Best Trucker Dash Cam – {Top 12} In 2021

Best Trucker Dash Cam

Dash camera for trucks and cars have become essential, especially if you own an expensive rig. Also, the dash cam for semi trucks has many benefits like they let you know if someone is too close to the car, or you can watch videos to relax for a while after a long road trip

On the other side, when you are on the road, any unfortunate accident can happen, we are all alive to road accidents. Sometimes these accidents occur on isolated roads or in road rage. The only way to save yourself if you are innocent is being armed with the best evidence, and that evidence is provided by the semi truck dash cam that records every step. This evidence can guide the concerned authorities.

Therefore, the best trucker dash cam can save you from unfair claims and faulty drivers. When you are driving good quality dash cams for trucks can record each step as you drive around. The video recorded by the dash cameras for truckers is enough as evidence to appear before the law in court and to claim insurance.

You will find a lot of best trucker dash cam on Amazon, from dash cameras for semis to front and rear car camera recorder each one with various specifications. After this, you would find it challenging to get your hand on the best camera for truck drivers, so to ease you, we have enlisted all the high-quality dash cams from amazon. 

Top 12 Best Trucker Dash Cam Product Reviews

ImageNameCheck Price
Apeman Dashboard Camera For Semi Trucks And Cars
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Z Z-Edge Dual Dash Cam 
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KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam With GPS And Night Vision 
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Chortau Car Camera Recorder Front And Rear
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Rand McNally Dash Cam 300
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Vava Dash Cameras For Semi Truck
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ROVE R2-4K Dash Cam 
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AUKEY Dash Cam
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Rear View Safety Backup Camera 
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PRUVEEO Dual Front And Inside Dash Cam 
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Crosstour Dash Cam 
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Rexing V1lg Dual Dash Cam With Gps
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1. Apeman Dashboard Camera For Semi Trucks And Cars

Apeman Dashboard Camera For Semi Trucks And Cars


Key Features:

  • Offers super high 1080P resolution with FHD lens
  • 3 inches large screen
  • Sensitive to vibrations 
  • Instantly captures collisions 
  • Capture details and reduces blind spots
  • WDR and HDR ensures clear night time vision 

It is high in demand and loved by customers. APEMAN is known for its creative technology and advanced camera products. If you desire to buy a high quality yet cost-effective truck driver dash cam, then APEMAN is a perfect choice. Accessorized with all the essential features, APEMAN has a 3 inch LCD screen with full HD display. Even in the dark, this dash cam captures artistic quality videos and images using its WDR and HDR technology. 

Furthermore, it guards your truck even when parked. It automatically captures immediate accidents and works as evidence of the collision. Its ultra-wide angle reduces the blind spots and reserves the real scene. 


2. Z Z-Edge Dual Dash Cam

Z Z-Edge Dual Dash Cam 


Key Features:

  • Starts automatically with the ignition on and turns off with it too
  • Front and rear camera both have high resolution 
  • WDR technology captures super night mode videos that also in 1080p resolution 
  • One finger operation touch screen 
  • Preset four optimized modes 
  • G-sensor, loop recording and a 32 GB memory card 
  • 155 degrees wide angle 

Z Z-Edge undoubtedly manufactures the best trucker dash cam with various features and quality. This dashcam has a touch-sensitive screen of 4 inches size. Therefore, you can effortlessly carry different operations on your cam with only one finger. It comes with four preset modes that automatically optimize according to the environment. 

The Wide Range Technology captures clear and detailed images at night also. It balances exposures and dark spots to get explicit videos. Both the cameras have 155° wide lenses that cover four traffic lanes. The 32 GB memory card works on loop recording mode washing away the oldest videos. The gravity sensor locks down the videos of accidents. 

Enabling parking mode allows you to continue monitoring your vehicle even when it is parked. This dual dash cam features a top-notch CPU, a high-quality sensor, and a super HD video recorder. 


3. KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam With GPS And Night Vision 

KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam With GPS And Night Vision 


Key Features:

  • It has built-in GPS tracker and G-sensor 
  • Can rotate at 360°
  • 2.7″ screen with real Full HD 1920 × 1080pixels resolution 
  • Resistant to temperature 
  • It also has a six-glass F1.6 lens 
  • Emergency lock-button and auto accident detection 
  • Offers superior night vision 

You can rarely find a camera that captures a high-quality picture, KDLINKS provides you with an excellent quality picture camera. It comes in ultra-slim design so you can easily adjust it by the suction cup mount. KDLINKS X1 dash cam features WDR technology that captures at a super wide-angle of 165°. It has a GPS tracker, full HD display. With the 2.7,” large screen is ideal for truck drivers. 

Moreover, it comes with quick zoom in and out buttons. Along with that, KDLINKS dash camera for semi truck has another fantastic element that is the G-sensor. G-sensor or gravity sensor quickly senses vibration and locks footage during emergencies, like accidents. You can also rotate this dashcam at 360°.


 4. Chortau Car Camera Recorder Front And Rear 

Chortau Car Camera Recorder Front And Rear


Key Features:

  • High-quality dual dash cam whose rear camera is waterproof 
  • Records clear images at night and in low light 
  • Loop recording 
  • G-sensor that guards the truck 24/7
  • Dash cam with parking mode
  • Easy to install and use 
  • You can set the G-sensor level on your own 
  • 1080P Full HD display 
  • 170° wide lens angle 

Described as powerful, compact, and reliable front and rear view dash cam by CHORTAU has all the qualities that you may need. It is the best dash cam for semi trucks as it monitors the roads carefully from back and front both.  Likewise, this dual dash cam with night vision enables it to capture clear images and videos even in dim light. It is the best dash cam with parking mode because the rear facing dash cam shows full parking guidelines. 

Moreover, the G-sensor of this dash cam works 24/7 in parking. It senses vibration and immediately records a short video and then turns off on its own. The rear camera is waterproof and has an LED light


5. Rand McNally Dash Cam 300

Rand McNally Dash Cam 300


Key Features:

  • Warns you when you’re too fast behind a car 
  • Issues warning when you drift away from the lane
  • Super HD camera captures sharp, vibrant photos 
  • Dash cam with gps and speed tagging 
  • Time-lapse videos 
  • Night mode activates automatically
  • 16 GB memory card, suction mount, USB cable, and charger are included in the package 

Another best truckers dash cam on our list is Rand McNally Dash Cam. It has a super HD camera with a 16 GB memory card. The HD camera has 2560×1080 pixels resolution, and it captures sharp images. It gives you a warning if you are approached by a fast driving vehicle. 

Besides that, it gives lane warnings if you drift away from your lane. It has an inbuilt G-sensor that saves collisions. Its most exciting feature is a time-lapse for recording a creative keepsake of the journey. It also has a night mode. 


6. Vava Dash Cameras For Semi Truck

Vava Dash Cameras For Semi Truck


Key Features:

  • 360° swivel angle rotatory camera 
  • Captures minute details such as license plates 
  • Inbuilt GPS tracks all the routes, speed, and location of the vehicle 
  • Wireless connectivity 
  • WiFi works well 
  • G-sensor, parking mode, and auto-looping mechanism 
  • Easy installation and discreet design 

You can expect some excellent truck dashboard camera systems from VAVA. They aim to bring life to meaningful innovation. Their products comprise advanced technology that promises to fulfill the needs of their customers. It has inbuilt GPS and WIFI. 

Besides that, VAVA semi truck wireless camera system is highly praised by customers. Its 155° lens is capable of capturing five car lanes. The Sony CMOS sensor captures minute details with crystal clear footage. Its compact design works as a well-hidden witness that captures the incident. 


7. ROVE R2-4K Dash Cam 

ROVE R2-4K Dash Cam 


Key Features:

  • It is a dash cam that gives you voice guidance 
  • It has an ultra-HD video resolution 
  • Consist of inbuilt WIFI, GPS and G-sensor 
  • Has the largest f1.8 aperture camera 
  • 150° A+ wide lens with parking mode, motion detection, and loop cycle recordings
  • It is technically very advanced
  • Can record slo-mo videos and time-lapse 
  • Super night vision technology 

By installing ROVE Dash Cam, there are certain features that you will be befitting from, such as UHD recorded videos, emergency recording, parking mode, and peace of mind. This 4K camera can capture videos with a resolution of 2160 pixels. 

While its hardware is meticulously designed, the company has taken special care of its advanced software as well. Its G-sensor automatically activates itself, sensing collisions. Its revolutionary night sight technology gives small details even in dim light. 

Above all, you will get peace of mind once you install ROVE hardware as it consists of all the qualities of the best trucker dash cam. It offers 24 hours monitoring even when your car is parked. It will alert you with a voice message stating that the parking mode was activated when you were away. 


8. AUKEY Dash Cam

AUKEY Dash Cam


Key Features:

  • It utilizes Sony IMX 323 sensor 
  • Captures 1080pixels quality footage at 170° wide angle
  • Detects motion and locks down emergency recordings
  • Easy to mount with suction cup or double-sided 3M pad 
  • Activates during sharp turns and sudden break 
  • Records images during the night 
  • Provides full road coverage 

Another best dash cam for semi truck is by AUKEY. You will be able to see 170 degrees wide angular view with a super sharp 1080 pixels video with AUKEY Dash Cam. While driving, its sensors record unexpected incidents and lock them. 

Besides that, it can withstand weather conditions. Its F/1.8 aperture ensures that the cam gives it the best performance even during the night. You can charge it with a dual-port USB charger included in the package. You can easily mount it to your windscreen within minutes. The loop recording mode efficiently manages the memory without messing it up. AUKEY Dash Cam is reliable and efficient in capturing every detail. 


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9. Rear View Safety Backup Camera 

Rear View Safety Backup Camera 


Key Features:

  • Its 130° wide angle gives full back view 
  • Affordable price 
  • It consists of 3-channel multiplexers 
  • It has 18 infrared lights 
  • The system can handle three cameras at a time
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • Fully waterproof dash cam

It is a rear facing dash cam with waterproof ability. Therefore, it won’t cause any trouble in any weather. Rearview backup cam has an 800 × 480 pixels resolution screen for displaying digital images. 

Moreover, it can capture a view up to a maximum of 50ft during the night because of 18 infrared lights fixed in this camera. It also shows you the distance through grid lines. You can experience a standard image and mirror image with the inbuilt three-channels multiplexers. 

Apart from that, you will find an inbuilt speaker on screen and a microphone in the backup camera. The backup camera dims the screen light on its own, depending on the outside view.


10. PRUVEEO Dual Front And Inside Dash Cam 

PRUVEEO Dual Front And Inside Dash Cam 


Key Features:

  • It consists of an advanced Sony Exmor sensor 
  • Wide dynamic range helps to capture images even at night 
  • Dual dash cam for recording inside and front activities simultaneously 
  • Signature low profile with a discreet design 
  • Four infrared lights
  • Cameras rotate at 180°

PRUVEEO dual dash cam is one of the best trucker dash cam with various specifications. It has a 150° wide-angle that helps in reducing blind spots while driving. You get a bright crystal display on the 2-inch screen. Moreover, PRUVEEO is the perfect choice as dash cameras for truck drivers because it turns on automatically when the engine starts. This front view camera for truck records videos in loop intervals. 

You can easily mount this dash cam to your windshield with 3M adhesive kits. This dual dash cam comes with a powerful CPU by Novatek that allows dual cameras to capture videos simultaneously. You can rotate both inside and front cameras at 180°—the built-in WIFI shares real-time footage.


11. Crosstour Dash Cam

Crosstour Dash Cam 


Key Features:

  • Sensitive to motion even at standby mode 
  • Cylindrical low profile appearance 
  • Adjustable gravity sensor sensibility 
  • Night video quality is enhanced by Novatek NT96650 chip, six lenses, IR lights, Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor
  • Creates balance images with 1080 FDH plus HDR technology
  • 30 days free return 

Another best dash cam for truck drivers is Crosstour. Crosstour has a dedicated team that brings advanced tech dash cams to meet the demands of customers. They have undoubtedly the most reliable range of best trucker dash cam. You can capture aesthetic videos with full HD 1080p display. 

Likewise, its night video quality is enhanced by six different factors that are Novatek chip, Sony Exmor sensor, F1.8 aperture, two infrared lights, six glass lenses, and 170 degrees wide angle. The wide range of angle helps in capturing extensive and more detailed views on the road. 

It has a built-in gravity sensor that is sensitive to collisions and vibrations. Along with that, the camera in-standby mode captures a 10s video if any subjects moving reaches the range of 3m. It has a very delicate cylindrical appearance, unlike other dash cams. 


12. Rexing V1lg Dual Dash Cam With Gps

Rexing V1lg Dual Dash Cam With Gps


Key Features:

  • Low profile discreet design 
  • Dual-channel HDR and WDR recording 
  • An inbuilt GPS logger that mentions speed and location on videos 
  • Loop recording mode and G-sensor 
  • Ultra wide-angle lens of 170 degrees 
  • Resistant to temperature 

Another exquisite dash cam device on our list is Rexing V1LG dual dash cam with gps logger. The GPS module lets you track your routes and locate your destination as well as mentions speed on your videos. The full HDR feature of this camera provides you with crystal clear images of the road in front of you. 

It is not only easy to install but also operates super quickly. The WDR automatically adjusts the settings to create a broad and detailed image. The 170° wide angle gives extra space for videos and captures added footages of the road too. 

Moreover, the rear and front both cameras record 1080P HDR videos that add crispy details to them. The WDR technology allows both the cams to process subtle shades of light during the night. Loop recording and G-sensor work hand in hand. The G-sensor locks videos of collisions and uncertainty while the loop recording mode replaces the old videos with the new ones except for the ones that are locked. 


A Guide To Buying The Best Trucker Dash Cam

If you own an expensive truck or Uber car, then it will be suitable for you to buy a dash cam for your vehicle. You can also use gopro as a dashcam, we will shed some light on it later on. Right now, we have few tips for you to go through before buying a dash cam for your truck. 


  • Price And Quality 

It is imperative to check that the dashcam is durable or not because there’s no use of buying a low-quality dash cam. It won’t benefit you at all. This is better to purchase a high-quality camera at an affordable price. 

  • Size: A Perfect Fit

Another factor that matters is the size of the dashcam that you desire to buy. For truckers, it is fair enough to use small cameras rather than large because they are your hidden witness, and there are fewer chances of cars being stolen. You cannot mount large screen heavy cameras on your dashboard

  • Resolution And Viewing Angle Of The Camera

This one is a very crucial element of a camera because the quality of the image directly depends on it. A high-resolution dash camera captures the images that are more detail revealing. Therefore, the work best as evidence to appear in court. The large viewing angle shows you a better vision of blind spots and areas near you. 

  • GPS Logger

A GPS enabled dashcam is very advantageous. It shows routes of a vehicle along with speed, time, and location. Working as significant evidence. 

  • Night Vision Ability

The dashcam must have superior quality night vision because most of the trucks are on roads during the night. Night vision provides better safety and avoids accidents. 

  • Gravity Sensors

Almost all the dash cam comes with g-sensors that are sensitive to motion and immediately detect vibrations. Advanced technology dash cams lock the videos of sudden encounters and accidents. 

  • Gopro For Dash Cam

Regular dash cam and a gopro share a lot of similar qualities. Using gopro as dash cam has its advantages like it captures high definition videos. It removes blind spots using its fish-eye lens. However, it does have some disadvantages as well. But it’s all on your preference. 

Benefits Of Using Best Trucker Dash Cam

The popularity of truck dash cams are now increasing with time due to its advantages. Basically
it records every detail around the car while driving and also what happens inside the car.
Truckers get to avail many benefits from the best trucker dash cam in different kinds of

Evidence of Car Accident

In case of any car accident, the best trucker dash cam captures the evidence. The evidence can
be used in your favor as well as against you. But fortunately due to this evidence, you can avoid
fake allegations.

Report Undisciplined Drivers

With the help of dash cam evidence, you can report careless drivers that are a threat to you or
others. The best dash cam lets you record video footage of every situation.

Prevention of Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is common these days and people are at a risk of getting scammed. But with the
best trucker dash, this unfortunate event can be avoided and controlled. As the dash cam is the
source of recording evidence. This way you can save your money and time from fraudsters.

Protective Purposes

The best dash cam records every movement even when the engine is off or the driver is away.
Which helps to have a record and a lead to whoever damages or tries to break in the truck. The
truckers can protect their trucks by the help of dash cams.

Training and Coaching

This proves to be the best feature of dash cam. The truckers who are training other drivers can
benefit from the best dash cam by monitoring the performance of the new drivers and guiding
them at each mistake without actually being in the truck all the time. The dash cam provides
that level of convenience to the truckers as it shows all the happenings in and outside of the



Our final verdict of the best trucker dash cam suggests that it is essential to place a dash cam in your vehicle. The video footage not only are witnesses of sudden encounters but also are evidence for insurance purposes. Therefore, we provided you with the high-resolution reviews unveiling all the details of the best trucker dash cam, and now it’s your turn to select one!