garage, you might need a cheap jack with only relevant characteristics.

Type of vehicle

You first need to assess the kind of car you have because you must always have an idea of the car’s capacity before buying a bottle jack. The bottle cap must fit right into, handling the capacity of your vehicle. Your vehicle should not weigh more than the bottle jack. 


One of the essential features to keep in mind is the height. As for lifted trucks, height matters. You have to look for a jack that provides four inches of lift in addition to the height between jack insertion and the ground. 

Lift capacity

One of the features to look for is the capacity because you would not want to buy a weak jack for your vehicle. You must always want to buy a jack that can easily lift your truck, so it should be 3/4 weight of the vehicle’s total weight.


Speed matters when you do not want to spend all your day jacking up the car. Jacks are known to work slow even if it has the advantage of being slow. But if it bothers you, you can look for a fast lift service jack.


Most of the jacks are made of iron and steel, which are rust-prone and are heavy. Whereas aluminum jacks are way lighter and are durable.

Safety features

While working with jacks and heavyweight trucks, safety features are non-negotiable. Therefore, buy from a legitimate buyer and do not compromise on the safety features of the jack. 

Final thoughts:


In conclusion, I would like to mention some key factors to consider while buying jack for lifted truck. Firstly, the weight of the heavy-duty truck jack should be light to move freely. The best floor jack for lifted trucks is not a lightweight machine. Its weight varies from 50 pounds to 100 pounds. Choose the hydraulic jack for truck comfort with your ease.

Secondly, the material used in the manufacturing of extra tall jack stands is also an important consideration. Both Aluminum and steel made high lift hydraulic jack are available in the market. Aluminum is lightweight but expensive. On the other hand, steel made floor jack for trucks is heavy but cheap.

Lastly, the weight capacity of best jack for lifted trucks should capable to withstand your heavy-duty vehicles. Therefore, based on these factors we summarize the features and specifications of top 12 jacks for lifted trucks. I hope you find one of the trusted brands that provide your dream come true best truck floor jack.