Best 6 Gallon Air Compressor – {Top 12} In 2024

Best 6 Gallon Air Compressor

The best 6 gallon air compressor plays an important role in our daily life applications. An Air compressor is a device that provides power to other air tools. These air compressor dependent tools are used in construction buildings such as air wrenches, grinders, and jackhammers. In addition, they used to fill high pressure gas cylinders and powers HVAC control systems. In household activities, one can make use of this best 6 gallon pancake air compressor. You can use it to change the fuel filter and inflating a car tire. One of the most common uses of air compressors is in paint spry guns to polish the kitchen cabinets, furniture and automotive.  

We recommend the best 6 gallon air compressor because these air compressors are quite small in shape, portable, compact and easy to move around. People prefer to buy those electronic devices that are light in weight to move from one place to another. Thus, mobility is a prominent feature of the best 6 gallon air compressor.

Following Are Some Features To Consider While Buying An Air Compressor:

  • The size and capacity of an air compressor.
  • CFM factor that tells how much air will produce.
  • PSI Factor, 90 psi is enough to work.
  • The air compressor must be portable.
  • Look for some lower noise producing air compressors
  • The tank drainage should be easy
  • They offered accessories with an air compressor.

However, it is important to analyze the power, size, and performance of an air compressor. Here we write 6 gallon air compressor reviews elaborating all the interesting features and specifications of best 6 gallon pancake air compressor. Explore pancake air compressor reviews and buy the one that matches to your work nature. 


Top 12 Best 6 Gallon Air Compressor (Expert Reviews)


ImageNameCheck Price
California Oil-Free 6 Gallon Air Compressor (6010LFC)
Check Price
Bostitch 6 Gallon Air Compressor (U/BTFP02012)

Check Price
Porter Cable Pancake UMC Air Compressor (C2002)
Check Price
Ridgid 6 Gallon Electric Pancake Compressor
Check Price
DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor (DWFP55126)
Check Price
CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor with 13 Piece Accessory Kit (CMEC6150K)
Check Price
Dewalt air compressor combo kit (DWC1KIT-B)
Check Price
Hitachi Pancake Combo Compressor Kit (KNT50AB)
Check Price
Porter Cable Pancake Air Compressor (PCFP02003)
Check Price
Dewalt Twin Stack Air Compressor (D55153)
Check Price
California Portable Air Compressor (CAT-1P1060S)
Check Price
California Lightweight Air Compressor (8010A)
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1. California Oil-Free 6 Gallon Air Compressor (6010LFC)

California Oil-Free 6 Gallon Air Compressor (6010LFC)


California tools is a very famous brand for its different air compressor models. This 6 gallon air compressor is quite efficient in working. This model produces no noise while performing at a maximum level. This unit registers at 60 decibels. The effect of emission is minimized because of its oil-free pump.

Moreover, the tank is made from durable steel for long term working and performance. California Air Tool Company offers a guarantee of 3500 hours of working for this model. The company also claims that this model is 40% more efficient than other compressors.

This California air compressor home depot can be used in cold temperatures with less maintenance costs. The maximum air pressure which this compressor can deliver is 125 PSI. This model requires 110 volts for operation.


  • It produces only 60 decibel sound.
  • This is the best oil-free pump.
  • The company guarantees 3500 hours of working time.
  • This air compressor oil Lowes is a little shaky.  
  • It weighs 54 pounds.


2. Bostitch 6 Gallon Air Compressor (U/BTFP02012)

Bostitch 6 Gallon Air Compressor (U/BTFP02012)


If you are searching for the best 6 gallon pancake air compressor at a reasonable price, than Bostitch Pancake 6 Gallon Air Compressor might be the right option for you. This model is the best compact and oil-free air compressor. This Bostitch pancake air compressor is featured with easy to start function so that you can easily use it in colder days when other compressors fail to start.

Furthermore, the latest high-flow capacity regulator is also attached to the compressor to ensure it’s constantly propelling at the maximum level. It produces a maximum pressure of 150 PSI. While working, it produces a louder sound which causes disturbance for those people working in the compressor room. The operative regulator sometimes stuck which causes frustration. In addition, this Bostitch 6-gallon portable electric pancake air compressor weighs only 29 pounds. Due to its narrow tank, it is easy to carry anywhere.


  • It is the budget friendly Bostitch 6 gallon compressor 
  • The operation is free from oil.
  • This compressor is easy to start even in cold days.
  • It produces a sound of 78 decibel which is louder than other models.
  • The operative controller sometimes gets struck. 


3. Porter Cable Pancake UMC Air Compressor (C2002)

Porter Cable Pancake UMC Air Compressor (C2002)


This pancake compressor is budget friendly unit. This c2002 model by the porter cable is one of the most selling items in the market. It is an exclusive option for you to buy if you don’t like any compressor from the previously mentioned products.  

Above all the air compressor comes up with rubber feet. This feature adds great stability to the air compressor. This portable air compressor has a powerful engine that starts quickly even in cold weather. It is a highly durable product that’s going to be your partner for a long time.

In addition to the porter cable C2002 review, there are some negative aspects of this air compressor as well. It is a quite noisy air compressor as compare to others. So, it is not suitable for inside working. Its sound will be hard on your eardrums. 


  • Lowes porter cable air compressor with 150 pressure per second.
  • It includes a 6 gallon tank. 
  • The tank style is just like a pancake to give stability to the overall model.
  • It has a motor that starts at 120 volts.
  • According to customer feedback and porter cable air compressor review, it is a heavy and noisy air compressor. 


4. Ridgid 6 Gallon Electric Pancake Compressor

Ridgid air compressor 6 gallon is a budget friendly tool. It comes with exclusive features and specifications. It does have a handle to transport it easily. This Ridgid air compressor 6 gallon is well tested and certified to work properly. The model is renewed in its testing, packaging, cleaning and inspection process. This renewed product is quite satisfactory in terms of its performance. 

In addition to the Ridgid air compressor review, the air compressor is shipped along with all the included accessories. The power source of this Ridgid air compressor 6 gallon is an electric cord to provide operational volts. Although the product is affordable it is a quite loud and noisy air compressor. Moreover, it starts with a delay in cold weather. The hardware is not sturdy hard to resist the damage. Therefore, we recommend buying other models with similar features but a little bit high in price.


  • It has a good capacity of 6 gallons Pancake.
  • It works at 150 psi compressor.
  • Powered by an electric cord.
  • It is an affordable best 6 gallon air compressor. 
  • A little bit noisy and difficult to start in cold weather.


5. DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor (DWFP55126)

DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor (DWFP55126)


If you are seeking a noise free and quick start best 6 gallon air compressor then this model by Dewalt is best suited for you. It is operational at 165 pressure maximum along with a 6 gallon tank. It is equipped with a highly efficient motor that can start with ease even in cold weather.   

Moreover, the engine of this Dewalt air compressor home depot is capable to pump more air as compared to other 6 gallons air compressors. It has a regulator to control the flow of air. Apart from this, it has dual couplers that can be used by two persons at a time. 

Above all, the noise level is 75.5 DBA of this Dewalt pancake air compressor that makes it less noisy. It is a lightweight air compressor. Therefore, easy to move in the working area. 


  • It is operated able at 165 psi pressure. 
  • Although, the Lowes Dewalt air compressor is expensive. But the offered features are worth buying.
  • Less noisy air compressor
  • Competent motor quick to start in cold weather
  • Air regulator and dual couplers for 2 persons


6. CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor with 13 Piece Accessory Kit (CMEC6150K)


Craftsman is one of the trusted brands for electronic devices. Because it provides a highly reliable product. Craftsman air compressor reviews are mostly positive and recommend the craftsman accessories to purchase at reasonable prices. This craftsman 6-gallon portable electric pancake air compressor has increased the movability due to its compact size and shape. It has an oil free pump and requires no maintenance. This air compressor works at a maximum of 150 pressure for other uses. It requires 120 volts to start the engine. 

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An efficient engine that is quick to start in cold weather as well.  Furthermore, these 6 gallons 1.5 hp 150 psi professional air compressor includes a kit consisting of 13 items that are tire block with socket, blow gun with plug, tire gauge, rubber tip, three adaptors, nozzle, air hose, plugs, and others. Above all, the company provides you a warranty of 1 year to claim any damage.


  • It is equipped with an oil free pump that requires no maintenance.
  • A powerful motor that works at 90 psi to produce 2.6SCFM.
  • The tank is 6 gallon pancake style
  • The engine can start in cold weather without any delay.
  • It has a kit of 13 items that are very helpful to work with an air compressor.
  • An expensive craftsman pancake air compressor to buy for the money.


7. Dewalt air compressor combo kit (DWC1KIT-B)

Dewalt air compressor combo kit (DWC1KIT-B)


No doubt, Dewalt products are extremely extra ordinary for performance and reliability. Buying this best 6 gallon air compressor along with combo kit and nailer will value out your money. The nailer can fix the nails of 18 gauge. In addition, the brad nailer has oil free motor that is capable to adjust the nails heads properly. You can also use this gadget to remove the nails.  

Moreover, it comes up with an exhaust in the rear part that removes the dust and other contaminants out. In addition, the body of the Dewalt pancake air compressor is made up of magnesium that’s makes it light in weight. Similar to above mentioned air compressor this has also a 6 gallon tank pancake like. The noise pollution is less as compared to other air compressors. 

The Dewalt air compressor combo kit includes fasteners, manual guide, air hose with plug or fittings, compressor, and a nailer. Above all the motor starts at a low current of 10 amp via an electric cord. 


  • This Dewalt air compressor home depot comes up with a kit and nailer.
  • Nailer is quite useful for adjusting 18 gauge nails heads. You can use it to remove nails as well.   
  • It has a 6 gallon tank that works at 165 maximum pressure
  • The powerful motor produces 2.6 SCFM at 90 pressure.
  • Kit includes other useful accessories air hose, fasteners, or nailers.
  • It does have a user manual to provide you necessary instructions.


8. Hitachi Pancake Combo Compressor Kit (KNT50AB)


If you searching for a small compressor for small jobs around the house, then maybe you may consider Hitachi’s this top-rated model. This model is available in the market as the Hitachi pancake combo compressor Kit.  This best 6 gallon air compressor is available with a 19-gauge brad nailer and a capacity of 100 nails. The side load weighs only 2.2 pounds and has a 5-year warranty from the company.

Hitachi pancake combo compressor Kit weighs 36.5 pounds with a capacity of 6 gallons. Like many other air compressors, it functions as an oil-free operation. Above all, the maximum air pressure that can be delivered by this Hitachi pancake air compressor is 150 PSI with a total height of 16.5 inches.

Moreover, the company rates it at 2.8 CFM at 90 PSI and 3.7 CFM at 40 PSI. This model is powered by 1 horsepower motor. In this combo kit, Hitachi 6 gallon air compressor also provides a 25-foot long hose, so you can easily finish your task.


  • Hitachi pancake air compressor can deliver a maximum of 150 PSI pressure.
  • The company also provides safety glasses with the kit.
  • It requires very little maintenance.
  • The kit also includes a hybrid air hose.
  • This compressor can be used in an extremely cold climate.


9. Porter Cable Pancake Air Compressor (PCFP02003)

Porter Cable Pancake Air Compressor (PCFP02003)


This model by Porter Cable is portable. The company has designed this model for those who want to carry air compressor at different places for different tasks. This model weighs only 26 pounds and consumes less energy of 0.8 HP as compared to other models. Its measurement from all sides is about 18 inches and easy to carry anywhere. This compressor is a perfect model for small or framing jobs. It’s the best pancake air compressor at a reasonable price.

In addition to porter cable 6 gallon air compressor review, an oil-free pump which delivers 2.0 SCFM at 90 PSI, a simple control system, and a 3.5 gallon tank. The maximum pressure of this best 6 gallon air compressor is 135 PSI. It consumed only 120 Volts.


  • It is very lightweight, only 26 pounds.
  • The pack includes no extra accessories.
  • Instead of 6, this model has a tank of 3.5 gallons.
  • This model offers zero maintenance.
  • This compressor is ideal for many small jobs.


10. Dewalt Twin Stack Air Compressor (D55153)


This compressor is also known as Hot Dog compressor because although it is of small size, but deliver power equal to that of a large compressor. This Lowes Dewalt air compressor can deliver air at a rate of 3.8 to 4.5 cubic feet per minute with 100 PSI pressure. The cylinder is coated oil lubricated cast iron.  

Above all, the tank size of this compressor is 4 gallons. The speed of the pump attached with this compressor is 3400 rpm. The company also provides special synthetic compressor oil and a pressure regulator. The company also offers 1-year free service and 1-year warranty.


  • This is the direct drive best 6 gallon air compressor
  • It can deliver a maximum pressure of 100 PSI.
  • The company also offers 1-year free service and warranty.
  • The inner cast iron coating enhances pump life.
  • It has a high-flow regulator for increasing performance.


11. California Portable Air Compressor (CAT-1P1060S)

California Portable Air Compressor (CAT-1P1060S)


If you searching for a noiseless air compressor than don’t waste time searching. Buy California Portable Air Compressor (CAT-1P1060S). This model is also known as a Super Quite compressor as it produces a sound of only 56 decibel.

This California air compressor home depot offers less maintenance cost due to its oil free pump. In addition, the company has made this compressor with 1 gallon durable steel tank. It weighs only 29.5 pounds. It is powered with 0.6 Horsepower motor which runs at 1680 rpm.  The oil-free pump has a life of 3000 plus hours. This pump can deliver 1.2 cubic feet per minute at 90 PSI.


  • It is an ultra-quiet compressor with the noise of only 56 decibels.
  • This compressor weighs only 29.5 pounds.
  • Its oil-free pump offers zero maintenance costs.
  • This best 6 gallon air compressor can be used in cold temperatures.
  • It has a small storage tank of 1.0 gallon.


12. California Lightweight Air Compressor (8010A)


Another demanding best 6 gallon air compressor by California made up of aluminum. It has an oil free pump for fewer maintenance costs. It is a light eight model that weighs only 37.25lbs. The California air compressor home depot has anti-corrosion properties. It is an ultra-quiet air compressor as it has a noise of 60 DBS.

Moreover, the oil free piston pump system is highly durable and exceptional in performance. You can use this air compressor under various temperatures and uneven surfaces. The large 8 gallon rust free air compressor is easy to transport. It is recommended for inside work where noise can be a big problem.


  • You can use it for both inside and outside work
  • It takes a power source of 110 volts via an electric cord.
  • Light in weight and rust-free
  • The body is made up of aluminum
  • Portable and easy to use.

How to Use Best 6-Gallon Air Compressor

Follow the steps:

1. Plug in the Compressor

The compressor should be placed on a firm and flat ground. Plug the power cord into a
grounded electrical outlet with the power switched off.

2. Check the Oil

Check the oil by observing the sight gauge at the bottom of the compressor. You can also check
by removing the oil filler cap. After that, add enough compressor oil to match the level to full
mark on the gauge.

3. Fill the Air Tank

Examine the drain valve at the bottom of the tank. Close it by tightening the valve with an
adjustable wrench in a clockwise direction. Run the compressor for a few minutes. Make sure
the compressor shuts down at an air pressure of 100 to 115 psi by checking the built-in air

4. Adjust the Air Control Valve

Adjust the air control valve to match the correct air pressure for the attached tool by turning the
air-control valve.

5. Connect Air Hose

Make sure to connect an air hose to the compressor by threading the hose onto the compressor
fitting. The threaded end of the air hose should be covered with two layers of Teflon tape.
Tighten it in a clockwise direction with an adjustable wrench.

6. Connect the Pneumatic Tool

The air tool should be connected to the other end of the air hose. Then pull back on the collar
on the hose, and push it firmly onto the air intake on the tool. To secure the connection, release
the collar. You can disconnect it by pulling back on the collar while pulling the tool off the air

7. Drain Moisture After Use

Make sure to drain the moisture from the air tank by loosening or removing the drain valve with
a wrench. After draining the water, replace the drain valve and tighten it.


In conclusion, we try our best to put forward the market competent brands and their models on one page. Craftsman, Dewalt, Bostitch, Potor Cable and other brands mentioned in the list of top 12 6 gallon air compressor reviews, are all trusted and top rated electronics manufacturing companies. Therefore, we recommend you to buy from our top 12 best 6 gallon air compressor.

The purpose of writing these useful pancake air compressor reviews is to make you search quick and time saving. It takes a lot of time, surveys, research, and other credentials to make out the list of top 12 best 6 gallon air compressor available in the market. We don’t want that you to spend your money and get a useless electronics. Thus, value out your money after reading 6 gallon air compressor reviews.


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