Best Lightweight Hiking Shirt {TOP 10} – Buying Guide Reviews 2021

Best Lightweight Hiking Shirt {TOP 10}- 2020 Buying Guide Reviews

The purpose of writing on the best lightweight hiking shirt is to make you aware of the
importance of having precise garments for adventure. Planning for an adventure hiking tour? Stuck what to carry and what to not. Hiking is great fun!

No doubt. But you need to carry perfect accessories to enjoy long adventure weekends.
When we talk about hiking accessories then mostly people show concerns for hiking shoes. As
hiking shoes should be soft and strong enough for long hiking tough surfaces.

Another most important item to carry on a multi-day tour is the best lightweight hiking shirt. Choosing the best hiking t-shirts, while counting the natural climates factor is vital. You can
use weather forecasts before buying the best men’s hiking shirts for your planned tour.

Questions like what to buy short sleeves or long sleeves hiking t-shirts? Which fabric should be preferred synthetic, merino wool, cotton or blends? Buttoned shirt or others? Answers to all these questions are mentioned in elaborating details of the top 10 best
lightweight hiking shirt 2021 buying guide reviews.

Top 10 Best Lightweight Hiking Shirt 2021 Are As Below

ImageNameCheck Price
Icebreaker Tech Short Sleeve CrewCheck Price
Columbia Thistletown Park Raglan Full Sleeve ShirtCheck Price
Starter Athlete Short Sleeve ShirtCheck Price
ExOfficio Men's Bugsaway Long-Sleeve ShirtCheck Price
Smart Wool Merino Men's Short Sleeve ShirtCheck Price
Arc'teryx Motus Men's Crew ShirtCheck Price
Columbia Silver Ridge Men's ShirtCheck Price
Exofficio Men's Airstrip ShirtCheck Price
Road Box Men's Long Sleeve ShirtCheck Price
Magcomsen Military ShirtsCheck Price

1. Icebreaker Tech Short Sleeve Crew

Icebreaker Tech Short Sleeve Crew


Icebreaker tech short sleeve is one of the best hiking t-shirts for backpacking trips. In
backpacking trips, everyone wants lightweight shoulders for comfort.

UPF 20 fabric is used in sleeve manufacturing. This specific fabric protects you from the harsh
sun warmth on your body. While the quick-drying ability of this best shirt for hiking fabric also
protects you from getting wet even you slip on ice. Thread and seam fabric are soft enough.

You feel no rubbing or abrasion effect on shoulder, even while hiking with some heavy pack on
shoulders. Icebreaker tech short sleeve shirt is the best combination of merino wool and nylon for stretchiness and strength. Above all, you can wear this shirt for more than 1 day without any smell in the shirt. The moisture-wicking property contributes it’s to count in best shirts for


  •  Lightweight of approximately 4.7 oz.
  •  Anti-order
  •  Easily Breathable best lightweight hiking shirt
  •  Have natural cooling in hot summer days.
  •  Easy and quick to dry


  •  It comes up with loose sleeve opening not fitted. Most people prefer to wear loose hiking t-shirts but some may complain about fitness.


2. Columbia Thistletown Park Raglan Full Sleeve Shirt

Columbia Thistletown Park Raglan Full Sleeve Shirt


Columbia Thistletown is the best long sleeve hiking shirt for guys who loves adventures with
causal wear. The fabric used in the designing of this best lightweight hiking shirt is the blend of fine quality cotton and polyester. Besides, its moisture control technology makes you feel dry even you are sweating a lot. UPF 15 warm technology of this fabric protects you from harmful UVB and UVA sun rays.

To make this product more attractive for adventure lovers, this best long sleeve hiking shirt is
available in three different colors. The combination of different colors of hiking t-shirts makes
you feel relax in perfect coordination with different modes of nature.


  •  Anti-order property makes you feel dry and cool while traveling.
  •  Easy to fit body with different range of available sizes.
  •  Blocks the harmful UVA sun rays.
  •  Easily Washable in Machine
  •  Made up of Polyester and cotton


  •  The only limitation of this best hiking t-shirts is it’s recommended for winter and cold weather conditions. Thus, avoid to wear this stuff in hot summer days.


3. Starter Athlete Short Sleeve Shirt

Starter Athlete Short Sleeve Shirt


Seeking for the best shirts for hiking in limited budget then Starter athlete short sleeve shirt is
perfect for you. The textile material used in the manufacturing of these best t-shirts for hiking
is 100% pure polyester. Starter athlete hiking t-shirts are highly comfortable and well fitted
according to body physique.

DRI-STAR technology used in this synthetic shirts for hiking makes it dry quickly. Thus,
making you feel relax, cool and cozy. In addition to the above, this shirt doesn’t stick to your
body because of anti-sticking property.

Smooth seams make you feel comfortable while sitting without any irritation on the skin. In
addition, another good feature is that this shirt gets warm to relax your muscles during hiking.


  •  100% pure and imported polyester.
  •  Well fitted and comfortable best lightweight hiking shirt
  •  Measurements of accurate sizes.
  •  Comes in Purple, Navy Blue, and blue colors


  •  The only limitation of  this best hiking t-shirt is having fewer color variations as
    compared to others.


4. ExOfficio Men’s Bugsaway Long-Sleeve Shirt

ExOfficio Men's Bugsaway Long-Sleeve Shirt


The best lightweight long sleeve hiking shirt is ExOfficio Men’s Bugsaway Long-Sleeve Shirt.
This hiking shirt is made of 100% pure nylon fabric. The most amazing feature of this longsleeve hiking shirt is its built-in bugs shield technology. This insect repelling technology makes this shirt best for hiking in jungles and mountains.

This shielded technology repels ants, bugs, flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects. The material used for insect repelling remains in fabric for almost 70 washes. There is a flow-thru system in the front and backside of the fabric for ventilation. Due to this ventilation system, you will feel relax and cool while hiking in the mountains.


  •  Featured with sun guard technology.
  •  Made of 100% pure imported nylon fabric.
  •  Featured with bugs shield technology.
  •  Button Closure


  •  In some cases, the material used for insect repelling may become allergic.


5. Smart Wool Merino Men’s Short Sleeve Shirt

Smart Wool Merino Men's Short Sleeve Shirt


There is no doubt that a Smart wool Marino short sleeve shirt is one of the best wool shirts for
hiking. The fabric used in the composition of this shirt blends with 87% Marino wool and 13%
pure nylon. This blended fabric makes this shirt comfortable to the skin.

The average weight of this fabric is 150gsm. Flat lock seams are used during stitching. Flat lock seams reduce the chaffing or teasing feel especially under the armpits and shoulder area. The mixture of Marino wool with nylon is helpful to regulate body temperature and provide you proper warmth during hiking.


  •  Easy to wash in the simple washing machine.
  •  Anti-rubbing property under armpits.
  •  Have a UPF rating of 20+.


  •  Very expensive best lightweight hiking shirt


6. Arc’teryx Motus Men’s Crew Shirt

Arc'teryx Motus Men's Crew Shirt


Searching for hiking shirts for men then Arc’teryx Motus men’s crew Shirt is the best choice.
This shirt is composed of a special fabric known as Plastic FL. This is a composite fabric of
polyester and polypropylene.

This fabric is also considered extraordinary because of its outstanding moisture-wicking ability. The arc’teryx Motus Crew shirt provides sun protection, with an ultraviolent protection factor (UPF) of 25. This hiking shirt is best suitable for slim and taller athletes.


  •  Ability to fast dry.
  •  Very light weight.
  •  Best for taller men.


  •  Very costly best hiking shirts for men. 2 Don’t have odor resistance.
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7. Columbia Silver Ridge Men’s Shirt

Columbia Silver Ridge Men's Shirt


This the lite version of Columbia Silver Ridge men’s shirts. In contrast to the classic version
which is made from nylon. The Columbia Silver Ridge Men’s Shirt is constituted with thin and
soft polyester fabric.

Both best lightweight hiking shirts, classic and lite versions have a small vent near shoulder for
proper ventilation. This vent helps in pulling the moisture away from the body so that sweat can evaporates rapidly.

In order to improve odor resistance, this lite series shirt is treated with some anti-microbial
liquid.  Columbia Silver Ridge Lite series shirt has two front pockets, and a button to secure your sleeves when you rolled them up.

This hiking shirt for men has an Ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 40. With such a higher
UPF rating, this shirt will provide appropriate sun protection for hikers in almost all

A new feature introduced in Columbia Shirts is Omni-Shade technology. This technology uses
small titanium dioxide “dots” that reflect the sun’s harmful UV rays. These dots are distributed in such a way that they do not affect the breathability of hiker.


  •  Made up of soft & thin polyester fabric.
  •  Rolling Sleeves
  •  Shirt back contains vents for sweat evaporation.


  •  Less durable best men’s hiking shirts.


8. Exofficio Men’s Airstrip Shirt

Exofficio Men's Airstrip Shirt


ExOfficio men’s airstrip long sleeve shirt is also considered suitable for hiking. For venting, this
shirt is provided with three mesh panel’s one large panel across back and 2 under the arms.
There are two front chest pockets secured with Velcro. There is also a more secure small pocket with in the right chest pocket closed with zipping. The left chest pocket has an additional utility loop that can be used for hanging sunglasses when not in use.

A new feature introduced in this best hiking long sleeve shirt is its collar which has a hidden
third flap. This third flap can be used for additional neck protection from sun UV rays.
This collar with hidden flap contributes it to be the best hiking shirt hot weather


  •  Maximum son UV protection.
  •  Hidden zipper pocket for valuables.
  •  Blue sign approves the fabric quality.


  •  This best lightweight long sleeve hiking shirt is not fit for wider chest guys.


9. Road Box Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt

Road Box Men's Long Sleeve Shirt


Are you searching for long sleeve hiking shirts? Road box men’s put forward an exceptional
best lightweight long sleeve hiking shirt. This hiking shirt composes of 100% pure polyester
fabric. This ultra-soft and smooth fabric provide you maximum comfort during hiking.

Road box men’s shirt has an ultraviolet protection factor of 50+ which provided you extreme protection against sun UV rays. Above all mentioned properties, the fabric used in this shirt has the ability  to dry quickly.

Although, helpful to evaporates the sweat quickly. This shirt makes you feel cool by keeping the moisture away from your skin. This hiking long sleeve shirt have flat lock seams with no tag on collars. This avoids striking near neck back skin.


  •  Ultra-lightweight fabric.
  •  High UPF of 50+rating.
  •  Ergonomically designed for hikers.
  •  Best suited for all outdoor activities like running, hiking, fishing, etc.


  •  Limited colors only black, blue, white and grey are available.


10. Magcomsen Military Shirts

Magcomsen Military Shirts


Specially designed with military shirt patterns make it stand within stylish hiking long sleeve
shirt. This hiking shirt is designed from the blended fabric of cotton and polyester. This shirt has small zipper closure from the chest upper part to the low neck.

Magcomsen military shirts fabric are highly breathable to provide comfort in motion. A new addition in this design is a small flap pocket and zipper pocket for your ID card or pen. Abrasion resistance with skin is minimum so that hikers feel relax while hiking on mountains.


  •  Zipper pockets to keep your small accessories in one place.
  •  Adjustable cuffs
  •  Scratch resilient
  •  Comfortable
  •  Give you a range of motion


  •  Tighter for the men having broad chests

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Lightweight Hiking Shirt 

It is always important to critically analyze the product you are investing in. Here are some factors to be considered while buying the best lightweight hiking shirt in 2021. As everybody wants a good idea about what to look for in a product, they are buying. Here are some of the valuable characteristics:


The best lightweight hiking shirt should be comfortable and lightweight. It should have a durable, high-quality fabric, has a breathable design, an antimicrobial effect, and wicking. Some of the materials used to manufacture these shirts are nylon, polyester, merino.

Smooth and Flat Seam

To avoid chafing while hiking, it is crucial to look for a shirt that has smooth and flat seam construction as it will prevent skin irritation and would be comfortable to wear.


When you are planning a hike, know that the weather forecasts can be inaccurate sometimes. Weather can be hotter or maybe colder than what you have expected. Therefore it is always wise to buy a versatile shirt for hiking.  


Wicking is the ability of a fabric to control the humidity level. Therefore, if you are choosing a lightweight shirt for hiking, make sure it has wicking ability as it wicks away the sweat and moisture from the skin. 


It is always advantageous to have zippers and pockets in a shirt as you can collect coins and other small items in it. The zipper position is also vital to consider, as some side zippers are not reliable. 


In conclusion, I would mention some basic concerns about hiking t-shirt. Firstly, the fabric is the main concern as the shirts available in cotton, wool, and polyester fabric. One should choose the fabric as per weather conditions. Secondly, the design of the shirt, either it is buttoned or zipper closure. In addition to design, the shirt collar is also vital as the high collar can bring sunburns in hot weather day.

After that, the thing that counts most is the comfortably of the shirt. The more the comfort it is
the more you are going to enjoy your adventure tour. Lastly, the durability of the shirt matters a lot. It should have the ability to withstand in hot summer days, rainy days and others.
The importance of the best lightweight hiking shirt is quite clear to us. Therefore, I write
buying guide reviews elaborating on the specifications of the top 10 best lightweight hiking
shirts of 2021 based on market analysis. I hope you find this article helpful in finding the best hiking t shirts.

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