Bully Bars For Trucks – {Top 12} In 2024

A bull bar is a protection coverage of the front side of your vehicle from any sort of damage from a sudden accident. The most noticeable thing in today’s date is the increase in the rate of road accidents. Thus, this led us to think towards more safety and protection of our vehicles. Therefore, it is important to install bully bars for trucks, SUVs and police vehicles.

The purpose of these bull bars with lights is to protect the radiator grille and headlights. Car maintenance is expensive when you lack a push bar for trucks. Why not install these cost effective stainless steel bull bar and save our money. In addition, it does give you support to install radio antennas, winches, and spotlights. Some latest designed heavy duty bull bar also features airbags activation in case of an accident.  

Furthermore, an interesting thing about these bully bars for trucks is it safe pedestrian from severe injury. This is because it works like a spring and bounces back after an accidental collision. The other names of bull bars in the US are cattle pusher, grille guard, bush bar, brush guard, push bar, push bumper or rammer pusher. 

They are named as bull bars because they are constructed from heavy duty materials. They can resist corrosion and rust. Bull bars with led lights are also available for refining the front appearance. These bully bars for trucks are quick and easy to install. Go through our top 12 bully bars for trucks reviews and explore their interesting features.

Top 12 Bully Bars For Trucks (Experts Reviews)

ImageNameCheck Price
Tyger Toyota Tacoma Push Bar (TG-GD6C60048)
Check Price
Auto Saver88 ford F150 Push Bar
Check Price
Auto Dynasty Chevy Silverado Bull Bar
Check Price
TAC Toyota Tacoma Bull Bars (2016)
Check Price
Tyger Auto Bumper Guard Fit (TG-GD6T60028)
Check Price
AUTOSAVER88 Front Grille Brush Push Bumper
Check Price
Lund Black Steel LED Light Bar
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AUTOSAVER88 Black HD Heavy-duty Front Bumper (B07BQLXPB7)
Check Price
TAC Truck Bull Bumper Guard (2015)
Check Price
Auto Saver88 Brush Bumper Guard (B07428ZBL9)
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TAC Truck Modular Bull Bumper Guard (2005)
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Mistuning Bar Bull Bumper Guard
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1. Tyger Toyota Tacoma Push Bar (TG-GD6C60048)

Upgrade your truck's protection and appearance with the Tyger Toyota Tacoma Push Bar (TG-GD6C60048) – A standout among Bully Bars for Trucks



  • This bully bars for trucks is composed of rustproof material.
  • It is easy to install.
  • The company provides 5 years warranty.
  • It is USA designed Toyota Tacoma bull bar.
  • It has built-in holes for license plate and LED lights.
  • The company also provides the installation manual with a DIY kit

Tyger Auto Bumper Guard comes with 5 year warranty. The company provides the complete installation kit and other mounting tools along with a manual. According to the company, the structure of this push bumper for trucks is resistant to rust the joints are connected with seamless welding. 

Furthermore, this push bar for Toyota Tacoma has a durable E-coating textured black finish. This stainless steel bull bar is easy to mount on any truck. The company has provided 2 holes one for license plate and second is for LED lights. 

Due to its durable material, it provides maximum protection to the front side of your truck. Above all, this Tacoma bull bar with lights requires no maintenance. You just too regular clean with water or scrubbing soft pad. 


2. Auto Saver88 ford F150 Push Bar

Strengthen your truck's defense and style with the Auto Saver88 Ford F150 Push Bar – A top-notch choice among Bully Bars for Trucks.



  • This bully bars for trucks are available with a lifetime warranty.
  • Other than built-in lights, you can easily adjust the additional lights.
  • The bull bars for F150 is composed of 3 inches strong tubing frame.
  • This guard has built-in 25 LEDs that consumes 72 watts.
  • It can be easily mounted.
  • No drilling required for installation.

If you are searching for a ford F150 bull bar with life time warranty then this Auto Saver88 chrome bumper guard is the right option for you. Like much other heavy duty bull bar available in the market, this guard grill comes with E-coating and seamless welding

Moreover, this push bar ford f150 protects the front portion of your truck or jeep in case of collision. This guard is also made from rust free material and has built-in holes for number plate and lights. This f150 bull bar with lights needs no drilling during installation. Just use the company provided bolts for installation. 


3. Auto Dynasty Chevy Silverado Bull Bar

Auto Dynasty Chevy Silverado Bull Bar



  • This bull bars for Chevy Silverado is available in black and silver color.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • It protects the front part from only minor impact.
  • This Silverado bull bar with lights is easy to install.
  • The skid plate is easy to remove,
  • Special holes for fancy lights.
  • Perfect GMC sierra bull bar.

Auto Dynasty Chevy Silverado bull bar is a very lightweight stainless steel bull bar with light bar. The pack includes the powder coated mounting brackets. Like others, it also has a seamless welding construction. 

Moreover, the stainless steel comes in 3 inches of tubing frames. Due to its installation with bolts, it easily and quickly fits. The company provides space for fancy lights. The skid plates provided by the company are removable. 


4. TAC Toyota Tacoma Bull Bars (2016)

TAC Toyota Tacoma Bull Bars (2016)



  • It is specially made for Toyota Trucks.
  • This push bar for Toyota Tacoma gives a sports look to your truck.
  • The company provides 3 years warranty.
  • With the help of the company provided bolts, it is easy to install.
  • The company also provides the instruction manual.
  • It is available in 3 different surface finishes.

Another good quality bully bars for trucks that come with 3 years warranty is TAC Toyota Tacoma bull bars. This bumper guard is a perfect guard for Toyota trucks. Like many other bumper guards, it also has removable skid plates. The company also provides mounting accessories and instructions manual. This semi truck bull bars are easy to fit with the help of bolts. No extra drilling required for installation. 

Above all, TAC truck bumper Brush guards come with 3 finishes Semi-gloss, black powder and polished stainless steel finish. 


5. Tyger Auto Bumper Guard Fit (TG-GD6T60028)

Tyger Auto Bumper Guard Fit (TG-GD6T60028)



  • It comes with 5 years warranty.
  • It is easy to install.
  • The main structure comes up in a 2.5 tubing frame.
  • It has built-in holes for mounting new lights.
  • This bull guard Toyota Tacoma weighs only 33 pounds.
  • Front lights are not protected by this grill guard.

Another model by Tyger Auto is TG-GD6T60028. The model of a black bull bar with led lights also comes with 5 years warranty. 

Furthermore, the bull bars for Tacoma is composed of rust-free stainless steel material. The structure comes in 2.5 inches tubing frame. Like the previous model, it also has an E-coating texture finish and has seamless welding. The new feature in this push bumper for trucks is that you can easily mount new fancy lights on the preinstalled mount channel for the light.

Above all, these bull bars for Chevy trucks have built-in holes for license plate and lights relocation.


6. AUTOSAVER88 Front Grille Brush Push Bumper

AUTOSAVER88 Front Grille Brush Push Bumper



  • This bully bars for trucks has a one year warranty.
  • The construction design of this ford f150 bull bar durable and strong.
  • This installation mechanism is simple and without drilling. 
  • The thing you need to install is included with this bull bars for f150
  • One of the recommended push bars for ford trucks

One of the perfect push bar for ford trucks that is compatible with the model of 2004 to 2021. This heavy duty bull bar comes up in 3 inches tubing frame. It is coated with e-coating and black powder that gives it a fine finishing. In addition, this coating is resistant to rust and corrosion as well. 

Furthermore, this bull bar with led lights provides light and brightness where needed. It is easy and simple to connect, as it has a bolt-on installation doesn’t require drilling. The accessories included in this model are bumper, mounting brackets, modular skid plate, and instruction manual. In addition, you can change the bull bar with lights if it has any dents or scratches.

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7. Lund Black Steel LED Light Bar

Lund Black Steel LED Light Bar



  • The appearance of this bull bar with lights is quite strong and hard.
  • This composition material used is highly durable.
  • The warranty offered by the company is 3 years.
  • Best suited for the 2007 and above models GM trucks and SUVs

The appearance of this bully bars for trucks is quite hard and tough. This bull bar with led lights provides great protection support along with visibility. The structure of this push bar for trucks is created from a heavy duty steel tubes of 3.5 inches thickness. In addition, it is coated with fine finishing of black powder. 

 It also includes a skid plate made up of steel. In addition, this push bumper for trucks is easy to install, requires no drilling, wiring harness included along with it. The warranty of these bull bars with led lights is 3 years. 


8. AUTOSAVER88 Black HD Heavy-duty Front Bumper (B07BQLXPB7)

AUTOSAVER88 Black HD Heavy-duty Front Bumper (B07BQLXPB7)



  • It is a heavy duty stainless steel ford f150 bull bar with lights
  • The structure is corrosion free and durable in construction
  • The manufacturing coating is smooth and even
  • No drilling, simple and quick installation.
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty.

This glossy push bar for ford f150 is compatible with models 2004 to 2021. This push bar ford f150 is composed of 3 inches tubing frame that is highly durable and hardcore. In addition, it has an extra e- coating and black powered coating that make it a rust-free push bar. The appearance of this 05 f150 bull bar is smooth and well leveled. 

Moreover, this f150 with bull bar offers you flexibility by providing you the removable skid plate. It has pre-drilled holes for easy and quick installation of led lights. Apart from protection, these bull bars for ford f150 give an entirely new look to your vehicle. 

A quick installation guide is provided for this bolts oriented installation of f150 bull bar with winch. Therefore, you can install it easily by using common tools in your home garage.


9. TAC Truck Bull Bumper Guard (2015)

Elevate your truck's defense and style with the TAC Truck Bull Bumper Guard (2015) – A top-tier choice among Bully Bars for Trucks.



  • These Chevy Colorado bull bars are easy to install.
  • The company provides 3 years warranty against any defect.
  • This frame is composed of durable marine grade steel.
  • The skid plate is also included in the pack.
  • All hardware and mounting instructions are provided by the company.
  • Chevy Colorado bull bar available in 3 different surface finish.

This Chevy Colorado push bar is available in the market in 3 different finishes: Semi-gloss black, Black powder, and Stainless Steel. It comes with 3 years warranty for any manufacturing defects. This Chevy Colorado bull bar fits for GMC Canyon or Chevy Colorado. It also provides a tough and heavy-duty appearance to your truck. This guard grill provides maximum protection. 

Moreover, the TAC truck bull bumper guard composes of durable marine grade steel. The material has dual stage black power coated gloss finish. Due to no cutting or drilling required, it is easy to install. The company provides all the mounting instructions and mounting hardware. In the pack, Skid plates and Custom fit brackets are also included.


10. Auto Saver88 Brush Bumper Guard (B07428ZBL9)

Auto Saver88 Brush Bumper Guard (B07428ZBL9)



  • This guard gives an attractive appearance.
  • It is made of durable and rustproof material.
  • It comes in the form of 3 inches tubing frame.
  • This f150 bull bar with lights has a limited lifetime warranty.
  • The company product if you receive a grill with dents or scratches.
  • It adds more protection to the front side of your truck.

This bull bar for f150 is designed in the form of 3 inches tubing frame. This frame is made from strong stainless steel and is also resistant to rust. 

This bully bars for trucks have e-coating with a black powder finish. Like many other models, they also have seamless welding. Due to this feature, this f150 with bull bar gives an attractive look and sporty appearance. This grill guard is also tested for its strength and durability. Auto Saver88 gives maximum protection to the front part of your truck.

As its installation requires no extra drilling or cutting so it is easy to install. The company provides all the necessary tools and installation instructions manual. The special rust resistant skid plate is removable. This bull bars for ford f150 has drilled holes for additional lights. 


11. TAC Truck Modular Bull Bumper Guard (2005)

Upgrade your truck's aesthetics and protection with the TAC Truck Modular Bull Bumper Guard (2005) – A premium selection among Bully Bars for Trucks.



  • Nissan frontier push bar available in 3 different finishes.
  • The company also provides LED installation hardware.
  • It is tested for the OE quality test.
  • The company offers 5 years warranty.
  • This bull grill guard gives better heat dissipation.
  • It is easy to install and clean. 

If you are searching for a bumper guard for your Nissan Frontier then don’t waste time and purchase TAC truck Modular Bull Bumper Guard (2005). The frame of this Nissan frontier push bar is made from a strong and durable Steel. 

Moreover, the fine textured black finish of thus bumper guard is resistant to rust. The mesh design provides your truck with a better heat dissipation effect with the help of its strong flow steering structure. These bull bars with lights are easy to install with the help of the company provided bolts. Unlike other models, it requires minor cutting but no need for drilling. Above all, all the mounting hardware and instructions for installation are provided by the company. It comes with 5 years warranty.


12. Mistuning Bar Bull Bumper Guard

Enhance your truck's style and protection with the Mistuning Bar Bull Bumper Guard – A top choice among Bully Bars for Trucks.



  • It has nice spacing between the lights.
  • The installation is easy and quick.
  • This bully bars for trucks is very lightweight.
  • It can fit in almost all 4*4 jeeps.
  • The manufacturer crafted the main frame from high-quality aluminum alloy.
  • You can replace the license plate without disturbing the bumper guard.
  • Suitable bull bars for Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Silverado bull bars

If you are searching for that bumper guard which has easy mounting holes for additional LEDs then consider Mistuning Bar Bull Bumper Guard. This a universal bull bar with led lights that fits almost too all 4*4 jeeps.  According to many customer reviews, it is the best multi-purpose off road bull bar that has a place for a license plate and the lights simultaneously.

An added feature in this bumper guard is that it has mounting holes on the top so that you may install two (2) work light pods. Above all, this bar push bar for trucks is very strong as the frame is made from an aluminum alloy with a black powder coat finish. Like all other bumper guards, it is also easy to install with the help of bottom mounting screws.


Things To Consider While Buying A Bully Bars For Trucks:

Buying bully bars for trucks is not an easy task when there are so many brands offering various features. You must consider the following factors while buying a bull bar with light bar.

  • Budget Friendly:

Buy the bull bar that is suitable for your budget. There are many bull bars available in online stores. You can buy any of these with a single click. But, the thing that is important to do a comparison of the prices of similar products. Maybe the one offers you the same features at high rates while the other at lower rates. Thus, careful analysis and an eagle eye are required for this purpose. 

  • Steel Or Aluminum Made:

People mostly get confused between steel and aluminum made Chevy Silverado bull bar or Toyota Tacoma bull bar.  Steel is a cheap and heavy metal but durable, with no maintenance, washable. Moreover, you can easily mount the spotlights and winch on steel made bull bars. On the other hand, aluminum is very light in weight and rust-free but expensive to buy, require polishing and repairing.


Whom To Choose Single Hoop / Triple Hoop?

Our buying guide recommends you to choose tripe hoop bully bars for trucks as they are capable to protect the headlights and radiators. While a single loop lacks this feature and protects the only radiator which is not sufficient. 

  • Corrosion Resistant

The worthy thing to mention over here is to make sure the push bar you buy has the properties to resistant rust, corrosion, Ultraviolet radiations, and other chemicals. 

  • Structure

Other than the mentioned above features you make sure that the bull bar should not be a slant to 100 millimeters from its base. It should have rounded corners and a soft bending.    


In conclusion, here we shortlist the top-rated bully bars for trucks based on market survey, customer reviews and analysis. You can find out Toyota Tacoma bull bar, bull bar with light bar, bull bars for Chevy Silverado, GMC sierra bull bar, Chevy Colorado bull bars, f150 bull bar with led lights, bull bars with winch, push bars for ford trucks, bull bars for Chevy trucks and many others. We try our best to include all the trendy and most demanded bully bars for trucks in our reviews. 

Our reviews are self-explanatory as they contain the authenticate features and specifications of push bumper for trucks. The purpose of our writing is to value out your money. Doing research base study makes you able to shop in a better way. I hope you find one of the best bully bars for trucks after reading our buying guide top 12 bully bars for trucks.

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